Sunday, February 28, 2010

Why Ask, Why Tell?

The gay rights debate and in particular the controversy over “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” has reached the boiling point.

In his State of the Union speech, President Obama repeated a promise he made during his campaign to dismantle the military’s current policy allowing gay men and lesbians to serve their country only if they don’t reveal their sexual orientation to anyone. The president — like many people today — apparently realizes that trying to hide such an intrinsic part of someone’s life is next to impossible, particularly when military officials are attempting to flush the information out in the open so they can discharge gay personnel.

In response to the president’s declaration, opponents of repealing the policy are battling to persuade the public it would be unwise. The centerpiece of their argument is that it is not a good time for the policy to be repealed when the country is at war, even though polls show that most Americans today support the planned repeal. Opponents claim it would be “divisive.” undermining the morale of the military.

“Put this on the back burner,” the opponents say. “Don’t selfishly sacrifice the country’s security to accomplish your goals of equality.”

In response, gay rights leaders and supporters of repealing the policy reply that opponents are attempting to stall the inevitable by creating a smokescreen. They respond that more than ever before, the country’s military needs every able-bodied individual on board who is willing to risk a life for the country.“The time has come,” they say. “We’ve waited long enough.”

The truth is that gay men and lesbians have always served in the military, and it generally did not cause a problem until the self-righteous decided to make an issue of it — either by tormenting them with verbal and physical attacks or trying to run them out of the service through legal channels.

Conservative commentators argue that sexual orientation should not be a legally-protected class in discrimination law because it is different from being black, or Jewish or female. That’s true. It is different, no matter whether you believe homosexuality is a matter of choice or of genetics.

But there are no differences between the motives of people who would discriminate or physically attack someone because of their race, religion or sex, than from those who discriminate against gay men and lesbians. They are attempting to suppress another group of people because they are different from them.

The bottom line is that gay men and lesbians are a well-established community in our society, and the trend is toward greater acceptance in the military and everywhere else — no matter how hard that will be for some.

Well, here is a new topic! Who among us does not know someone who is gay or lesbian... most likely someone in our own extended family! In our current society, we boast about being non-discriminatory about all issues of race, gender, religion, ethnicity, etc. But, how do we really feel about homosexuality?

For those of you who still consider it an individuals free "choice", please leave this blog and search for a Billy Graham re-run on TV.

To those who understand the actual issues involved in this "genetically predisposed lifestyle", let's talk.

Dismissing the bible-thumping BS that is taught in organized religions, personally, we all know gay and lesbian people who are good and talented friends. Who could possibly believe that a human being would wake up one day and say, "Damn, I don't have enough stress, drama and hardship in my life, I think I will turn GAY"?

The truth is that if we can obliterate the "N" word, the "Q" word should be next. Quit judging people by whom they love or how they live... focus on the psychopaths, sociopaths and evil people in our society... those who are totally against our cultural mores... and their numbers are enormous!

Let's hear from some of you who have gay/lesbian family members or friends. How do you feel about them... or judge them?


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What's the Scoop Delta?

Okay Delta... let's move on! This blog depends on its contributors to provide a "scoop" that can be discussed... your opinions, compliments or complaints about local issues. Sometimes we get a bit "blogged down" on one issue so we need to move on!

Someone give us new fodder for discussion. I need a new "front page" and I know there are many issues in Greenville and the Delta that need to be debated.

This is a great format for discussion and debate. Tell me your issues and I will put you on the front page!