Monday, October 08, 2007

Back on "LSD"

Anonymous offers the following:

It seems that the Richards dynasty may be collapsing. The school districts that she provides services to have wised up. They are cancelling their contracts with her. They have apparently realised, unlike the ineffective Leland School Board, that her services are not worth the money they pay her. Their test scores did not improve. Only in Leland where coincidentally? there is access to the tests after they are taken, and an army of Dr. R suck ups to "clean them up" are the test scores improved. Of course there are some frightened Leland teachers to consider, the ones who are so afraid of her rantings and posturing that they might offer a little help during test taking? Anything to keep her off your back!

Then again there is her son. The one who wears baggy shirts and blue jeans (the kind his hometown of Greenville wants to ban and are against Leland's dress code) and a baseball cap worn sideways. Any student who dressed this way would be immediately sent home. Of course she dressed him up in a sweater vest the day the state department of education came to visit, but that is another whole story. When he thinks people are talking about him and his escapades, he threatens violence. His mama ( he refers to her as his "mammy') threatens lawsuits. But did either of them stop to think about where people get their information? From Chris. He runs around telling anybody who will listen about what he has done.

Just week before last he was telling about his escapades with his married teacher girl friend in her room while the teacher across the hall kept her class. This is not the first time they have farmed the children out to another teacher, who is of course another relative of Dr. R. How does this stuff go on in a school? Where is the principal? Does she have a brain? Or a backbone? Does anyone think this is a good environment for first graders? It is insane, unhealthy and dangerous and it has been going on for two years! Why on God's green earth do we allow our children to be subjected to this craziness?

The school board should be completely replaced for their negligence. They are obviously incompetent and Dr. Richards is an egomaniac who has bragged in public that she does things "the state department way" when they come to visit and HER WAY the rest of the time. (Did they notice they didn't get to talk to any teachers without her menacing presence while they were in Leland?)

She and all her COMPLETELY "non Leland resident" administration have dug in their heels and intend to stay and feed off the tax payers of Leland as long as they can hold on to the power. They retire and come back and raise the taxes a little more. They can't find one person who lives in Leland who can run a school? Isn't this like "taxation without representation'? Or like being held hostage by foreign troops? It does not matter that she is detested by the entire town, she is holding on to her Leland "dynasty" as long as she can. Others may fire her, but the Leland school board doesn't have the guts to do anything about her. We expected them to do a job and they have abdicated their duties to a tyrant they cannot control . Apparently they no longer even try. This is a disgrace and it just goes on and on and on.

Leland may be a small community, but it certainly has some vocal residents. As you can see from the recent comments, the controversy over the Leland School District is far from over. If any or all of the allegations are true regarding Dr. Richards actions, there is certainly cause for alarm.

Altering children's test scores is a serious matter and collusion by the teachers and the board is even more disturbing. It is hard to believe that a professional educator would stoop to such horrendous tactics for self-promotion.

As to the issues regarding Dr. Richards' son, why is he allowed to work in the school district at all? Good, bad or indifferent, there is an obvious conflict of interest here as well as the issue of nepotism. It seems that Dr. Richards has enough controversy surrounding her performance as administrator without taking on the hullabaloo vis-à-vis her son.

As a previous writer noted, as a concerned parent I would certainly be present at the next school board meeting on October 17th, to try to get to the truth regarding these issues. "Sex, drugs and deception" are all a part of our adult education, but I should hope that we could spare these "lessons" to our grammar school students.

If Dr. Richards is innocent of these allegations, she should welcome the public opportunity to dispel these rumors and regain the respect of the community; however, to ignore them will most likely be interpreted as a plea of guilt on her part.



Anonymous said...

On one of the comments a writer said, why don't we go to the school board? Well years ago a school board was confronted and the member actually said when we confront Dr. Richards about a complaint from a teacher, she makes it so hard on them that we just quit saying anything to her. That is a direct quote from a school member to me personally....not a hear-say THAT is WHY no one will go to the school board!!!

Anonymous said...

The writer is absoutley right we must keep focusted, and not give up until we get favorable results.

Anonymous said...

Last week Chris Richards did come to school with his pants bagging and a t-shirt to his knees and his cap turned sideways. Is this some sort of "statement" he is making like a gang member or something. What kind of example is this for our young people to see a supposedly "professional" employee of the Leland School District dress like this. It is not only in poor taste like any other thug, but it is definately AGAINST the rule book. THIS IS UNFAIR! And to some of you people that think that something can be done about it, think again. NOTHING can be done about it through the voice of the public, school board, or teachers. It has to be something Doc wants to take care of. It may be that she can't handle her son and just doesn't want anyone to know it. I'm sure her heart breaks at his behavior. I feel she has raised him better than this, but as was said in the very first blog, if he loses this job then SHE will have to foot his bills because he definately will NOT be able to get another job making $42,000.00+ where he does absolutely NOTHING all day except get sexual favors from his girlfriend. And what is so terribly SICK about the whole affair is that HE has told, in detail, what they do and how they do it, what she wears and what she doesn't wear. And while he is "doing" this teacher, he has other girlfriends that he brings to the school and they stay in his room. To all you "bleedinghearts" that say this is 'gossip', it most definately is not gossip. Every teacher at Leland School Park can tell you of his actions. He even cut the wires to the hall cameras last year so they could not monitor him in the office.
Oh well, these words are going to deaf ears I'm sure. The only thing that can be done is for Doc to step down or the school board to intervene, "which ain't gonna happen". Oh yea, and if this is gossip, you should have seen Mr. Richards hanging on the teacher at the school Christmas party. It was sickening. He was so drunk or drugged out that he could barely walk and then hanging on her was very repulsive. For what it's worth, I'm through

Anonymous said...

You must like Mr. Richards to be watching like you do. I probbaly would drink too if I had somebody watching my every move. YOU are after his mother not him so stop lying.

Anonymous said...

The last comment must have come from Mr. Richards, because it sounded like him, real stupid.

Anonymous said...

No Iam not ghetto like chris richards so i don't want him to like me and i sure don't like him.And there is no excuse for drinking and being high regardless of who is watching you.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to specifically comment on the 1st paragraph. I'm the test coordinator for my middle school, and I know, for a fact, that someone could report this to MDE(without their name being disclosed) if they have knowledge of the testing violations. And should report this if they know these things. This is your job as a professional. Otherwise, you are committing major test violations are risking your career! Anyone who offers a 'little help' during testing...well, good luck at keeping your job. No one should keep their job if they are participating in such unethical, illegal practices.

I'm rather surprised that the Leland School District is not being investigated. There are groups that analyze these scores, and I'm shocked that they have not figured this out by now. Maybe Ms. Richards is smarter than we think.