Friday, October 19, 2007

Update from Leland

I would like to bring you to date on the protest march that took place at Leland City Hall October 15, 2007 concerning the extremely high electric rates. We were very successful in terms of getting the people out to participate, and the news Medias support.

We will meet with the board on the next regular monthly meeting to discuss options, and try to work out something harmonious for both sides to get the rates down. If not, we will use other strategies that we have at our disposal which I am not at liberty to divulge at this time.

For those citizens who are having a rough time at staying afloat because of the extreme electric rates, I, promise you that we will not abandon you, and we are going to stay the course until we get the relief that we deserve.

James W. Lowe, Sr.

Good job, Mr. Lowe! It is good to see citizens getting involved in our communities in order to make them better for all. Perhaps you're the man to lead the parents of Leland Public School children into demanding accountability of public school officials.


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