Saturday, December 29, 2007

Ten Pennies for Your Thoughts...

Well, thank you Forthrigth for telling us how you really feel. Us dumb, backwards, redneck, gossiping, peckerwood dumbasses have seen the holy ghost in the light now.

#1 - Don't ever refer to yourself as "us Delta folk" until your family has lived here at least 3 generations. You just demeaned my parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins and a host of more family who spent their lives pulling themselves up from poverty, working to the bone to make life better for themselves and their families. My father retired as a manager of a major, local coop and when he finished his job there, he had more than quadrupled the yearly gross for that company. He was the son of a poor dirt farmer that gave him $5 to go to college on. My father ground out the rest with hard work and gave his family a future. My mother, sister and many aunts are accomplished teachers in many school systems with many awards.

#2 - Next time you go to a party, make sure it's not packed with your health services people that you so lovingly give priority to in this blog. Let me know where the party is so I can send some cheese to go with the whine.

There are a lot of other issues besides DRMC and Leland schools to go around.#3 - "catfish, fried chicken and grits". Don't you just love stereo-typing folks? Until today, I had some respect for you. But that letter takes the cake. You are nothing but a snotty pissant.

Take the next bus back to your northern Shangrila.

"one pissed ten cent"

Anonymous responds to "ten cent"

Dime, you just proved his point.

Small minds discuss other people; average minds discuss things and events. Great minds discuss ideas. Think about it, and move on from there.

My spouse's family is scattered all over the continent, coast to coast. I'd never had much contact with folks outside the Delta until I married. As I spent more and more time with the in-laws and extended family, I realized that as much as I loved the Delta, there was so much more of life to be experienced. I don't feel disloyal to my heritage or to my family when I say this, but we DO tend to talk about Uncle Bubba's thyroid too much; we make the neighbors' business our business too often.

And yes, we are as guilty of stereotyping people as anybody else, so pardon the reference to fried chicken and grits---you know you love 'em. I sure do.

I do believe that the Delta will not be reborn until we shed the mantle of past mistakes. Let's join the 21st century and broaden our thinking to include friends from the North and elsewhere. And for the record, I truly enjoy the few occasions that I have to leave the state and visit other areas. But I'm always so glad to get back home. Coming back into the Delta via Yazoo City, Vicksburg,or Winona at sunset offers a view that would put a lump in the throat of the most backward and hardened "redneck." Try it, and tell me if I'm wrong.

For the record, my family goes back 6 generations in Mississippi, so I do believe that entitles me to be a "Deltan".

My commentary was in no way intended to offend us Southerners; merely to point out some very noticeable differences between two subcultures within our country.

The beauty of this blog is that two people can read the same article and have totally different responses... as in the case of the anonymous writer who follows you, "ten cent".

You took my comments as a personal attack on the heritage of our forefathers, while the second author gleaned from the article its very basic message and put it quite succinctly:

"Small minds discuss other people, average minds discuss things and events, great minds discuss ideas".

Forthright... the "snotty pissant"

PS... Ten cent, please share with us the topics that you would like see discussed on the Scoop. Sure, there are many other issues up for discussion in our community and I am always open to all. Thanks

Friday, December 28, 2007

Looking Into The Circle...

I took some time off at Christmas to visit relatives on the east coast. As always, it is refreshing to get out of the south to regain a true perspective of how others work, live and play. The most astounding difference that I noted was that most people in big cities are not consumed by their job. Sure, they care about what they do, but more importantly, they focus on the "quality" of life that their job affords them and their families. They focus on play.

Almost all social discussions in which I took part revolved around new and exciting restaurants, books, movies, plays or vacation spots. They talked about where they had been recently, what they had done and what they plan to do in the future. It then dawned on me the primary difference between these "northerners" and us Delta folk is that they have their eyes firmly planted on the future, while we are looking over our shoulder at the past.

True, things move at a bit faster pace in the north, but they face the same social and economic problems that we do; they simply don't permit complacency and apathy to rule their lives.

There is another primary difference in northern conversation. In all of the social situations that I attended, I never heard one word that sounded like gossip... not to say they don't gossip, but that it was not the primary topic at social occasions.

I thought back to a pre-Christmas party that I had attended in Greenville. As I moved from "circle" to "circle", every topic of conversation revolved around local gossip of one sort or discussions of books, movies, vacations, or fun... simply gossip.

I love the south which is why I continue to live here, but it is always good to "step out of the circle" and look in for a while. What you see are alternative ways of living, with different perspectives on what we truly value in life.

Hopefully, 2008 will be the year we bury the past and start looking at how we as individuals can improve our lives. And... if you haven't been out of the Delta in a while, you need to do so. It will give you a renewed hope for what can be, as well as deeper appreciation of the good things we share... like catfish, fried chicken and grits; none of which I have tasted in over ten days.

I shall dine well tonight!


Saturday, December 22, 2007

Cronies, Crooks and Criminals...

Anonymous writes...

Forthright, someone had inquired in a former blog about just who are DRMC's CEO's cronies. Here is a quick rundown if you could be so gracious to post so that our community is aware of the ridiculous state of affairs of our hospital.

Ray's cronies, .. there is an army of them. You have the top layer of administration:

1) Cheif Executive Officer
2) Chief Financial Officer
3) Chief Operating Officer
4) Chief Nursing Officer
5) Chief Human Resource officer
6) Chief Medical Officer
7) Chief Clinical Officer.

I would hate to see what their salaries totaled. If you check out that website, you'll see that the three folks just under Ray in the photo have all worked with him in the past. He hand picked them to "assist" him in the demise of DRMC which mirrors the horror story at Hattiesburg. And, might I add, Ray successfully rid the organization of decent, qualified folks with years of experience so that he could replace them with his "picks". He is intimated by people who aren't "yes, Mr. Humphreys" kinda folks.

Then, after the top layer of high dollar cronies, you have a middle management team:

I believe there are THREE assistant nursing directors at present, an assistant HR director, a barrage of clinical directors (some of which don't have any clinical experience at all), assistant clinical directors, education directors, asst. education directors, team leaders, an entire department to "market" the place which leaves not too many Indians to do the real hands on patient care that the folks walking around sipping diet coke in street clothes are too cool to do.

Additional cronies include those one person departments who also hold the title of DIRECTOR on their badge. Does a one person department really warrant a director?

Ask any physician and they will tell you the priorities are all wrong there. There will be lots of celebration when Mr. Ray Humphreys is gone. Let's just hope that his right hand men/women, and the board will go too. I hear HUD is less than pleased with all of them!

It looks as if the tax collector and her cronies are finally being held accountable for mismanagement. Let's see more good prevail in 2008 and get our community on a better road by showing Ray the highway. His way has proven to be a catastrophe.

Yes, DRMC has far too many "chiefs" and all in the 6-figure salary range. It pays to be in the Ray's club. Every one of them needs to go! I truly believe that we will witness the end of Ray's empire in 2008. He has few supporters left, others than those on the payroll, and they will turn on him like vultures at the first sight of blood.

There is no loyalty among thieves!


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The House of Cards

Anonymous writes...

How ironic that Greenville citizens awoke to news spots featuring Ray Humphreys as part of the economic development board this morning. He was deceitfully making some lame comments about jobs for Greenville and Washington county. What a joke!!

He has destroyed enough jobs at the hospital, PLEASE, we don't need his input for our city or county. And who knows if the county helps to fund DRMC or not. Why does it matter? Has anyone looked at Ray's salary? How about his "dream team" of cronies? They are breaking the place.

And even with Medicaid/Medicare issues, it still does not excuse the board and DRMC administration from accountability of gross mismanagement of hospital funds. This entire 43 million dollar crisis is a result of long term abuse of power, terrible judgement calls, and a horrific disregard for the quality of healthcare. Instead of laying hometown folks off who are here forever, get rid of him!

Somebody better wake up quick. The ship is sinking...FAST. Ray, you are done for - and take all of your hand picked cronies with you to the next unfortunate community you infest.

There is no faster road to financial ruin than for a hospital to purchase clinics and physician's practices. It compromises quality patient care from two perspectives. First, the physician gets a large guaranteed salary whether he/she sees two patients or twenty in a day (golf is pretty much a year-round sport in the Delta... so, you do the math).

Second, it creates an "unwritten" agreement that these same employed physicians will admit a certain number of patients to the hospital; thus, generating revenue... in return for their large salaries.

It is similar to taking your car to a mechanic whose brother owns an auto parts store. You can pretty much bet that your total bill will include more than just "labor".

The DRMC empire is more than just a hospital. It is a conglomeration of several different corporations including physician practices, home health, hospice and several clinics... all of which are presumably separate fiscal entities. Here is where Ray is the master illusionist!

Question... have you ever been drowning in debt and so desperate to stay afloat that you decided to pay off your "Mastercard" with a loan from "VISA"? Well, that's pretty much the scenario at DRMC. The problem is, like in the credit card analogy, you have not reduced your debt, simply shifted it with additional interest.

Ray has pretty much pushed the envelope as far as it will go. Houses of cards tumble when the top gets too heavy... and the top is extremely heavy! I hope that 2008 will be the year of revelation for Greenville about the status of our current health care system.

As in the recent election, if you don't vote, don't complain about politics; and if you never plan to be sick, don't worry about heath care.


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ray...Back in the Saddle

Whats going on at DRMC? I was there two weeks ago and it looked like they were making a movie. There were lights and wires all over the place. I had to be careful not to trip over the cords running up and down the hall. I asked a nurse what was going on and she said they were making a new comercial. When I was leaving, I saw two huge 18 wheelers in the parking lot with the name of some production company on the side.

I use to work at a TV station and it didn't take all of that to make a 30 second TV spot. My niece works at DRMC and she said they are going to lay off over 60 jobs in January. Why are we spending money on TV ads when people are losing jobs! Why don't the supervisor and board look into this. Jobs are the most important thing Greenville needs.


Anonymous said...

It is painfully apparent that the current DRMC administration is more focused on high dollar marketing spots rather than providing quality care. I hardly believe that our local hospital is truly in need of such extravagant (and just plain stupid) advertising. Couldn't we just skip the hype and glamour and do what's right? The layoffs have already begun - my friend is an RN and a nurse practitioner and she got axed. A nursing shortage and they are laying off nurses with master's degrees and experience??? Go figure. Ray at his best!

It seems that her colleagues are all anxiously awaiting their D-Day. I visited the facility a few weeks ago and you can't pass an employee in the hall without noting "director", "team leader" or "manager" on a badge. Multiple layers of non productive "administrators" are quickly assisting in the crumbling of this delusional empire. And, as far as Ray worrying about keeping jobs in Greenville; don't think for a minute that is any priority for the hospital, the board or administration.

They are out to save their own tails.

I would venture to guess that the staged production at DRMC is all a part of Ray's 4 million dollar ad campaign previously discussed. I have received several reports of this extravagant production from both physicians and patients who happened to be "on the set" during filming.

It boggles my mind why we continue to allow this megalomaniac to waste millions of our tax payers' dollars to protect HIS job and a failing hospital. Sure there have been layoffs at DRMC and they will continue as long as Ray and the "horsemen" are allowed to reign supreme.

Now that the mayoral election is over, we need to turn our attention to the real problems that plague our city. If we are serious about improving Greenville's image, we have to start with the basics... jobs, education and health care.

Here's a challenge to Mayor Hudson in her second term... if you really want to make a difference, start by exposing the corruption, graft and dishonesty in our county board of supervisors... those who keep Ray and his cronies in power. Then, rid Greenville of Ray Humphreys and his entire lot of administrative buffoons and you will forever be recorded in history as a harbinger of salvation and hope for Greenville.


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Good Race!

Pathetic numbers said...

Population (year 2000): 41,633.

Estimated population in July 2006: 37,801 (-9.2% change) -3,832 less from 2000-2006 average of 638.66 lost population per year

Males: 19,177, Females: 22,456----Black (69.6%) White, Non-Hispanic (28.7%), Hispanic (0.7%)

7,066 out of 37,801 voted (counted so far, not allowing for misplaced or lost votes) today.

5.34 per cent of population voted.

So does that mean we have 30,735 population under the age of 18 to be a registered voter????? I doubt that! Just a large amount of non-registered or non voting individuals holding the rest of the city back. No wonder we are in the state of condition in our city.

Apathy is rampant! I was told by a friend that she went to three different polls trying to determine where to vote. Finally, her and her husband were found listed at Ward Center. She said she saw many leave in disgust of the long lines and few voting machines. We sure needed those votes! Why are so many people willing to walk away?? What are they thinking? How lazy is that? Terrible! Our freedom is being fought for as we speak and these people can not stand in line for a few more minutes than normal?? Pathetic! Again, I repeat, no wonder indeed of why we, the city of Greenville, are where we are today!

Copied from today's elections results in the DDT: " Lurann Thomas, a city election commissioner, said the 2007 city elections went well despite some concerns about the voter rolls.“The turnout was good,” Thomas said. “We are thankful that 7,000 plus people came out to vote. However, we encourage all 21,388 registered voters to exercise their right to vote.”

So there it is, my question is answered. Greenville has 21,388 registered voters, yet only 7,000 plus voted. That says it all!!!!!

Congratulation to Mayor Hudson! I hope that the next four years afford you the opportunity to prove that we can take a united stand against poverty, ignorance and racism. Greenville is at a very ominous cross-road in history and it is time for us to let go of the past.

Kim Dowdy was indeed a formidable opponent! I doubt that any other candidate could have mustered more support and backing in running against our incumbent mayor. The good news is that Kim will still be a very active and visible supporter of Greenville... and for that, we are all winners.

As "pathetic" as the overall voting totals were in this election, it was actually a "good" turnout for the Delta. A 60%-40% split at least proves that no one can go unchallenged and that we still have a voice through our vote. The "losers" in this election are the 14,000+ registered voters who believed that "their" vote wouldn't make a difference.

Let's move into 2008 with renewed hope for Greenville, our children and our future.


Sunday, December 09, 2007

Please Vote


Saturday, December 08, 2007

Hudson or Dowdy...Please Vote!

"Be counted! Vote Monday!" said...

From what I have seen and know, the main complaints about Mayor Hudson are: she is spoiled and demanding (rich kid), can be very intimidating, if allowed, her employees do not respect her but; fear her wrath and temper tantrums. The biggest complaint from the departments is: she is a micro-manager. She so desperately wants to take credit for EVERYTHING good that happens in Greenville, that she holds back her staff and Department heads in their decision process, until she gives the final say so. No matter how small or "not her call" matter, that it might be, she makes it her call or sure tries. Thereby, holding up progress or usurping the proper management authority. Which might explain the high turnover, especially in the police department.

Also, I agree and have seen, there is a special priviledged few in her ranks, who seem to have no boundaries. I guess that is the case in most political arenas, in any office of power. I do know it causes resentments and ill will from the other co-workers, especially when it is so apparent in the partiality. She is not a team player or leader, she is a bully and totally inflexible!

How convenient was it that she had a recent threat, here right before election, while the last time any was heard of, was after she came into office. Twice in four years requires SEVEN bodyguards on the city payroll paid better than the average cop?? Someone ask how many bodyguards Paul Artman ever had?? ZERO!! Frank Self?? ZERO!! Burnley?? Zero!!...what is she doing or saying that is motivating the calls? Even if they had received a threat, and who knows, maybe they did. Apparently it was never known about, if there were and at most, any guarding would have been on a temporary "til the dust settled basis" or an all out campaign would have taken place to apprehend the culprit(s).

From what I have seen and know of Mayor Hudson, she is not a frail, fragile, vulnerable or helpless woman! I doubt that she is afraid of much. Take a self defense class if needed, be cautious like the rest of us and aware of our surroundings; but no Delta City Mayor should require that much protection for four years, every day, every where she goes, even out of town! Good grief what that must cost!

Reading her publicity, she takes full credit for all that is right with Greenville. She says she has us out of debt now...funny, all that data about bonds received by Greenville??? Correct me if I am wrong, but as far as I know, BOND means LOAN!!!! She basically postponed the debts or borrowed from Peter to pay Paul. There will be a day of reckoning for the bonds one day in the future, if not sooner....then what? More bonds????

We need industry, better education, better training facilities, more police power, crime prevention actions, enforcemnt of the laws, city ordinances and better streets all over, not just downtown! Ride just about any neighborhood in the city and you will see the neglect throughout the entire city, auto alignment mechanics must love this city!

We need City and County (black and white)leaders to work together as a team for common goals of the betterment of Greenville and Washington county. Leaders who can plan for the future, not just bandaid issues with a temporary solution! Grants are great and we should go after all that we can and that we can afford. Some grants have to be met dollar for dollar in investments by both parties. Without industry and commercial businesses to restore Greenville, we will sink into oblivion of debt, negativity, higher crime rates, unemployment, even more citizen apathy and flight.

The grapevine says, she at first did not plan to run again, she planned to move on to Jackson and Daddy's firm. Daddy turned her down (due to her financial problems of personal bankruptcy, her husband's business shut down by IRS for neglect of not taking out SS/WH taxes on employees and some personal issues) and told her to stay now she wants to keep her job! Aren't we lucky?

I have heard it said, she is preparing for a higher office in the future, she hopes to move on to a State position, based on her infamy as the "first everything" Mayor. Can we help and motivate her to try sooner, by relieving her of her office Monday??? :>)..that action should prevent any further political actions on her part. Having her in a State position would not be good for Mississippi either!

I think the body-guard issue is a bit over the top. If we hired body guards for every public official that was ever threatened, we would be a military state. I suppose we should just chalk this up as another "first" on Mayor Hudson's growing list.

One would hope that Mayor Hudson has greater aspirations than being a "foot-note" in history as Greenville's youngest, black, female mayor who required body guards. Now that she has a political foot in the door, she will most likely move on to seek greater notoriety. She is an intelligent woman who will most likely prosper in her legal and/or political career.

As I review all of the postings on this mayoral debate, I see one consistent theme about Kim Dowdy... that she will give 110% to the job of being mayor if elected. Is she an attorney or seasoned politician? No, but if you have ever had a conversation with this self-proclaimed "Yankee", you know of her total dedication and drive to make Greenville a better place for everyone. That has to be worth something.

Yes, we all need to get out and vote on Monday... and on Tuesday, we all need to rally our support behind whomever WE elect on Monday. Neither Hudson nor Dowdy will have an easy job as mayor and neither will be successful unless we put racial and partisan beliefs aside and work together to rebuild Greenville.


Wednesday, December 05, 2007

If You Don't Vote, They Can't Win

I am greatly disturbed by some attitudes when it comes to choosing a mayoral candidate. I keep hearing, "I like Kim Dowdy, but I'm not voting for her because she can't win."

If our founding fathers had this same mentality, on June 7, 1776, when Richard Henry Lee's resolution was received by Congress urging them to declare independence from the British Empire, it would have been voted down "because we can't win". Never before, in the known history of the world, had this radical idea been successful. If it weren't for those brave men who adopted the idea and acted upon this no-win idea, we would not be the country we are today.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that some are so concerned about being with the winner that they will put aside their basic beliefs to simply be on the winning side. After all, back in 1776 they had a term for the people who were determined to be on the winning side: they were called turncoats.

All elections are important, especially this mayoral election. To sacrifice what you think is right simply to cast your vote for the candidate that others say will win, regardless of your beliefs, is a complete waste of your vote. When you enter that voting booth next week, vote for the candidate of your choosing because if you don't vote for her, she can't win.

A Black Republican

"BR" makes a valid point. Voting for a candidate just to be on the winning side is a total waste of time and a great injustice to the candidate that you "assume" can not win. There is a great deal more to the act of voting than simply choosing a "winner".

Candidates invest a lot of time and money in a campaign. Even in defeat, a close vote may encourage candidates to try again in the next election or for another position. Political upsets are fairly common in our history so don't be to quick to prejudge the outcome of this election. Get out and vote for YOUR candidate and urge everyone you know to do the same.

If you don't vote, don't complain if your candidate doesn't win!


Sunday, December 02, 2007

"Yanking Our Chain..."

fedupwithprejudice said...

Oh my, look what I found, worth going to the offending web site and clicking the flag at the top of the site to notify Google! Hit the flag folks, send this person into cyber oblivion! What is the "Flag" button? This feature is called "Flag As Objectionable" and it's accessible via the Blogger Navbar. The "Flag?" button allows the blogging community to easily note questionable content, which in turn helps us take action when needed.

So we're relying on you, the users, to be our eyes on the web, and to let us know of potential issues that are important to you. Here's How It Works When a person visiting a blog clicks the "Flag?" button in the Blogger Navbar, it means they believe the content of the blog may be potentially offensive or illegal. We track the number of times a blog has been flagged as objectionable and use this information to determine what action is needed. This feature allows the blogging community as a whole to identify content they deem objectionable.

Have you read The Wisdom of Crowds? It's sort of like that. Special Case for Hate Speech. When the community has voted and hate speech is identified on Blog*Spot, Google may exercise its right to place a Content Warning page in front of the blog and set it to "unlisted." Note: users may click the "Unflag" button if they change their mind.

This is an excellent suggestion by "Fed up". We should all flag Big Mama's sick blog-site as "objectionable." Here's my take on "Big Mama", (henceforth referred to as "BM" which I deem most appropriate)... First, I would bet that "she" is a white male. In this day of You-Tube, one can create a totally fictitious identity, complete with photos, friends and all other aspects of a completely fictional identity.

Teacher? NO, but to develop a blog and operate it requires a certain degree of intelligence and skill. I am betting that "BM" is college educated and probably revels in our outrage with his/her cronies who are equally amused by such distasteful, sick humor.

Basically, BM is simply "yanking our chain" to see who will bite. Our best hope is that this moron has now achieved his "15 minutes of fame" and will cease spewing his venom to intelligent blog readers. I suggest that after we all flag BM's blog as objectionable, we turn a deaf ear to any further drivel offered by this racist and return to adult conversation.