Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A "Witch" Hunt for Halloween!

Pinched Nerve for Ray Humphreys?

It seems that DRMC administration is completely focused on finding out who Forthright is and shutting down this website. I am an insider and I can tell you that the things discussed on Delta Scoop concerning DRMC are the truth; it is the only forum through which employees can air their honest feelings and report the ridiculous injustices without being terminated.

Trust me, Forthright, you are cheered on daily by most of the DRMC crew. And, by the way, there are lots of good folks there at the hospital. I have worked with them for years. However, after trying to survive the Ray/Allyson era, many of them have lost their passion and dread coming to work. And, for those brilliant, know it all citizens in our community who say if ya don't like your job, then quit – let me tell you, DRMC has bought up anything and everything in town except for a handful of MDs who refused to sell their souls in return for repayment of their malpractice insurance. Therefore, jobs in healthcare here in Greenville are limited at best.

I found out today that Ray issued the warning at a leadership meeting: SURFING TO THE DELTA SCOOP WEBSITE WHILE AT WORK IS GROUNDS FOR IMMEDIATE TERMINATION. Notice that Ray didn't proclaim that surfing to non-work related sites would mean your walking papers, but DELTA SCOOP will get ya the death sentence. Maybe, just maybe, the truths written here have struck a nerve with ole Ray and that's why he is so adamant about putting an end to this blog. Thank goodness we live in America where free speech is alive and well, and protected, yes – even from the likes of Ray Humphreys.

--- A Fly On The Wall

Anonymous said...

As a clinical professional in the healthcare business, I know how it feels to clinch your teeth when administration walks in...are you the next to go?? Well, in my opinion, administration needs to be made up of people who have actually laid there hands on patients (and i am not talking about a little pat on the back)..heard about a patient's aches and pains..and guided them along to being discharged.

Being a leader, is more than sitting behind a large expensive desk barking is finding out what the patients have to say...are they getting quality treatment?? is the hospital well staffed so that the patients are not sitting on the call button, having trouble breathing waiting for the one floor nurse to make it to the nurse.

I had a relative recently tell me that while she was at KDH..when KDH was KDH..she would hit the buzzer and not one nurse but two would come to her room to check on her. Then she was at DRMC and hit the buzzer and nothing..nothing...nothing...then someone who cannot speak clearly come on the intercom in the room and say "mu i hel you" about like that....ok, which would you choose???

Get rid of Ray and put some administration in there who has cried with a patient, lifted a bed pan and stayed a little longer on their shift to see to it that their patient got a decent dinner...

Anonymous said...

How could DRMC lay off this NP. She is someone I would ask to see my family. She had the best bedside manner, great clinical skills, and super fun to be around. We have lost so many great employees, but have we lost any administrative people.

It seems every time we have budget issues lab personnel are cut, nurses are sent home early, and nursing nonRN staff is reduced. I am not an expert in medicine, but aren't those important for patient care. Do we ever see administration staff cut their salary. It makes me sick... I am so sorry for the staff at DRMC.

If Ray Humphreys is so worried about negative press on the Scoop, I will gladly give him equal time and space to provide his explanation of what is going on at DRMC. With every issue, there are always two sides and I have often solicited readers to discuss the "positives" of the hospitals' merger.

Rather than be concerned with revealing my identity, I would suggest that Ray focus on the reasons that more and more disgruntled employees and doctors continue to flee the hospital. His public reproach of the "Delta Scoop" not only bolsters this blog-site's credibility, but also demonstrates this man's total disregard for his employees' right to the freedoms of speech, thought and press. (I would however, caution DRMC employees to wait until they are at home to read the Scoop. I am sure that Ray's "threats" are quite real.)

The greatest injustice of all in allowing this administration to continue is that people's lives are literally at stake. As a health care professional, I personally know of many untimely deaths that have occurred at DRMC due to incompetence, negligence and political "finger-pointing" by administration. The authors above are correct in that there are many very dedicated and skilled professionals left at DRMC, who care about patients and positive outcomes... but they feel trapped in a monopolistic health care system in which leaders arbitrarily terminate qualified medical professionals who dare to question Ray's motives.

My best advice to the many concerned citizens of Greenville and the employees of DRMC is to stand your ground. Change will come when WE demand it. Speak up, get out and vote, and let your voice be heard via the Scoop, letters to the editor, or whatever public forum you choose. If we succumb to the fear and intimidation tactics of Ray and his lot, he will have won the battle without a fight.



Anonymous said...

Whatever came of the FDA mammography review and letter written about a year ago?

tencent said...

meg·a·lo·ma·ni·a [ mèggəlō máynee ə, mèggələ máynee ə ]



1. greed for power: an excessive enjoyment in having power over other people and a craving for more of it

2. psychiatric disorder with delusions of power: a psychiatric disorder in which the patient experiences delusions of great power and importance


I think that sums it up for ole Rayboy.

Ray, if you want to know my name, just post. Have your say. What are you afraid of?