Thursday, October 25, 2007

A "Heated" Debate

Anonymous speaks up for Hudson:

You can't be serious. Mayor Hudson has brought a 3 million dollar grant to Greenville and you "PEOPLE" over look that in order to "FIND " reason's to vote for a white person. tsk, tsk tsk. I smell an old familiar scent. Could it begin with an "R" and end in "ism"? Don't stop there. Why don't you be true to form and hang a noose in her front yard instead of this pitiful attempt at a subtle high tech lynching?

You all haven't acknowledged that Greenville has been under white administration for years and it didn't get into the condition that it is in over night. All you naysayers, why don't you get off your butts and do something yourself. Namely acknowledge that a mayor is only as strong as the resources that are coming into the second congressional district as a whole.

The time to give input is at the board meetings all along, not try this BS once you have found the GREAT WHITE HOPE!

If you really want improvement be truthful and put the blame where it lies with your governor, Haley Barbour, who is draining this district and the state dry or is that to much like right for you?

Go ahead admit it, get and that poor excuse for a transportation commission.

"Tencent's" Rebuttal:

Yes, it starts with "R" and ends with "ism".

Borrowed from Internet dictionary:

Republicanism is the ideology of governing a nation as a democracy, with an emphasis on liberty, rule by the people, and the civic virtue practiced by citizens. Republicanism always stands in opposition to aristocracy, oligarchy, and dictatorship.

More broadly, it refers to a political system that protects liberty, especially by incorporating a rule of law that cannot be arbitrarily ignored by the government. Or as John Adams put it, "They define a republic to be a government of laws, and not of men." Much of the literature deals with the issue of what sort of values and behavior by the citizens is necessary if the republic is to survive and flourish; the emphasis has been on widespread citizen participation, civic virtue, and opposition to corruption.

Hanging a noose in someone's front yard comment leads me to believe that the person still holds some grudge. Racial and biased.

I'm not looking for a GREAT WHITE HOPE. I just want someone to stand up and rebuild Greenville. And I don't mean repaving streets or BS programs like marking jogging paths. Education and getting OFF of WELFARE should be primary concerns. Decent jobs are not going to flow back into Greenville until there are enough educated people to fill them.

Blaming Gov. Barbour and the "transportation" commission is a weak excuse from some liberal.

Ooops... there's that race card again. Anyone who takes an objective view of Mayor Hudson's first term would have to admit that she has made some significant improvements to our community... perhaps no more, but certainly no less, than previous mayors given the economic challenges that currently face the Delta.

Perhaps the greatest lesson we can take from Mayor Hudson's first term in office, is that race, gender and age are all irrelevant factors in predicting "effective leadership". There is no "Great White or Black Hope" for Greenville as long as we focus on race rather than issues.

Finger-pointing at the governor and transportation commissioner won't change our lives, nor will who we elect as mayor in December. Greenville will never change until we replace our fatalistic, defeatist view of our community with one that is collaborative and cohesive in our desire to seek positive change for all residents.



Semi-Regular Reader said...

"Anonymous for Hudson" makes a great political point, but calling those who don't support her racists sorta clouds the quality.

But, there are those of you looking at race over issues. Admit's the "way of the world" for local politics and it's a powerful weapon that mobilizes voters.

The grants are great for G'ville, but grants shouldn't be confused with economic prosperity. Government rarely sparks economic prosperity unless it relinquishes power or lowers taxes to stimulate entrepreneurial risk-taking.

But Greenville isn't necessarily in a recession. Its workforce, public education quality and infrastructure quality have created the reality - one that any mayor and city council may be helpless to reverse in any meaningful measure.

"Hudson Supporter" is correct to lay the economic malaise at the feet of "Old Money" community. It took a generation or more to reach this economic level and racial shifts among political power bases - a recent action - cannot be blamed.

Don't give us the Jimmy Carter grain embargo....please.

Nonetheless, we look forward and what's done is done - work is to get done. Is the best policy to hunt grants as a source of income or is it time to review the tax burden of contributing citizens? I know a shrinking tax base squeezes city revenue and thus sparks more tax increases and more rampant loss of citizens possessing financial means to leave for better civic treatment.

City government should consider scaling back to fit its shrinking base.

The school system's taxing authority should be checked OR board members should be elected over being appointed so they face accountability for fiscal policy. If it takes State lawmakers' action, so be it.

I would like Forthright to take some time - a dedicated commentary, maybe - to outline his/her notions of Mayor Hudson's significant improvements to Greenville the past four years. I'm not being sarcastic, but let's set aside the emotions.

Is Kim Dowdy to be viewed as a political reformer? Or is representing the "All Is Dandy in the Delta" protest vote of the mayor? What is her platform? Does she have a clear agenda other than an attempt by Old Money influences - she's not old money - to convince us that the reality is REALLY our misguided perception despite our obvious observations?

Anonymous said...

Improvements To Greenville...

There are a number of things that could be done to improve the city. Greenville was given the opportunity to develop the city with the boost of the casinos. Most cities with a beautiful lake seam to drift into resort type cities. We once had super good industries for jobs.
One very simple thing that is over looked is that even with the casinos, the city hasn't tried developed any type of tourism attractions. With the money that is gained from the casinos we should have grown(where has the money gone?). To start, Maybe a place(arena) to hold large events. Maybe a clean well kept beach area, everyone knows tourist love to lay out on a beach. That wouldn't even cost much. The area beside the levee between Central and Washington street would be a great place to build up a historical type of attraction, with shops and restaurants and grills. Greenville should push for this type of displacement in that area offering tax incentives or more.
I don't guess there's to much we can do about the industries that departed the city.
But who ever is the next Mayor of Greenville should stop and think about how they could get people to want to come to Greenville, enjoy them selves and not want to leave, you know the feeling you get when you go on vacation!!

Anonymous said...

I have been an avid reader of the Delta Scoop for the past few months, but have yet to comment until now. Also, please note that I am not a Delta native, nor do I presently reside there. While, there have seen numerous calls for improving education throughout the Delta, in order to spur economic development one issue is repeatedly ignored--virtually all white private schools, throughout the region.

In my humble opinion, it will be difficult to lure meaningful economic development, with private schools being the only real option for children. Even if a delta city was to somehow land a second tier manufacturing plant, the wages paid, would not be enough to sustain, the type of families the region needs, due in part to private school tuition. The financial strain on a working family, simply to educate their children, makes the region highly undesireable. I am assuming a family with three children, paying roughly a 1,100.00 a month in tuition and assorted fees for private schooling. Couple private school tuition with the high property taxes which are prevasive in the region, the outlook becomes even more bleak, for the ever shrinking middle-middle class of the Delta.

Anonymous said...

racism is very much alive and well in your town. But it is now coming from both sides.

It is nice to have hope, but it is not going to happen for Greenville MS in our time or our childrens time. Just have fun and take it a day at a time and get out if you can.

Anonymous said...

Just thought I would add this to those who the GOOD OLE DAYS. Check it out..

Anonymous said...

I would like to think that I am fairly open-minded and I did support Hudson when she became mayor. I had high hopes for her, but soon they diminished due to her media hound persona, jet set convention going lifestyle - especially to the black mayors meetings all over the US. God forbid there be a white mayors association. Bottom line - I don't care what color you are - just do the right thing for Greenville. We need to rid ourselves of this pampered princess, bodyguard toting, moneybags daddy's girl imposter of a politician we have for a mayor. It is my understanding from city hall employees that she is a tyrant and has apparently scared everyone of them into thinking they will lose their jobs if they choose to support Dowdy. More power to you good folks at city hall because there is no way Hudson can read your mind or let alone know how you vote. Let's light a fire under our city council's rumps because they have allowed the princess to run amok and set her own agenda - not the people's. Get out and vote and vote your conscience. Dowdy does not run with scissors and she plays well with others. She has more in common with the general population of this town than Hudson does. Dowdy may be a damn Yankee, but she gets it. She is color blind and will work to better Greenville -for everyone.

tencent said...

Would somebody explain to me why Mayor Hudson needs a six member security team? For the love of Pete! I don't think the governor even carries that many.

OK, true enough, a death threat has been reported and that must be dealt with. No argument there. But from what I read out of the DDT in the Sunday (11/4) article seems to imply that she carries a full time 6 member security force. THAT is going a bit overboard. With MY tax money. Or did the city manage to fanagle another grant from some gummint entity so as to waste more money?

Safety and security are one thing. Waste is another. I hope the threat caller is found and properly prosecuted according to the law. And then I hope that the mega-security team will be down-sized and their services be put to community use. Mayor Hudson needs to be more concerned with saving money and not wasting it.

Another reason for people to get out and vote in December. It is time for a change.


Delta Watcher said...

There is another side to Ms. Dowdy that many in the city don't know about. While many comment that she would be better than Mayor Hudson, be advised that there is a whole group of people out there who have felt the wrath of Ms. Dowdy because they had the audacity to question her, challenge her or take a position opposite of what she supports.
One could recite her experiences with groups like the Greenville Area Chamber of Commerce, the Mississippi Delta Advertising Federation, Washington County Republican Women, the Mississippi Delta Air & Balloon Festival among others where she literally took control and then put in her hand selected group of friends on those boards. And without exception, membership and participation in those groups dropped off while she was president. The only exception was the Chamber because the Chamber paid $5,000 while she was president to have a lady come in from Texas and run a boiler room operation to get new Chamber memberss so Ms. Dowdy's looks good while she's president. While president of the Chamber of Commerce, all one had to do was look at the executive board and see who was who and how they got on said executive board. She picked her friends from her Leadership Washington County class like Ross Reily with the DDT, Darren Lehrmann with WXVT, David Bush with Planters Bank (all vice presidents on the executive board and all in the Leadsership Washington County class.) Oh you could also through in Darrell Annis, formerly with AmSouth Bank whom she had selected as president to succeed her but he took another position in Arkansas with Regions Bank. Well he was in the Leadership Washington County group, too. Now let's not forget that she also had appointed to the Chamber board other Leadership class members like Wendy Nicholson with Lamar Advertising, Ronnie Taylor with MasterFoods USA, Whitney Dinkins now with some Christian group, Philip Doiron with the YMCA and Iris Stacker with DRMC and JewellLockhart (token black representation on the Chamber board). So while some of you say that she will be fair and work with all segments of the community and is color blind, you just don't know the real Ms. Dowdy. She will people her administration with her friends and supporters (almost all white). In fact, a look at her campaign committee led by another friend, former boss at Kings Daughter's Hospital and another Chamber board member Beth McKnight as well as Beverly Ford with Shamoon Advertising. Now if that isn't enough, she had a direct hand in the departure of Bill Seratt with the Washington County Convention and Visitors Bureau. When two openings became available on that board, she had the two Chamber positions on the WCCVB given to Benjy Nelken and Brad Hathaway (also a friend of her's with the county Republican Party) who both just happened to dislike Seratt and wanted him out. Those were the two votes the board needed to make life difficult for Seratt who finally said I'm out of here. Now we have Tommy Hart with the Industrial Foundation. Now Tommy may not be the sharpest guy in town but Ms. Dowdy also wanted him out, too, because he has the audacity to challenge her in several confidential meetings with the Chamber and the Foundation. She told her executive board in a executive board meeting earlier this year that Tommy had to go because he was hurting economic development in the county. Well he's out as the director of the Foundation. Now third on Ms. Dowdy's "hit list" is Betty Lynn Cameron, executive director of the Chamber of Commerce. Now when Ms. Cameron was off work due to her arthritis condition, Ms. Dowdy and then Chamber president Dick Clark were over heard several times over lunch at the Greenville Country Club and at Sherman's bascially plotting to change the Chamber operation to better suit them and what they wanted to do. Before running for mayor, Ms. Dowdy had told her confidential friend Terri Lane with Delta Regional and Lynda Edwards with the American Heart Association and Ms. McKnight that she wanted to be the Chamber director after the merger was completed and a new executive was hired.
She is just as conniving and back-handed as our current mayor. Now all this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Ms. Dowdy.
Just how the whole Chamber and Foundation merger came about is an even more enlightening story - especillay for the black community. You think she is color blind - you ain't heard nothing yet. She's as racist as they come. The black power structure and many black business people have seen through her charade.
One final point with this posting, is that she was told by Mr. Republican Clarke Reed and Planters Bank President Chuck Jordan not to run for mayor. Now I don't agree that someone should try and prevent someone else from running for public office, but when the Republican power structure in the city and county strike a deal with Mayor Hudson that they will not support Ms. Dowdy if the Mayor does a quid pro quo on an airport grant, that should tell everyone something. Ms. Dowdy is also aware that she doesn't have their support. Both candidates are sad, vindictive, power hungry, media hounds and insecure when it comes to operating without their select group of friend behind them (notice didn't say at her side because few if any will ever be at their side because there is simply not enough room.)
And just wait till you hear about Ms. Dowdy's cozy relationship with the DDT like Ross Reily and Publisher John Clark for media coverage and the suppression of negative news while she was Chamber president. That information comes from inside sources at the DDT and the Chamber. Let's not just blindly think Ms. Dowdy is so cute and hard working that she'll make a good mayor. We will only swap one tyrant for another. Both are fashion horses who buy their clothes and shoes outside of Greenville. Gosh, I thought we were supposed to "Buy Here!"Hmmm!
More on all this later. This is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Hold on to your hats - especially Ms. Dowdy supporters. Hillary Clinton would be a choir girl compared to what Ms. Dowdy's been up to but more on that later.