Monday, October 29, 2007

Common "Threads"

"Sonnett Sones" sees similarities:

I am amazed when I read the letters about DRMC and Ray Humphreys. One could remove his name and DRMC and insert Ilean Richard's name and Leland School District and you would have the exact same story of misuse of power and abuse and intimidation of employees.

Evidently, they both suffer from the same narcissistic personality disorder. Additionally, they both apparently have weak, inept and inefficient boards which allow them to behave with unchecked authority. We, the taxpayers, elect these boards (Board of Supervisors and Leland School Board). We must not re-elect people who do not take their offices seriously.

Tell your elected officials exactly how you feel. These are our communities and we can take them back. Remember this at election time. The voters have the power to do what needs to be done..

Sonnett Sones

"Sonnett" makes a good point. There are some very frightening similarities between these two stories. Both deal with blatant abuse of power, corruption and collusion by board members who obviously have a "vested interest" in maintaining the status quo.

Both Humphreys and Richards share a quest for power and openly threaten those who challenge their rule. Both Humphreys and Richards also project a self-righteous devotion to God and are quick to use "His" word in their defense.

Perhaps the most frightening parallel between these two notables is the blind public trust that has been bestowed upon them. Our health care and our children's education have been placed in the hands of officials who repeatedly make bad decisions and remain unchallenged and unaccountable to the public they serve.

As a final note, both Humphreys and Richards have threatened "retaliation" against their employees who dare to read or contribute to the "Delta Scoop". They share a common fear of public exposure and accountability. They both remain silent in the hopes that public apathy and indifference shall sustain their rule.

"The worst sin toward our fellow creatures is not to hate them, but to be indifferent to them: that is the essence of inhumanity." George Bernard Shaw (1856 - 1950), "The Devil's Disciple" (1901), act II



Anonymous said...

Ray has up'ed the not only are DRMC employees not allowed to cruise to the Delta Scoop website, but now "immediate termination" will occur if you:
a) discuss Delta Scoop at work
b) print Delta Scoop and bring it
to work
c) contribute to Delta Scoop. about that new marketing campaign? We were told that the "drops" of blood couldn't be red as Mr. Humphreys is NOT an Ole Miss fan. Therefore, orange had to be used instead. I just wonder with all the financial distress and cutbacks, how much did THAT cost????

How in the world has our community ended up in this shape with the Humphreys and Richards of the world in power?? It is a very sad state of affairs when we sit by and watch these events unfold. There are very real patients with very real needs as well as children who desperately need an education. Yet, these things that should be most important are not. They are being overshadowed by the political power hungry tyrants.

PLEASE let's wake up and vote for a change. It is past time.

Anonymous said...

Yes,we definitely need change. Why don"t we vote Mayor Hudson out also?

Semi Regular Reader said...

If Mr. Humphreys has upped the ante, I think, technically he has that right in regards to his employees and their online discussion of DRMC's alleged working conditions. I say "alleged" because individual experiences are just that - individualized. Maybe everyone doesn't hate working there.

If anything is "blamable" regarding Leland schools, it's the public's apathy. Apathy is highly destructive and provides cover for the most imcompentent of personnel regardless of field of expertise. In fact, apathy will drive away inspired folks who could make a difference. The sensible among us know when we're spitting into the wind. That said - the public school issue (I have no "dog" in the fight) reflects the reality that not enough people care about public schools - especially ones with the motivation to demand different behavior. Most placed their kids in private school years ago.

Both issues, which are popular on the Scoop, will not garner local media attention because DRMC is an institution which by all accounts is irreplacable for local patients. The newspaper allows itself editorial comments but broadcasters aren't allowed such. DRMC is a large employer that likely spends a fair amount of advertising dollars in a market lacking disposable advertising budgets. It doesn't matter how the quality of care is viewed. Is it reportable news that many DRMC employees hate their jobs? Would any step forward to publicly complain and accept the risk? The answers are "no." Once again, those who could initiate change choose to "outwardly migrate" for medical care. It's a challenge that pre-dates Mr. Humphreys' tenure.

What's left are the people who are gov't subsidized and who have limited options. Since they can't walk with their pocketbooks, the complaints expressed by school board opponents and DRMC complaintants becomes the sad reality.

I sympathize with those who are not happy. But, in commenting and contributing via this forum, I think it's important that the rhetoric doesn't become tatamount to a dog chasing its tail - running in circles.

Anonymous said...

For Whom the Bell Tolls:
Having lived in the Delta for a number of years, it is disturbing to see and hear the conditions of the medical community in this area. It has become apparent that the “village idiots” run DRMC. There is no excuse for the deplorable health care that this facility gives this community. These “idiots” have destroyed the morale of its employees and the confidence of the regions. I have often heard of DRMC referred to as the “slaughter pen”.
Having read of the recent firings of the NP and other staff at this facility, there is no wonder how this reputation has been earned. I know people that have checked out AMA because the facility is understaffed and they cannot get the services required.
A business is as only as good as its employees. It is incomprehensible that this facility that does not do everything possible to promote the loyalty and well-being of its employees. The aforementioned employee has done everything asked of her to serve the facility.
The only conclusion that can be drawn from this and other terminations is that they occurred to cover the cost of the “village idiot’s” ego. They have purchased numerous properties in the area and have no way to pay for them other than the dismissal of loyal employees. Even more disturbing is while these employees were dismissed due to cost cutting, DRMC was advertising for positions on various employment finding agencies and web sites.
Sadly, DRMC is not the only institution in our area with this same problem. There is a facility west of Itta-Bena and east of Indianola that has these same issues. Their employee’s morale is at an all time low. They are scared to speak up for fear of retribution. As with the case of DRMC, this condition exists because of the egos of its leaders.
You may ask for whom does the bell toll? Sadly, it tolls for the residents of the Delta unless our leaders realize that the “Village Idiots” need replacing. This is a prime example of the level of incompetence that people can attain.
A Concerned Resident of the Delta

Anonymous said...

Last time I checked, healthcare and education in the Delta (as well as their perceived functionality) still matter to most of us - even if we don't have our own personal "dog" in the fight. Also, work place related discussions are one thing and should be kept private, but individual rights and beliefs still matter to some of us. A paycheck does not mean you lose your right to your free speech, free time, and personal opinion. Hopefully, Greenville, MS is soon to undergo a positive change. We need it!

Anonymous said...

The next time she verbally harasses the employees of Leland School District, let's all get up and walk out. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Anonymous said...

The DDT wants to charge to honor our vets, not many think it is a nice thing to do. But what is worse is this BS of a reason they gave... They hope to generate a lot more than a few cents for the ink that's going to used. It is like their Delta's best scam. A few peoplr vote they call and congratulate the winning business and want you to buy an ad thanking the people who voted for them, but they never ever release the totals! Give me a break!!!!!

Here is the BS from the DDT...

Editor's Note: The Delta Democrat Times is publishing a tribute page to those who have or are currently serving our country. By charging a modest fee for those who wish to sponsor a serviceman or woman, we hope to generate enough revenue to pay for the space, paper, ink and production costs. This will also allow us to provide additional space on the page to honor in print the names of the war dead as they appear on the memorial wall in downtown Greenville. We encourage everyone to honor our soldiers on Nov. 11,

Anonymous said...

Having lived in the Delta for nearly 20 years, I feel like we are on the verge of imploding. The Delta was in fair shape when I got here and I'd like to think I've left it a better place than I found it, but when I look back at the decline of our economy, schools and morale; all I can see is the sheer stupidity of white people - and I am one of them - to stand up for themselves and stop the cycle of gross inaccountablility of our local leaders. We can't thrive on gov't grants, we can't survive on the tax base we have and lord knows we cant increase the tax burden that is already pounding us down.

As for healthcare, I have private insurance and choose to go out of the Delta and even if I did not, I would drag my bloody carcas to a facility outside of the Delta for care. We should put DRMC on ebay and see what happens.

Anonymous said...