Monday, June 30, 2008

Rascals and "Road-Kill"

Anonymous said...

To former employee...I, too, am a former employee and while I don't think all of DRMC's problems are to be blamed on administration; I do believe the current administration has made numerous terrible decisions which has resulted in the lowest morale I have ever seen. I'm not sure how long you were around, but count me in for 20+ years. I still am abreast on the happenings I have many friends who are employed there still.

Now, I can tell you that I LOVED my job. I loved the hospital and my co-workers. However, over the last 7 years since Ray Humphreys took over, the place has become "a whole new world". (Were you around for his let's have fun at work campaign a few years ago when we all had to watch videos of folks throwing fish and he posted signs all around that said its a whole new world?? ).

Well, i can tell you former golly, it IS a whole new world. However, 99% of staff, both clinical and non -clinical will tell you that his new world is no happy place. Yes, hospitals including DRMC have always and will continue to suffer thru nursing shortages and other problems inherent to healthcare. However, there is no damn way you can ever convince me and most of the other staff that your idyllic opinion of the Camelot administration you describe is the truth. Dream on, former. I have seen this evil administration treat people who have dedicated their entire careers to healthcare in Greenville like trash.

Ray and his "team" have no concern for anything except power and money. They could care less about indigent healthcare, services the Delta need (the Burn Center comes to mind), or even personal lives who are destroyed by their actions. Ray can't have it both ways. He has been bragging about how DRMC is in the black and now he announces to our state that the medicaid tax bill will drive DRMC further in the red? I remember that Ray Humphreys made a comment that our former director of nurses had been there so long that she may have lost her "effectiveness".

Well, I say Ray has lost his. Get him the hell outta here. It is time to re-build our healthcare system and hope its not too late.So, Former, I do appreciate your opinion, but trust me, the majority of us do not feel the same way. And, based on past postings, I do believe that Forthright is a very smart person who has an incredible knowledge of healthcare and the dynamics of the Delta (something tells me this ain't Forthright's first rodeo) ; )Keep telling the truth, Forthright.

There are many of us who applaud you everyday. Give em hell!!

Anonymous said...

Why in the world would Ray Humphreys be the Representative on such a matter ? This totally confuses me.

He is the laughing stock among so many in the medical field as it is and i am not talking just about in Greenville and DRMC. I had to recently go to Jackson to see a Ear Nose Throat specialist because we do not have one in Greenville and during a conversation about Gville and our medical community i am convinced that without new administration we will not recruit qualified physicians to Greenville. I do not care to elaborate but Ray Humphreys was not well thought of.

Makes me wonder what in the world is our Hospital Board waiting on because this goes a lot farther beyond a few disgruntled employees.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I too, went out of town for a surgical opinion. I was surprised to hear the comments made about Ray Humphreys and the mess he has DRMC in these days. It seems that we are well known throughout our state for our medical community, but not for anything we should be proud of!

Also, is anyone else sick of seeing "We're growing too" in crop fields?? If we are so concerned about finances at the hospital, what genius decided we needed to post signs in our fields?

Brilliant, I say, just brilliant!!!!!

Well, Mr. Munford, what say you? It seems that Ray's reputation has spread throughout the state! I suppose that the "Delta Scoop" is to be blamed for this as well...

The truth is that Ray is politically dead. No slight of hand or magical wizardry can revive this man's shattered career or rejuvenate his lost trust by the public... and he has no one to blame, but himself. The Medicaid debacle provides a convenient door through which Ray can exit quitely, blaming the state for his downfall.

As he waivers on the fence between health care and big tobacco, he has the audacity to serve as the self-appointed "spokesperson" for our medical community. What a joke!

Ray is political "road-kill" and those who support his tyranny are destined to be the same. As was once said of Richard Nixon by a White House press-team member, "Dick Nixon knew that he was a crook, but he also knew that his survival depended on convincing the public that he was not." "His ultimate downfall was going before the public and telling that one last lie."


Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ray Speaks, Forthright Comments (in Red)

In the DDT today said...

Humphreys addresses House panel By ELEANOR BARKHORN Thursday, June 26, 2008 3:54 PM CDTJACKSON —

Delta Regional Medical Center faces a $3 million loss this fiscal year and may default on bond payments for its purchase of The King’s Daughters Hospital, CEO Ray Humphreys told the House Medicaid Committee this morning. A $3 million dollar loss would be about average if we were provided a true and accurate accounting of DRMC's annual P&L statements.

And if the House approves the governor’s proposed hospital tax to fund the $90 million Medicaid deficit, DRMC’s problems will only worsen, said Humphreys. "Problems"... in Mississippi's "next great hospital"? In a presentation delivered just hours before the House reconvenes to vote on the governor’s plan, Humphreys confirmed that the hospital tax will result in $1.7 million in additional annual losses for DRMC. "Additional annual losses"? ... I thought Ray told us they were in the black?

And if the hospital has to make budget cuts, doctors and other staff will be the first to go. Makes sense... cut health care at the bedside rather than the board room... who needs nurses when you have have multiple layers of management who need jobs?

Humphreys did not denounce the governor’s plan, nor did he endorse the Medicaid funding solution promoted by House leaders — a higher cigarette tax. Ray, like Haley, probably has money in big tobacco as well. But when Committee Vice Chair Robert Johnson, D-Natchez, asked Humphreys if the hospital tax would force him to cut personnel, Humphreys responded, “That’s the situation we’re facing now.” Or they could cut 2 layers of management and save twice the money...

Humphreys’ presentation highlighted the problems DRMC has suffered recently, including a loss of 29 doctors in the past four years and the closure of the state burn center. All of which are directly related to Ray's administration's ineptitude and malfeasance.

He also emphasized DRMC’s role as a “safety net hospital” for the Delta. DRMC is the Delta’s only full-service hospital, supporting the region’s only Level II trauma center, total misrepresentation of accurate trauma level, open-heart surgery program, Joke, and neonatal intensive care unit. Unopened to date because of lack of medical and nursing staff.

He also said that DRMC employs the Delta’s only infectious disease, endocrinology, rheumatology, and pulmonology specialists. All inherited from plundering KDH who had previously recruited these specialists. “DRMC is extremely critical and valuable to the Delta population,” Humphreys said, asking the committee to find a way to fund Medicaid that does not compromise the hospital’s ability to provide essential services.

Johnson said that Humphreys' presentation, which was followed by one from Gulfport Memorial Hospital, confirmed concerns he already had about the governor’s plan.“Hospitals in areas with the highest need will suffer most under this plan,” said Johnson.

The House will make one final push for the cigarette tax solution when it holds a last-minute press conference to trumpet a new poll showing Mississippians’ support of a higher tobacco tax. Communities for a Clean Bill of Health, the organization that sponsored the poll, said it will not release the poll numbers until 1:30 today—just one half hour before the House reconvenes.

Nevertheless, the Jackson Free Press reported on Monday that, according to “sources,” the poll found 80 percent of Mississippians in support of the tax.“That number is pretty good,” said CCBH spokesman Jarvis Dortch on Wednesday.

For once, Ray "seems" to be on the right side, but you have to consider that he has not openly supported the tobacco tax. He seems to be sitting on the fence, willing to support whatever his political puppeteers tell him to do.

The most telling issue in this article is that Ray has admitted that DRMC is in trouble... something employees and taxpayers have known for over three years. Taxing hospitals over tobacco is blatantly wrong and if big tobacco wins this fight, it only goes to show that the "good ole boys" are still very much in power.

If you value the "pleasure" of smoking over the value of extending your life by 20 years, sit back and do nothing. If you value health care in Mississippi, get on your email and make your voice heard. Big bucks politicians wait for no one!


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bolivar Medical Center CEO Resigns

Area News:

Cleveland's daily newspaper reports that Bolivar Medical Center's CEO, Steve Nichols, has resigned his position. According to Nichols, recent changes in health care have caused him to reconsider his career options. Bolivar Medical Center is owned by LifePoint, Inc., a major for-profit, publicly traded, corporation operating out of Brentwood, Tennessee.

LifePoint officials expressed gratitude to Mr. Nichols for his service and leadership over the past three years. An immediate search for the CEO's replacement has begun.

It seems that DRMC has not cornered the market on health care controversy. Although the news report is rather vague as to the exact "changes" that prompted Mr. Nichol's resignation, one can assume that the upcoming Medicaid battle is most likely a factor.

It is difficult to fathom how our elected "leaders" in Jackson can justify taxing hospitals over cigarettes as solution to the Medicaid sinkhole. Why should we tax those citizens who "pay" for medical services by increasing the costs of insurance premiums and co-pays? The tobacco industry, which boasts of record profits, is directly responsible for the 38% rise in tobacco related diseases and deaths in the last decade... and yet we "choose" to tax hospitals over tobacco?

I think NOT! Haley Barbour "chooses" to protect the tobacco industry because he has direct financial ties to that industry. But even "Fat Cat Haley" is having difficulty selling this line of "bull" to smokers and non-smokers. Taxing the "cures" and protecting the "causes" of diseases is a hard sell at best, but it should prompt us all to look more closely at the motives of such "politicians".

Health care in Mississippi is in deep trouble; not for a lack of providers, but for a lack of insight into who and what steers its course. Mr. Nichols' resignation does not bode well for our Delta hospitals' future. How we fund Medicaid is an issue which will affect us all, directly or indirectly, and we should make our voices heard. Write your senators, representatives and Mr. Barbour and let them know that you do not support taxing our hospitals into closure.


Monday, June 16, 2008

Incomes Lost for Greenville Residents

Mr. Mumford,

Ask Ray Humphrey's how many of KDH Hospital employees he promised would be employed and are now employed at DRMC or the "West Campus?" What happened to the contract employees? None were hired and they went elsewhere. I cannot find even 6 full time employees of KDH that ended up keeping a job within DRMC's system.

The rest went to Bolivar County, Chicot County and Home Heath or just stayed home like my wife. We lost over $50,000 in income for the last 3 years. Humphrey's lied to the KDH staff and to the DDT.

"Somewhere South of Chicago"
Greenville, MS 38701

Many lies were told to both sides during the merger of the two hospitals. Ray stated that "consultants" had been hired to interview all personnel in "duplicate" positions and that they would select the most qualified. What a joke! There were no "consultants"; only Ray's spies who he had hand picked to dupe the public into believing his conquest was in the best interest of health care.

Actually, Ray bought a lot of talent when he purchased KDH... excellent nurses and business professionals who all knew what it takes to run a safe and profitable hospital. But...did Ray welcome them into the fold and seek their advice and direction for the failing DRMC? NO! He systematically set out to destroy the careers of anyone who had been a supporter of KDH.

Three years later, scores of jobs and (in Bill's case alone) over $150,000 in wages have been lost to Greenville residents whose jobs were ended by the hands of this tyrant. Adjoining counties revel as OUR nurses and allied health professionals choose $4.00 gas over autocracy!

To be honest, Ray has no dog left in this fight... and perhaps no fight at all. He has conquered his most hated competitor, David Fuller (KDH CEO), demoralized and humiliated the staff of both hospitals and ruined a once thriving health care community. HE is the victor; however, there are very few "spoils" left to reap. A prudent man would offer his resignation in the face of his obvious public defeat. An astute leader would heed the waring signs of ultimate change and bow out gracefully.

Ultimately, Ray's resignation will either be offered... or demanded. For now Ray, it is your choice.


Monday, June 09, 2008

Mr. Munford Objects:

Dear "Delta Scoop" and "Forthright":

As the attorney for the Delta Regional Medical Center and its employees, including Ray Humphreys, Allyson Williams and Alphe Wells, I am writing to ask you to stop publishing false statements about Mr. Humphreys, Ms. Williams, Alphe Wells, and other DRMC employees. You know these statements are not true. You have written and published them with an express intent to injure their professional reputations. That is something the law does not permit.

By way of example only, contrary to what you have said, Mr. Humphreys has not been charged with any crime and not, as you put it, "the biggest criminal in Washington county." The board of the hospital has not been "easily bought." They found nothing in their Christmas "stockings" from Mr. Humphreys. Mr. Humphreys is not guilty of either "bribery" or "corruption." He is not Ms. Williams "bedfellow." There is no basis for a conclusion that the race of an African American, including Mr. Wells, is a badge of professional incompetence.

Each of these statements you have made is demonstrably false. You seem to believe you can say anything you want to say under the cover of anonymity on the ground that you are just expressing your "opinion." But an "opinion" that implies the existence of false facts to support it is an actionable statement of fact. Not only do you recklessly disregard the truth, but your writing on its face displays spite, ill will, and an intent to do harm which is a ground for punitive damages.

Please publish this letter on your blog, apologize for these statements, and bring your future criticism within lawful bounds.

Luther Munford
Phelps Dunbar LLP
Jackson, Mississippi

Dear Mr. Munford:

While I do not doubt that you represent the interests of Mr. Humphreys, Ms Williams and Mr. Wells, I have serious reservations that you "speak" for all employees of DRMC. Scores of contributors to the "Delta Scoop" are current or former DRMC employees, who view this forum as the only venue in which to express their dissatisfaction with the current administration.

The current climate of threat, fear and intimidation created by this administration is very frustrating to DRMC's employees. Many have dedicated their entire professional careers to this medical center which now turns a deaf ear to their concerns for job security, fairness and overall patient safety.

Unfortunately Mr. Munford, I do not "know" that each of the above statements is false, nor is it my "express intent" to injury anyone's professional reputation. I host a local blog that deals with local issues and concerns submitted by its readers. I post all views of an issue, both pro and con, and have often solicited comments from those readers who may support Mr. Humphrys and his administration.

The "tide" of this blog is not controlled by me, but by its readers who voice their concerns in hopes of improving the quality of health care, education as well as many other public services in the Delta. However, "Where there is smoke, there is fire", and I find it hard to believe that even Mr. Humphreys can continue to ignore the cry for a full and public accounting of DRMC's fiscal condition.

As to your rather legalistic assertion that I "recklessly disregard the truth" and that "my writing on its face displays spite, ill will and an intent to do harm", I beg to differ. I seek the truth; however painful it may be to those who choose to deceive the public. I hold spite and ill will only toward those who deem themselves unaccountable to the taxpayers they serve.

As for my "apology" for my opinions... that will have to wait. Only time will prove one of us right...

And I am betting on me.


Letters... From all Sides

Hi Forthright,

The latest news from DRMC? Well, the rumor around campus is that one of the high powered physicians employed by DRMC has a nephew who works for Microsoft. Supposedly he is busy cracking your identity as well as the identity of all contributors to the Delta Scoop with his high tech computer skills. Apparently, those who are "exposed" will be swiftly and severely punished. Just thought you might want to know Ray's latest scare tactic. Surely the Microsoft employee would be in trouble if he did such a thing?

Ray is such a coward that he won't respond to valid questions about the serious trouble the hospital is in. Yet, he sits in his office all day barking orders to destroy the one forum anyone feels they can safely voice their concerns. This blog definitely gets his goat because he knows the truth is told and he doesn't like it one bit.

Keep up your good work,

Hoping for Ray's Exit Soon!

If Ray intends to prosecute all of the contributors to the "Scoop" who have expressed disfavor with his administration, we had better get started on that new jail!

Indeed, it is quite sad that Ray Humphreys is more focused on revealing the identities of bloggers than he is about the hospital that is crumbling around him.

Tune in tomorrow, when I publish a letter that I received from Ray's attorney. It seems that Ray is not pleased with tide of public opinion.


Sunday, June 08, 2008

Lessons from History

Dear Forthright,

You surprise me. History has shown that millions of unsuspecting people and nations experienced and were victimized by totalitarianism. The whole concept is based on instilling fear into the masses. Do you think the DRMC administrative (governmental) style is original? I bet coercive dominance has been studied thoroughly and the techniques applied (on a smaller scale) to DRMC. "Big Brother is watching". Does that bring back memories? Maybe you are too young to remember.

Totalitarian regimes systematically destroy trust between individuals by rendering every citizen (DRMC staff members) a potential informer for the state (DRMC administration). Spontaneous collective defense actions by dissidents (free-thinking and difficult to fool DRMC staff) are suppressed (fired, driven off, or moved to a less influential position). Of course, people are afraid to speak out because it will get back to administration!

The informants (usually those in supervisory / middle-management roles) are so anxious to win the favor of the administrator (dictator) and keep their jobs; they will betray their own co-workers, friends, and staff. Totalitarian regimes undermine honorable and acceptable ethical and moral codes, thereby "normalizing" moral transgressions and wrongdoings. This will eventually lead to the eradication of altruistic behavior towards others. Very sad situation. History keeps repeating itself. Will we ever learn?

Due to deficient communication or censored communication (propaganda), the people are trapped in an outlandish world (hospital) where nothing is known for certain. Any explanation, however ridiculous and far-fetched, seems plausible to the people (employees) that have been brain-washed by the psychological ploys of a dictatorship.

One of the most common explanations given for complicity in a totalitarian system is the fear of harm (in DRMC's case: loss of employment and income) to themselves (staff) and their families. I highly suspect that this is the fear tactic used by the current DRMC totalitarian regime.

Maybe for some employees, finding another job is feasible, but for the majority it is probably not an option. "Ready to put this baby to bed" and "Concerned taxpayer" are right. It is time for the "masses" at DRMC to put an end to this mess. You have the power, inside knowledge, and evidence – use it! The DRMC administration, hospital board, and county supervisors need to understand that the people of Washington County are listening and watching.

History and Psychology Buff

Dear Buff,

You have obviously done your homework...and, no, I am not too young to remember. Threat, intimidation and fear are the threads that bind Ray's evil empire. Ray has two ways he "silences" those who dare to expose the truth about DRMC. He either "buys" their silence with a promotion and huge salary; or he lays you off and silences you with a severance agreement containing a "gag" order.

To those whom Ray considers "insignificant voices", he simply orders their "termination". His high paid stooges then do the dirty work, which further echos Ray's resounding message to the little people, "I am Ray, the all-powerful". "Buff" is also correct about who has the power to stop these atrocities... YOU!

Nine million Jews died in Germany because one man kept telling us there were no concentration camps, no genocide, no "hidden agendas". Thousands of followers believed in this dictator, for fear that dissension would be sure death. The support of "silence" swept the continent; although the people knew in their hearts that the rumored atrocities were real. Self-preservation became the only thing that mattered.

So it is today at DRMC. This maniacal leader will not stop, until we, like the nations of the world, can tolerate no more and come together to oust this dangerous and corrupt administration. I am convinced that history shall be repeated and Ray's empire will eventually tumble.

The question that remains is no longer "if", but, "when"?


Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Progress or Promotion?

Anonymous said...

To the conceited, smug, and asinine "anonymous" contributor (and obviously a Ray Ray fan) who took a cheap shot at other's grammatical OBVIOUSLY have never heard Ray's own Mazie Whalen speak or read one of her emails! It is quite entertaining to the staff at DRMC!

I was in that leadership team for a long time and I can ASSURE you that those who support Ray are definitely not set apart by higher education or intelligence. In fact, he only selects those who always say, "yes sir, Mr. Humphreys".

He is intimidated by anyone with a brain capable of forming their own opinion and courageous enough to express their views. Yes, a few of the poor "dissidents" whom you claim are ill spoken and uneducated might surprise you. I, for one, will match wits with you ANY day of the week. I'm sure I can toss out just as many big words as you can.

So, your ploy to have readers believe that this blog is only fed by stupid and uneducated folks won't work. If someone hits a wrong key when submitting an entry, who cares? I find it odd that you feel the need to degrade others as they share their opinions and experiences. Just because you label all non-Ray supporters as incompetent, assume they have terrible grammar, and claim their reasoning is "unsound", doesn't make it so.

Another reader suggests....

I don't think a Coronary Unit or a Heart Program at DRMC is a bad idea or a waste of money.The Delta leads the country in terms of cardiovascular disease. Nationwide, Cardiologists are among the top 3 specialties bringing revenue to hospitals.

Even if the Cardiovascular Surgeon is not operating much (which I doubt it), without his presence, Cardiologists cannot perform any kind of invasive procedures to treat blocked coronary arteries acutely.

Jackson could be a loooong way with a ruptured artery around your heart, specially if it is your mama. Lets give Mr.Humphreys the benefit of the doubt and at least wait until these additions start functioning before criticizing them.

A Former Nurse said...

There is nothing wrong with a Heart Center program, a NICU or an LTACH. The problem is DRMC DOESN'T HAVE THE STAFF! They don't have the doctors or the nursing staff for these speciality units.

Why mislead the public in to false security. DRMC's one heart surgeon loses about 5 out of every 6 patients. I would rather spend my last 2 hours of life being driven toward a competent surgeon in a clean hospital! Even if you survive a surgery at DRMC, you will probably die from the MRSA... a deadly infection acquired from substandard post-op care.

Ray just wants to boast about HIS specialty programs, but when you look at these programs closely... they are either nonexistent, or even worse, dangerous. If you sleep well based on the presence of DRMC's heart center, I bid you peace.

Rest in Peace!

The only thing that readers seem to agree upon is that DRMC needs a major overhaul in leadership. It frightens me that so many employees can be intimidated into silence by this dictator. DRMC is a public, county owned and operated, tax supported facility that is accountable to every tax payer in the Delta.

If you think Ray Humphreys is doing a good job, sit back and wait for your loved one to become the next victim of this medical mortuary. When you personally witness and/or experience the horrors of this death chamber, perhaps you will be moved to demand change.

Unfortunately for your loved one, it may be too late!