Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hudson or Dowdy... Speak Up!

I have had several readers inquire about Kim Dowdy and her qualifications as a mayoral candidate. As a native Greenvillian, I have met Mrs. Dowdy on several occasions and have always found her to be quite pleasant, knowledgeable and a great supporter of Greenville. I know that she was previously employed by King's Daughters Hospital, in marketing, if I recall correctly. She has been very actively involved in promoting Greenville through both the Chamber of Commerce and local charities.

I do recall commenting to Mrs. Dowdy that her accent was not exactly "southern". She confessed that she was a "Yankee" by birth, but she had fallen in love with both the south, and more specifically, Greenville. I was impressed by her extremely positive attitude and outlook towards Greenville, given that most "natives" have simply lost all hope.

Other than this, I confess that I don't know much of her qualifications as a mayoral candidate. Mrs. Dowdy seems to be a very devoted and outspoken advocate of Greenville... perhaps the best qualification of all.

One would assume, that as an attorney, Mayor Hudson could have foreseen some of the "errors in judgement" that have plagued her first term in office; albeit, "common sense" seems to be a rare commodity these days in all arenas. I must say that Mayor Hudson is also a very charming and intelligent candidate who has also done a great deal to promote and enhance Greenville's image.

As we move toward the mayoral election in December, I welcome those who know these two candidates to enlighten the "Scoop" readership as to their political "pros and cons". This election could be a major turning point for Greenville and the Delta. Speak up... let your voice be heard... both on the "Scoop" and at the polls in December.



Anonymous said...

I would like to say a few words about Kim Dowdy. I've know her for several years. I served on the United Way Board of Directors with her. She has been in Greenville for several years now and knows what Greenville needs. She has worked with KDH and with the chamber, so she should be familiar with the "going ons" of Greenville. If people will put 'color' aside and vote for the person they think will really get out and work for bettering the community, I think Kim Dowdy would fit the bill. Just get out and vote!

tencent said...

I also support Kim Dowdy because she has shown more true support for Greenville than Hudson has ever exhibited outside of the political gains. Dowdy cares. And she deserves a chance to prove herself as an elected civic leader.

Wayfarer said...

I have worked with Kim Dowdy in various situations for over a decade. She has a passion for Greenville which conveys into all her works. Mrs. Dowdy has given countless hours to our community and has pride in being a Greenvillian like no other.

I have spoken to her many times concerning her mayoral run and she truly feels she can affect change. Politically savvy - she is not. Committed in her quest and love for her adopted home -ABSOLUTELY!

Granted she is not a born and bred Southerner but has been a faithful ,dedicated resident of Greenville for well over fifteen years. It’s not about her birth certificate but what’s in her heart and soul. Her love of Greenville and her commitment to better it can’t be disputed.

Look where our city is now and where it is headed with the current administration. Do you want to stay the course?

Anonymous said...

I have this to say about Kim Dowdy. I have worked with her many many years and have to say there is not a better person to take over as mayor. She basically ran KDH and did a fine job. She was KDH. To those who are bad mouthing Greenville...well, if you dont like it...change it...meaning, get rid of the current leadership...meaning HUDSON. If you take a look at the events that Greenville has hosted, Hudson has only attended those that are African American run. Dowdy, attended more than Hudson and she is not even the mayor yet.. Step back, take a look, has Hudson made any changes to Greenville..positive changes I mean?? If not, change the leadership...or you will be stuck in the same rut you are in now. Unsure about Dowdy?? Well, invite the change...what do you have to lose?? I mean really!? Kim is a team leader, she is involved, very compassionate, and trust me..I know for a FACT that she stands behind what she believes in. If you don't know need to know her...she is a super person. There is not another person in this town who supports Greenvillians like Kim. Trust me!