Monday, October 22, 2007

The "Death Ray"

Anonymous asks:

WHAT is going on in the horrific world of DRMC now?!? Employees are all shaking in their boots at the cutbacks. They are all wondering who is next? It is pitiful to sit by and watch more and more layers of administration with high dollar salaries and non-productive roles added on at DRMC while the folks who are actually providing patient care are living in fear that they are Ray's next hit.

If the hospital is in a true crisis mode financially as he ALWAYS claims, let us have a look at HIS salary and maybe we could start a reduction in workforce with him and his team of cronies. How ironic that we are all concerned about growing Greenville, investing in our community, the supposed nursing shortage, and the health care crisis in the Delta, yet Ray Ray is busy booting out long time, loyal productive employees.

Yes, that's right - One of my personal friends received her "thanks for serving in every role we've asked you to for the past ten years, but now we don't need you anymore" papers last week. This is not a lazy or non-productive nurse, but a nurse practitioner in a DRMC clinic who is well liked by her patients, her collaborative MD, and her co-workers. She has been a team player and enthusiastically agreed to their every whim over the last ten years. I dare say she sees just as many - if not more patients than some of the MDs employed by DRMC who make 7 – 8 times the salary she does.

It seems though, that she was the pawn in one of Ray's political battles with a MD and because he is a ruthless power freak, she lost her job. (meaning Allyson Williams' battle - as we ALL know she is the one running the show while Ray plays with his newest electronic gadget and yells at IS because the Internet is down).

This means that our np and her family will most likely be forced to relocate out of Greenville where another employer will be happy to have her as she is a professional and she will be valued for her hard work, skills, and compassion. I found it quite ironic too that she told me it took THREE "administrators" to lay her off….two of which I understand hold HIGH SCHOOL DEGREES. Ummm, maybe we are laying the wrong folks off and keeping the wrong ones around?!?!?!

Over the years, I have listened in disbelief at some of the "going-ons" at DRMC, but she hung in there always saying that things were going to get better. As I have told her before, the only way things will get better is when the board wakes up and gets rid of the root of the problem - Ray Humphreys and his hand picked army of "yessah" administrators.

Does the board have blinders on? Does Ray intentionally choose board members who are his YES men? Do ANY of them have any clinical background that qualifies them to make decisions about healthcare that affect us all??? I know that this particular "workforce reduction" of the nurse practitioner was brought to the attention of a board member. I heard he replied, "we can't micro-manage". What a profound and caring response. It sounds like he is serving his community so well!

If the media in our community would investigate morale at our only hospital in town without identifying employees by name, everyone would quickly see that the crisis here is not financial, but administrative. Ray has created a culture of fear. His first long time employer finally saw him for what he was and said no more. Someone throw Ray overboard and exile the board to an island far, far away so that we can start to build a healthcare system here in Greenville that we deserve.

------ANONYMOUS (for fear of my job!)

You share the sentiments (and fears) of many DRMC employees who continue to flee this "Titanic" of health care. The truth is that DRMC's 2007 fiscal year just ended... and I would bet that its accounting resembled a blood bath of red ink. As you noted, while cutting the jobs of those who provide direct patient care, the administrative staff just keeps on growing. So... what IS going on at DRMC?

The answer may be quite simple: "posturing"... a wall street idiom which roughly translates into "dressing a pig for slaughter". Former KDH employees should recognize the tell-tale signs quite well. I am sure that HUD is less than pleased with their multi-million dollar investment and being the "government", they simply don't like to lose! It seems that Ray has fallen into bed with a "not so silent" partner.

The fall of any evil dictatorship takes with it many innocent lives, but it also brings hope for those who survive and choose to learn from history. My prediction is that Ray Humphreys is history, but DRMC is not. Let's see what the next few months reveal.



Anonymous said...

As a clinical professional in the healthcare business, I know how it feels to clinch your teeth when administration walks in...are you the next to go?? Well, in my opinion, administration needs to be made up of people who have actually laid there hands on patients (and i am not talking about a little pat on the back)..heard about a patient's aches and pains..and guided them along to being discharged. Being a leader, is more than sitting behind a large expensive desk barking is finding out what the patients have to say...are they getting quality treatment?? is the hospital well staffed so that the patients are not sitting on the call button, having trouble breathing waiting for the one floor nurse to make it to the nurse. I had a relative recently tell me that while she was at KDH..when KDH was KDH..she would hit the buzzer and not one nurse but two would come to her room to check on her. Then she was at DRMC and hit the buzzer and nothing..nothing...nothing...then someone who cannot speak clearly come on the intercom in the room and say "mu i hel you" about like that....ok, which would you choose??? Get rid of Ray and put some administration in there who has cried with a patient, lifted a bed pan and stayed a little longer on their shift to see to it that their patient got a decent dinner...

Anonymous said...

How could DRMC lay off this NP. She is someone I would ask to see my family. She had the best bedside manner, great clinical skills, and super fun to be around. We have lost so many great employees, but have we lost any administrative people. It seems every time we have budget issues lab personnel are cut, nurses are sent home early, and nursing nonRN staff is reduced. I am not an expert in medicine, but aren't those important for patient care. Do we ever see administration staff cut their salary. It makes me sick...
I am so sorry for the staff at DRMC.