Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The King is Dead

Anonymous offers:

Rumor has it that the King’s Daughters Hospital will suffer its final indignity tomorrow. Ray and his marketing gurus have decided that the “King’s Daughters” name is inconsistent with their current marketing strategies, so out it goes! Actually, Ray may be right on this one. The “King’s Daughters Hospital” has always represented quality, pride, compassion and dedication… all qualities that are quite foreign to the current DRMC.

Seems that they had a big send off today for Dr. Frothingham. The boot marks were quite obvious on Rodney’s rear end in spite of the “retirement” spin Ray was shoveling. Excellent marketing campaign Ray… you fire the only respected member of your administrative team and then abolish the name of the hospital that founded health care in Greenville!

Gee, and we only paid 4 million dollars for these epiphanies. Here’s an idea that could really boost your popularity: Why not hold a public burning of the King’s Daughters Sign (“In His Name”). Surely that will forever prove that you fear neither man nor God!

Check out the 10 PM report tonight on WXVT. It’s about a pregnant woman who is bleeding and goes to DRMC’s ER. She has to wait 7 hours to see a doctor! Yep, Ray… you are building the “next great hospital” in Mississippi!

Anonymous said...

Well, I work in the healthcare field in a nearby city (fled DRMC after years to be free of Ray's stupidity) and have the opportunity to see patients and their medical records from other facilities. You wouldn't believe the number of patients who were seen in Cleveland or Greenwood ER because they went to Delta Regional and were turned away for no money.

I'm really surprised the pregnant woman was even seen in the ER - she must have been insured and been able to pay her co-pay on the spot...other bleeding pregnant women have been sent away because they didn't have the ability to pay. Yeah, its in all caps typed right in the triage form. PATIENT STATES SHE WENT TO DELTA REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER IN GREENVILLE WITH COMPLAINTS OF BLEEDING/5 MONTHS OB PATIENT BUT WAS TURNED AWAY FOR LACK OF PAYER SOURCE.

Anyone who knows anything about healthcare here in Greenville will agree that Ray's lil campaign that he spent four million bucks on makes one sick every evening while watching the news. All those employees speaking all those lies.

Ray is a despicable man for what he has done to this facility. Dr. Frothingham is 100 times the man he is. The next great hospital...yeah, right. I'm just sorry I missed the ten pm news. We are all hoping that one night we'll hear the lead story "Humphreys and his leadership team purged from DRMC". Now, THATS gonna be something to celebrate.

I had not heard the rumor about Ray abolishing the King's Daughters name; although it does not surprise me. Ray has hated everything about KD since the acquisition, including its employees, most of whom he and his "hit men" have successfully terminated.

Dr. Frothingham may be the luckiest person in this huge debacle. He will finally be free of Ray's tyranny and evil deeds. As for the "King's Daughters" name and memory, I tend to agree with the first author that the two hospitals have never shared the same basic values or reputation for quality. Therefore, this final "disenfranchisement" shall only serve to protect the good name that KDH had earned.

As for Ray, he continues to revel in his delusion that a 4 million dollar "white-wash" is going to conceal DRMC's gross mismanagement, lack of qualified medical personnel and the daily atrocities that face patients in the ER. In the midst of all of this chaos, he has the nerve to boast about the opening of a NICU and a Heart Center. DRMC barely has enough nurses to tend to the few acute care patients they have left, let alone staff these two highly specialized units.

Perhaps we haven't given Ray's marketing campaign enough time to work. Who knows? After the rest of the country gets wind that Ray Humphreys has built the "best hospital in Mississippi", nurses and doctors will no doubt flock here in droves. Yes... yes, that's it... we just need to be patient.


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Free Fertilizer?

I live south of Greenville. New county codes have been put into place that may effect you! I do know know the extent of the codes. But here are a few that I have heard of. If you are one of those that bought one acre of property south of town for a elevated rate. Your property to is now worth nothing if your place burns or can not be replaced for what ever reason your out of luck, you must have two acres now.

I believe you are able to sell your place that has something on it with no problem but if you have one acre with nothing on it, it is useless!! Why two acres???? That's silly!!

Second, if you do have more then one acre, you will not be able to put down a septic tank ($1500.00). You must put down a chlorination system that will cost you over ($5,000.00). This system chlorinates the water and then is setup as a yard sprinkler and the waste water is distributed into the yard as if it was a regular yard sprinkler.. Is this wise?

I don't know about you but when my kids are out playing around that area I hope the automatic sprinkler does not come on! I don't feel like it is a good idea to put this nasty water on the top of the ground. This also attracts mosquitoes that carry unknown amounts of disease. The ground stays wet. But you will have some green grass to keep cut!!If you do any type of building or improvements to your home you must have a permit to do so.! That includes adding a deck to your back yard.

I personally live outside of the Big city so I can be a little more free to do as I wish. But now the county has dropped the value of my property and I am unable to use my other lot. Please correct me if I am wrong, I hope I am!! Also does anyone know where I can get a copy of the new codes??

The controversy over these new codes has been brewing for some time. The "logic" proposed by proponents of these new ordinances is that they are attempting to "maintain the residential integrity" of these county properties... more simply put, the want to keep out the "rif-raff".

By implementing these stringent codes, the county hopes to stall the rapid outward migration of Greenville residents who are tired of paying city taxes... for nothing. The county schools are far superior to GPS and parents who can not afford private school tuition have little choice but to move outside of the city. This places an increased burden on the county schools as more and more mobile homes spring up each year. Everyone knows that selling a house in the "Riverside" school district increases your marketability by 200%.

In essence, the supervisors are trying to prevent county land owners from developing "trailer parks" on their land. Proponents view this as a good thing, but not all property owners agree. Once again, why does the government have the right to dictate how you can use your legally acquired property? If you are fortunate enough to live in a traditional community and view modular homes as unsightly, you probably agree with these ordinances. However, if you are like many parents who sacrifice much to give their children the best educational opportunities available, you are most likely outraged.

If you want a copy of these ordinances, call your county supervisor. After you read the legalistic jargon, you probably won't be any more informed than you are now. That is why I offer this "quick read" version to concerned county residents.

Outrageous you say? Sure it is. It is just another example of what the unchecked power of public officials can do when we allow them to speak on our behalf.

Speak up, speak out!


Saturday, January 19, 2008

Possibilities for Greenville

Jennifer Jones writes:

Since the pool was mentioned, I am happy to report that I was on the agenda of last weeks' City Council meeting. My purpose was to present the Proposal for the grant from Carl-Small Town Center, in seeking support of the Council. I was successful and that is one large step toward a better future for the pool and Greenvillians, especially the kids.The students came from MSU/CSTC last weekend and assessed the pool, Buster Brown Community Center and our City parks. All of this information is key to their designs and plans for the Pool Complex to come. Cari Varner of the MSU/CSTC staff sent this note out below to be soon published in the DDT, read it and if you so please, feel free to contact her with your input to the pool plans.

Hello all,

As I am sure you are aware, the School of Architecture and the Carl Small Town Center at Mississippi State University are working with the City of Greenville to develop plans for the revitalization of the Bobby Henry Memorial Pool and the Buster Brown Community Center.Our students are so excited about the project, and they came up with the great idea of having the public be able to contact the CSTC to offer their opinions and ideas about the project, so as best serve the citizens of Greenville in our efforts.

This is an open call to all citizens of Greenville to call me directly at 662-325-8671 or to email me at: cvarner@caad.msstate.edu(no spam please) to share their thoughts about what amenities or activities they would like to see occur on the site and their aesthetic sensibilities pertaining to the architecture of the proposed buildings. We want as much public input as possible, from children to senior citizens, especially those that live in the neighborhood immediately around the site.....END of note.

It will be the end of summer before the students complete their plans and depending on grants and timing,at least another year or more before serious work can begin. Meanwhile, we, the BHM Pool Committee, Pool and Park Directors are planning promotions, programs and events to bring attention back to the pool and the community back to enjoy it once again.

As for how you all can help?? We are open to suggestions and great ideas! Get involved! Suggest solutions! Join us! Volunteer, there is plenty to do. It will be more fun than you will believe and very gratifying in the end. There will be fundraiser events for the pool in the near future to at least get started on some improvements or perhaps to buy a water slide, pool furniture, supplies for the lifeguards or updated emergency gear. We need solutions to help the elderly and handicapped to enjoy the pool this summer and from now on. As it is, the pool is not accessible to that population, and that is unacceptable!

Think of kids who have never had a chance to swim or Seniors who need the therapy of the water for their joints. Maybe YOU have an answer?? We are wide open here, now is the time to jump in! We need all the help and networking we can get! Please step up to the plate and let's get this pool on track starting this summer!We need instructors for some of these programs like water aerobics, Senior classes, or if there is someone to teach it, how about scuba class? Bring yourself and the kids for swim time or lessons, lifeguard class, or just show up this summer to have fun!I have created a web site with all the information to be known and will update it as things progress.

Here is the location to copy and paste to your search bar: http://robertthenry.webs.com/index.htm Click "Contact" for information of myself and the committee members.Take a look all around the site at all the topics. There is great information there for the viewing, as well as some great old photos of the past and the photos of the present. Enjoy and come back to your Community Pool. Summer is around the corner, we have to start NOW! Let's stop complaining and makes positive step to a better future! Do it for yourself, the kids and Greenville! Together, we can make it happen!

Many have scoffed at the proposed renovation of our city pool, claiming that it is a waste of money. I think that the project could be very successful, not just in restoring a wonderful recreational facility, but also in bringing us together by working toward a common goal. I would love to see a covered pool that could be used for a variety of purposes throughout the year.

This past summer, I was quite disturbed by public officials who attributed a rash of arson house fires to "kids who are bored and don't have anything else to do." Granted, there is not a wide variety of recreational activities for kids in Greenville, but arson?

So perhaps "swimming" is too passive in our current world of "extreme sports". As one contributor suggested, if we can't sell downtown Greenville to merchants, why not raze the buildings and turn it into skateboard or extreme bike ramps? These seem to be popular teen sports and are certainly more healthy than video games and arson.

A local water-park is proposed, but even that seems a bit outdated for the our "extreme" generation who seem to thrive on risk and an element of danger. There are options for downtown Greenville other than retail stores, but we will have to think out of the box. The "Farmer's Market" was a great success, although seasonal.

Many larger cities have "public markets" which range from hand made arts and crafts to "flea" markets (or yard sales as we call them). At any rate, they are quite popular in that people can visit one location to browse for a wide variety of items. All it takes is a wide open area with accessible parking... that is quite foreseeable in downtown Greenville.

Again, I commend Jennifer Jones for her efforts to both rejuvenate a once treasured gem in the Delta, as well as to unite those who have not given up on Greenville. If you are not actively involved in a civic cause for Greenville, I think you are missing out... on being part of what Greenville can be!


Thursday, January 17, 2008

Your "Delta Scoop"

Mr. Lowe Speaks Up...

I attended the first Board of Supervisors meeting for the year 2008. After the election of the president of the Board was made I witnessed quite an attitude change, perhaps some would probably label the display as hostile from some of the members, and employees of the board.

After panning the audience, I noticed that there were quite a few clergy, politicians, and civic leaders among those in attendance, and according to conversations overheard this tactic was designed by the clique to intimidate board members especially the new one, however this tactic was like the previous moves made - far from effective. It is sad that some elected individuals get the notion that a position belong to them, or individuals that they choose, or the ones that’s in their clique.

It’s high time that the meeting place at Buc_’s County Court House be returned back to the Washington County Court House where it belongs. I would like to commend new board member Jesse Amos, and those who voted with him for the courage that they exhibited by voting their conviction instead of bowing to the pressures that be, and the will of the corrupt. I am sure that he has been called everything under the sun, but a child of God in the past hours after his swearing in.

Once, again I commend leaders like Jesse Amos who do not have to use the race card as a crutch, but instead his wisdom and knowledge to get things done as in the display that was exemplified in his first board meeting. It is individuals like him who’s on the cutting edge that’s going to get this County back on track and second to none in the State. Again, thanks Jesse for a great beginning.

James W Lowe, Sr.

Let me comment about the DRMC controversy. As a blog-master, I do not have control over the "hot" topics discussed on this blog. Readers and contributors control the topics and flow of this blog, as they should. It so happens that DRMC and Leland Public Schools have been the most controversial topics of 2007. These are topics that seriously impact our jobs, lives and welfare as citizens of the Delta and thus elicit the most "controversy".

Many have criticized the Scoop for dwelling too much on the same topics, but these same critics have yet to propose other topics for debate or discussion. I am open to any topics or discussions which interest the readers. I do ask that contributors avoid obscene language, but other than that, I consider what is printed here to be "opinion"... be it yours or mine.

What makes a local blog interesting is seeing how much support your views have from other readers. If you are a racist imbecile, like "Big Mama", you will be virtually "run out of town" by the blog readers. However, if your opinions rally the support of countless other readers, perhaps your "opinions" have some basis in fact... and that is why this blog has become so popular.

So, if you are tired of DRMC and LSD, let's move on. You propose a topic and I will print it. I do admire Mr. Lowe who has no problem expressing his opinions openly; however, I also realize that anonymity often protects people from illegal retaliation. I want the Delta Scoop to be fun, interesting and informative. When it ceases to be, I shall relinquish my position as blog-master to a new host, as did my predecessor.

Until then, let's continue with lively debates about issues which concern us all, keeping in mind that this is a blog, not the New York Times, CNN or even the Delta Democrat Times. My involvement in the Delta Scoop is for entertainment; I don't get paid to host this blog which is why I can express my opinions freely and honestly... and you can as well. I love a spirited debate and we have had many! If discussions here move people to seek change by offering their views of reality, that is simply a good thing.


Monday, January 14, 2008

Trench-Warfare: Time to Take a Stand

"Fed up in the trenches" says:

Forthright, you are definitely correct in your analysis of the senior leadership team. They are exactly as you have described. All yes men/women and most certainly race played a huge issue in their hiring. I know for a fact that when he gave the ex-chief nursing officer of 20 plus years her walking papers a few years ago, he formed this nursing search committee to find her replacement.

Several nursing directors from various floors spent many hours going through resumes and interviewing applicants. And, there were many qualified applicants, but none were acceptable because Ray had long before decided that Florence Jones would be the CNO. It was all a game to make everyone feel like they were a part of the decision, but we all knew that Flo was not our pick -- just his.

She is an accomplished woman, but was never the cream of the crop of the candidates whom applied. Likewise, he handpicked Alphe and Allyson. He knew they'd always answer yes and he had an established relationship with each of them from the past. It will be interesting to see if Allyson will be able to actually take Ray's job, she wants it badly. He depends so heavily on her and most employees will tell you that queen runs the hospital.

And Alphe, what can I say? He is busy getting pedicures and trying to keep up with who Ray & Allyson have fired, transferred or promoted that week. Updating that facility's organizational chart is a full time job in itself. As for Mazie, Ms. Whalen just happened to be in the right position at the time when the board was calling for racial diversity. She was an excellent nurse in her day, but it is obvious to everyone who has worked at DRMC that leadership skills are seriously lacking. So, if we are asking for resignations, maybe her time is up too?

The only "senior" leader not addressed is the "chief" financial officer - Courtney Phillips. Unfortunately, we are all betting that he will be Rays fall guy. He's a local Delta boy who needs his paycheck and Ray sorta had to acquire him in the KD merger. No telling what Ray has asked him to do since he is supposedly the keeper of the books. If anyone can figure out how to poke this board in the back and force their hand at firing this ridiculous so called leadership team, please tell us how.

Yes, we almost forgot the CFO, Courtney Phillips. Since Ray had finally forced the former CFO, Woody White, to resign just before the merger, he now needed a new "fall guy" to keep the books "simmering". Courtney seemed a logical choice since he had been the CFO at KDH. This move was a win-win for Ray. If Courtney were a miracle worker, he might be able to show Ray how to operate in the black; and if not, who better to blame than his former competitor.

Ray's and Woody's battles were well known throughout the community. They seemed to differ on the legality of numerous "accounting practices" and ultimately Ray won every battle. Woody, anticipating that "stripes" would soon dominate his wardrobe, fled the Delta for "higher" ground.

Courtney was basically offered a deal that he "couldn't refuse". He could either play with Ray and hope for the best, or turn down the offer of "top dog" and join the ranks of the unemployed, like his fellow KDH officers. He did what he had to do.

From my vantage point, Mr. Phillips is an honest employee who is well respected throughout the community... but, as in the case of Dr. Frothingham... we can all see what that is worth. Most people who know Mr. Phillips admire him for being able to endure the untenable circumstances of his job. I would hope that he escapes this debacle unscathed. Unfortunately, by virtue of his position, it will be very difficult to plead ignorance once HUD begins to untangle this massive web of deception... and they will.

So, what can we do about this mess? Make some noise! Call, write, e-mail your supervisors and board members and demand some action. Letters to the DDT are almost useless in that DRMC is a major advertiser, so don't waste your time. The Scoop is a great place to vent your frustrations and rally support for your cause, but at the end of the day, nothing will change at DRMC until WE make our voices heard.


Sunday, January 13, 2008

The "Devils" Wear Prada

Which leadership team? The one Ray deems "senior leadership". That would include Allyson Williams, Mazie Whalen, Alphe Wells, and Florence Jones. It's time to clean house. And if you want to scrutinize salaries, check theirs out.

Additionally, during Ray's tenure there have been numerous high dollar jobs created which amount to nothing. They are definitely non-revenue generating jobs. Another place we need to check the books! I know for a fact that reports concerning finances change with the wind. One minute you might be told you are ok with your volume and then poof you are a losing player for DRMC and you no longer have a job.

The "senior leadership" team is comprised of Ray's personally hand-picked "yes-men/women". All of the above mentioned "leaders" make well over six figures and have from 4 to 14 people below them to do the actual work defined in their job descriptions.

Other than Allyson Williams, all are black... a "token" pre-requisite mandated by board members. Undoubtedly, the biggest joke among these team members is Alphe Wells, Human Resources Director. From the beginning, he has had no respect from DRMC employees or the community at large as a professional.

Other than being black, Alphe Wells is completely unqualified for his position. He is one of the "coke-sipping" club members who spends each day keeping Ray informed of other employee's transgressions via his "Black-berry". It is almost impossible to hear the name "Alphe" included in a sentence that does not also include the word, "joke".

Allyson Williams is an intelligent woman, but a power monger. She wants Ray's job so bad she can taste it. Allyson's problem is that as a "bedfellow" of Ray, she has lost all respectability and trust. She has been "bought and paid for" by Ray and thus her career in Greenville has ended.

Mazie Whalen and Florence Jones... both are very knowledgeable and respected registered nurses who have simply risen to the level of their incompetence. A good nurse does not a leader make! Like all members of the "senior leadership" team, their allegiance has been swayed by money. Given a six figure income, even the Devil becomes defensible!

No, Ray is not alone in his unyielding attempt to maintain power at any cost... he has several "team" members who will surely tumble when he falls. None will be missed and we shall once again have the opportunity to have quality health care in Greenville. We need to make it happen!


Friday, January 11, 2008

The End of an Empire

Anonymous writes:

Indeed, Dr. Frothingham's character is leagues above Ray Humphreys. Frothingham is one of the ONLY positive administrators in the entire facility. Ask any of the numerous employees.

Every time, without fail, when you meet him in the hall, he greets you with a smile (and usually a heartfelt hug)and a "how are you doing today?" Address him with the same, "How are you Dr. Froth?" and his reply will be along the lines of "this day can't get any better, its wonderful". His warmth confirms that he is sincere.

This is one man that doesn't strike fear and dread in the hearts of employees when he rounds the nursing floors. He doesn't resort to manipulation and scheming, but treats patients, employees, and other MDs with respect. It is unfathomable that we are losing him and Ray is still lurking in his cush office watching his flat screen TV, surfing the internet, and playing with his latest palm pilot.

As Forthright has said, this is another desperate ploy for Ray. Surely there is some way to run Ray and his entire crew out of here. The only ones who are left are all YES Mr Humphreys men/women. Its time we all said NO.

Anonymous offer this...

When will the people of Washington County wake up? Not only has Ray Humphreys and his entourage got to go, but evidently the hospital board and the Supervisors who have allowed this kind of behavior to continue must go also.

The only way to stop this madness, is to just stand up and say NO MORE!!! We refuse to let you destroy our community like you tried to do in Hattisburg. Too many loyal and experienced employees have lost their jobs at DRMC due to the fact they could not and would not be part of the yes men/women of the RAY-RAY team.

I for one will host a party in the DRMC parking lot the day that man (who I believe to be the biggest criminal in Washington county)is lead out of the building in handcuffs!!! I know I am not the only one who feels this way.

As previously noted by "Fly on the Wall", the mood in board's closed door session held with Ray last week was less than amicable. Even the board has finally figured out that continued lay-offs of clinical, direct patient care staff, is resulting in some rather "bad press"... which means even they (board members) are getting calls from citizens who are questioning their judgement in keeping Ray in power.

In response the the board's suggestion that "management" may be a bit top heavy, Ray made the monumental decision to make Dr. Rodney Frothingham the sacrificial lamb to the gods of greed and power. Instead of eliminating the "ump-teen" useless layers of middle management (jobs that were created solely to reward Ray's and his cronies' friends for their continued support and silence) Ray chose to "retire" the one man who sustained his dignity, respect, and trust throughout the community during the hospitals' merger.

Ray's paranoiac obsession to remain in power should now be clear to all. He will stop at nothing to maintain his position, even if it means sacrificing those who helped him build and sustain his empire. The entire community grieves that Dr. Frothingham was made a political pawn by Ray Humphreys and his lot. Although he will be greatly missed by his many friends whose life he touched daily; I am almost certain that Dr. Frothingham must feel somewhat relieved to be free of Ray's maniacal dictatorship.

To the rest of Ray's "coke-sipping, administrative cronies" who think they have a reserved seat in the in one of the "life-boats", you better check your tickets and keep your resumes updated. A de-throwned dictator has no friends.

"A fish rots from the head down."


Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Anonymous said...

I heard the same thing yesterday afternoon and to say I was shocked beyond belief is putting it mildly! I can't wait to see what the 'official' statement is going to be on this one!

Gracious I'm sure. 'It is just that time'... kinda thing.

I've had the pleasure of working with this physician in the past and he would never publicly announce if they were forcing him, especially to cut costs. He's not that way. He has always given 110%to that hospital and always been an advocate to the patient and employees he works with. He would go along with this 'in the interest of the hospital'.

From what I heard yesterday there are a lot of employees feeling shocked and hurt over at the West Campus. The news has already started trickling over to DRMC and out into the community and from what I understand, everyone over there still doesn't know. How sad and underhanded is that? I'm sure I'm not the only one wondering what will happen to their jobs after all of this is done.

Anonymous said...

It is a shame that the hospital continues to be managed in such a horrible fashion. These employees who have been laid off or asked to leave in the past did not deserve it. Most of them were long term players who, like the physician mentioned above, had gone above and beyond for patients and the hospital. They were not only hurt by his terrible decisions, but their families were as well.

I can tell you, there will be a huge party thrown when Ray and his entourage are escorted out of that building. All you have to do is drive 30 minutes each direction and take a stroll down the halls of nearby hospitals. There you will find many familiar Greenville faces who are employed at those facilities because of Ray's indecent and unjust behavior.

This insider still doesn't know which MD is to be laid off as the blog referred to yesterday. I'm telling you the very folks working inside DRMC are always the last ones to be informed of issues that affect them! Hopefully time is ticking down on Ray's empire.

Anonymous said...
It's Dr. Frothingham, I hear. How sad. And yes - he is way too classy to publicly denounce this last shenanigan of Ray's. A terrible loss.

Anonymous said...
It looks to me like Ray may be trying to silence any potential "songbirds" who have first hand knowledge of his heinous little club. Dr. Frothingham has more respect in this community than Ray and all of his bible-thumping deacons ever could. It is sad that a medical doctor who has devoted his life and practice to Greenville can be cast aside by the likes of Ray Humphreys. My question is: Who is next?

Anonymous said...
What is wrong with this picture??? I am appalled by the board's constant blind eye. They all need to be removed and let's start over.

Anonymous said...
Dr. Frothingham? No No No!!!!!!!!!! He is such a great Physician/Man- a real class act- what a bunch of total Bullshit. A real loss- this is so unjust and unfair!!!

Yes, we all await the public spin that will be put on the "ousting" of Dr. Rodney Frothingham... the first "sacrificial lamb" of Ray's desperate struggle to stay in power.

Dr. Frothingham, a well respected physician and long time Greenville resident, has served as liaison between DRMC and KDH since the acquisition. To many employees and patients, he represented the one harbinger that "better together" was more than a mere marketing slogan to justify what is now known as "Ray's final folly".

I agree that Dr. Frothingham is far too much a gentleman and a professional to engage in the back-handed politics of Ray and his lot. It is indeed regrettable that skilled medical professionals have to become scapegoats for corrupt and incompetent administrators... but such is the cost of a dictatorship. As questioned by an anonymous author: Who will be next?

Greenville... if not now, when?


Monday, January 07, 2008

The "Untouchables"

"Sonnett Sones" writes...

There must be magic in the air (when it comes to bookkeeping). Another trait Ray Humphreys and Ilean Richards seem to share is book cooking. A former administrator for the school district always said there were 2 sets of books in Leland.

That would explain how thousands and thousands of dollars are budgeted for staff development each year, but the only person ever leading staff development is Ilean Richards and the other retired that work for her consulting firm.

If the Leland School District is not paying her to consult (as well as be superintendent) then all the board needs to do is reveal who they pay the staff development money to. If they are paying her to consult, then they have either been misled to believe this is legal, or they don't care if they break the law.

Either way, the buck stops with them and in this case, they can't hide behind Ilean's skirts! The attorney general should take a look at that.

As an exempt employee of the Leland School District, it would indeed be inappropriate for Dr. Richards to also receive consulting fees for services rendered to the school district. What school board would ever approve of such practices? Is there not a school board attorney?

As for maintaining two sets of books, that is a distinct possibility in our "post-Enron" era. As in the case of Ray and DRMC, I believe that Ilean and her board may be involved in some "back-scratching". The problem with "boards" of supervision is that they are easily bought and maintained. Silence is a pretty cheap commodity in a depressed economy and everybody could use a few extra bucks...

The missing link in both the DRMC and LSD debacles is "accountability". CEOs and Superintendents are the highest levels of management, so who among us should challenge their decisions and authority? Answer: Everyone of us!

Tyrants and dictators rise to power by silencing those who could expose their self-serving motives. Whether they are "bought and paid for" or terminated, their silence empowers the tyrant to seek more autonomy and power. Such is the case with Ray and Ilean. At this point in time, they deem themselves "untouchable".

...And as long as we allow it, they are.


Saturday, January 05, 2008

Miracle on Hospital Street

Wow! It's a miracle! I hear that Delta Regional Medical Center received some "unexpected" monies and now that 43 million dollar deficit they were whining about has magically disappeared to show either a 2 or 3 million dollar profit for the fiscal year. That is some serious bookkeeping.

Ole Raybeenezer was so excited that he doled out $10 Kroger gift cards to all DRMC employees for Christmas!! (Yeehaw -- now THATS some good eatin! A generous Christmas feast for all you healthcare worker's hard work!) Maybe we should elect Humphreys for mayor, governor, or even president. With that kind of financial genius about him, he will definitely be in high demand --- for something! ; p

Plus, word is -- at the last board meeting an executive session was called, which means that everyone vacates the room except Ray and his top dogs to meet with our fine board in private. A little birdy said that the board informed ole Ray that DRMC was getting a lot of "bad press" and that they did not want ANY employees laid off as was originally planned because that would just create even a darker image for the hospital.

Looks like Ray has saved the day again. [Yeah, right] I guess we have the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and Heart Hospital to look forward to in 2008. What kind of fruitcake really believes we need either of those services but didn't need our Burn Center???????????????? Bad judgment call, Mr. Humphreys.

Ok, for all of you "I'm sick of hearing about DRMC and Leland School District" folks -- grin and bear it or simply just choose not to read when one of the two evil empires are mentioned on this blog. Those two entities are necessary for our community and should be run by administrators who are competent and compassionate. Instead, we have two dictators who suffer from delusions of grandeur who rule by fear with no concern for what's right and/or best for our children and our health care. May many citizen's prayers be answered and have 2008 bring new leadership to our hospital and schools.

Fly on the wall ---------zzzzz-------------

Yes, some serious bookkeeping indeed! Ray and his band of magicians are master illusionists when it comes to the trick of the "disappearing red ink" and just in time for the publication of his most masterful piece of fiction referred to as the "Annual Financial Report".

Anyone who has ever had to endure one of Ray's "state of the hospital" speeches knows that all of his facts and figures are pure fiction, but no one would dare challenge the great Ray and his high moral character. It seems odd that doctors, nurses and other health care professionals who work at DRMC are quick to report that the hospital is drowning in debt due to gross mismanagement; however, Ray continues to get "atta boys" from board members. Hummm... if Ray gave each employee of DRMC $10 for Christmas, I wonder what the board members found in their stockings?

Ray's delusional attempts to cover his incompetence by "cooking the books" is just another slap in all of our faces! Supervisors and board members need to wake up and realize that it is Ray and his cronies who are causing all of the "bad press". Only when they (or their successors) sweep the administrative offices clean will DRMC have a chance at redemption.


Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Fear of the "Unknown"

"Eyes Wide Open" says:

Forthright, bravo for recognizing a shortcoming to this area. The inability to recognize and embrace change is a tradition of the Delta that would be better given up. I freely admit that I am not a native Deltan, but that does not make me blind to the problems of this town. The state of education I blame strictly on the above mentioned plague. Had the families of those who started streaming into private schools embraced the desegregation of schools instead of backing themselves into a corner, things with Greenville Public Schools would have been different.

The area would have gone through the natural process instead of holing up and keeping their tradition going. By turning the private and public schools into "ours" and "theirs", no changes for the better have been accomplished and only room for them to get worse over the passing years has been left. I hear so many people complaining about paying for private school tuition, but most of their parents (the generations of Deltans Ten Cent so proudly refers to) are those who share the responsibility for the poor educational system in the area. Their lack of challenging the system and want of keeping their kids where it is still mostly white was in essence the beginning of the downturn.

So call yourself a Deltan proudly if you choose, there are a lot of traditions here to be proud of. But recognizing one's weakness is the only way to get stronger; pride greater than the knowledge that we all have those weaknesses will surely lead to one's downfall.

Anonymous responds...

To Eyes Wide Open:

As you stated, you are not a native Deltan. Did you move here before or after 1970? That was the year that the public schools began busing students across town and effectively ended the neighborhood schools. Yes, many parents put their children in private schools. The total white population was over 30% in the city at that time, a little greater than what it is now. But the current students at the private schools largely come from outside the city of Greenville, so their effect on a return to the public schools would be diluted and minimal at best.

To blame the "failure" of the public schools on white families gives way too much credit to one race over the other, and is a back-sided insult to the blacks in the GPSD---and to the whites who stayed. My family was among them. Have you made a similar choice for your children? Are you willing to sacrifice your child's education to support your cause? I wasn't. And there are weak links in every segment of society, but there are some very, very fine community-minded citizens who support the private and parochial schools, yet are actively and visibly giving their time and resources to making Greenville a better place, without regard to the color of anyone's skin.

Look at the OpEd page in tonight's DDT. There's a column by the editor of the Greenwood Commonwealth, titled "The Familiar Ring of Futility." In his comments about a 2008 report from a Task Force to Revitalize the Delta, he states: "It's well known that the 18-county Delta region has traditionally had some of the highest unemployment rates in the state. As a group, the jobless figure hovers around 10 percent, at least two points higher than the state average. Jobless figures, though, are based on the numbers of people who are actively looking for employment. They don't take into account those who, for whatever reason, have no interest in finding a job.

In the Delta, that represents a startling 49 percent of the population between the ages of 18 and 64, compared to just 29 percent statewide. There is no easy way to gloss over that. Put bluntly, there are an awful lot of able-bodied Delta residents who would rather get by, however meager the existence, on public assistance than report to a job every day." Now, the private schools don't have a big problem with unmotivated children who drop out and get on the public dole. Their parents WILL NOT ALLOW IT. The problems in the public schools are home-based, and no amount of taxpayers dollars and white folks' largesse is going to change that. They have to want to help themselves. Period.

Education in the Delta is a complex issue. In the 1970's, forced integration was mandated by the Federal Government and it was a bitter pill for many parents to swallow (both black and white). The late 60's had offered "freedom of choice" in public education and very little changed in the demographic make up of most Delta schools. Some interpreted this as a sign that neither race wanted to change the status quo and thumbed their noses at the integrationists.

Undaunted by the "will of the people" the government decided to "mix it up" and in the fall of 1970, Greenville was a wash of yellow school buses rushing to and from places unknown to most of the riders. The only activity moving faster than the yellow buses was the speed at which private schools were being built. Overnight, schools sprung up in churches, hotels, downtown buildings and funds were quickly raised to "cement" these symbols of free choice.

Yes, now everyone had a choice... parents and teachers alike. If you were white, you could choose the comfort and security of the "known" and simply follow your class, or classmates to a new location. If you were black, you probably had little choice except to ride the yellow bird in hopes that it was taking you to a better place. Black or white, it was a most confusing year for the children who understood very little of why their lives were being "up-ended".

So, did forced integration work or did the "will of the people" over-ride the good intentions of our government? It is still hard to tell. White flight certainly preserved the status quo of education for most white citizens. Black students had only to gain by inheriting better facilities and more educational opportunities... so who lost?

We all did. As Forrest Gump so aptly noted, "life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you will get".... (unless you try it.)