Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Heil Humphreys!

Anonymous reader offers this:

Ray has up'ed the ante... now not only are DRMC employees not allowed to cruise to the Delta Scoop website, but now "immediate termination" will occur if you:

a) discuss Delta Scoop at work
b) print Delta Scoop and bring it to work
c) contribute to Delta Scoop.

AND...how about that new marketing campaign? We were told that the "drops" of blood couldn't be red as Mr. Humphreys is NOT an Ole Miss fan. Therefore, orange had to be used instead. I just wonder with all the financial distress and cutbacks, how much did THAT cost????

How in the world has our community ended up in this shape with the Humphreys and Richards of the world in power?? It is a very sad state of affairs when we sit by and watch these events unfold. There are very real patients with very real needs as well as children who desperately need an education. Yet, these things that should be most important are not. They are being overshadowed by the political power hungry tyrants.

PLEASE let's wake up and vote for a change. It is past time.

Should we fear that book burnings and ethnic purification are next on Ray's "to-do" list? This is just further evidence of this man's paranoiac obsession with power. When does an employer dictate what we as citizens believe, read and discuss?

Rather than close his correspondence and memos with Bible verses, I would suggest that Ray brush up on the first through fifth amendments of the United States Constitution. Unless recently nullified by his board of trustees, I am pretty sure that they still apply to DRMC employees as well.


A "Concerned Resident" inquires, "For Whom the Bell Tolls":

Having lived in the Delta for a number of years, it is disturbing to see and hear the conditions of the medical community in this area. It has become apparent that the “village idiots” run DRMC. There is no excuse for the deplorable health care that this facility gives this community. These “idiots” have destroyed the morale of its employees and the confidence of the regions.

I have often heard of DRMC referred to as the “slaughter pen”. Having read of the recent firings of the NP and other staff at this facility, there is no wonder how this reputation has been earned. I know people that have checked out AMA because the facility is understaffed and they cannot get the services required. A business is as only as good as its employees.

It is incomprehensible that this facility that does not do everything possible to promote the loyalty and well-being of its employees. The aforementioned employee has done everything asked of her to serve the facility. The only conclusion that can be drawn from this and other terminations is that they occurred to cover the cost of the “village idiot’s” ego. They have purchased numerous properties in the area and have no way to pay for them other than the dismissal of loyal employees.

Even more disturbing is while these employees were dismissed due to cost cutting, DRMC was advertising for positions on various employment finding agencies and web sites. Sadly, DRMC is not the only institution in our area with this same problem. There is a facility west of Itta-Bena and east of Indianola that has these same issues. Their employee’s morale is at an all time low. They are scared to speak up for fear of retribution.

As with the case of DRMC, this condition exists because of the egos of its leaders. You may ask for whom does the bell toll? Sadly, it tolls for the residents of the Delta unless our leaders realize that the “Village Idiots” need replacing. This is a prime example of the level of incompetence that people can attain.

Signed "A Concerned Resident of the Delta"

The "cost cutting layoffs" are all a piece of a much larger puzzle... and one that Ray himself can no longer control. Taking on HUD as a "silent partner" has not bode well for Ray and the "horsemen". Government agencies have a nasty habit of wanting to know how their money is spent and holding people accountable.

Uhmmm, seems that the construction at DRMC has suddenly halted... or should we "notice" that?

As for DRMC's new marketing campaign, it will reportedly cost the taxpayers another $4 million dollars. It is hard to imagine what they have left to market... no nurses, fewer doctors, a failed "heart center" program and a "Doc-in-the-Box" ER with 8 hour wait times. Coupled with a corrupt and incompetent administration, I can hardly wait for the unveiling of what shall surely be recorded in history as "Ray's last Hoo-rah!"



Anonymous said...

Who has the responsibility to see that DRMC is ran properly. I know that is a crude way of asking.

Does to Washington county board of supervisors run by Mr. Al Rankins control DRMC since it is county owned.

Looks like we the citizens of Washington county should be holding these elected officals accountable.

How would Ray H. know who has been on this blog unless he is envolved with the blog?

Anonymous said...

The Bill of Rights protects government interference with free speech. It doesn't over "free speech" actions between employers and employees. Any company would and could hope to stop uncontrolled corporate communication, especially if allegations have any hints of truth. Thank goodness people are speaking and we should realize it takes a measure of bravery to speak - even anonymously.

Forthright, you are providing an outlet for very anti-establishment communication. And to think, there very well may be two bases of "Establishment" in the Delta. The struggle between the two catches society in its tentacles. It's very cerebral, but I feel it's true.

Anonymous said...

Construction seems to be increasing,(not halted)
See that new parking lot out front?

Anonymous said...

dear forthright,
I have been reading this blog for quite some time with no response but I feel now I need to. I was visiting a patient today at DRMC and it was loudly obvious that construction was underway. Just thought that needed to be said.

Anonymous said...

Oh, thank goodness the "visitor" to DRMC heard construction continuing. Now, I guess we can all sleep well at night. That new parking lot and the on-going construction should make the problems of the Humphreys empire disappear instantly.

Anonymous said...

Why don't all you disgruntled and pissed off DRMC employees get together and write a manifesto of all your complaints. Offer solutions for each complaint and present a copy to each board member, county supervisors and distribute to area media. Quit all your bitching and do something productive instead of blowing massive amounts of steam on a blog that is just making the top dawg resemble a puff adder. I know he's an idot, you know he's an idot - get off your duffs and put your money where your mouth is!

Anonymous said...

I recently found this blog- I wish I had found it years ago before we moved to the delta! As a healthcare professional, someone who holds two degrees and a lifetime of service in the healthcare industry, I was always disappointed and disgruntled that I was never offered the opportunity to work at DRMC. Maybe I should be grateful!

Anonymous said...

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