Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Clowns, Clubs and Coalitions...

Anonymous said...

Forget DRMC for a while, let's talk about the rip-off artists that have gotten themselves elected, and control the minds of the hapless majority in your dying town.

What a joke Greenville has become! The United Democratic Coalition that the elected officials have formed. I guess they think by giving it a name the poor slobs that have and will continue to vote for them won’t realize that their elected officials don’t have to answer to anyone as long as they tell their folks to vote for them because you must vote for “your people”.

And guess what?, they will all be re-elected! There are not enough educated people left in Greenville to turn that sinking ship around.

Second writer offers...

If such a political alliance can work with the electorate, it's a rather clever maneuver. Come on, admit it! That's not saying you must agree with it. The truth is the incumbent Democrats could easily participate in the debates and it wouldn't hurt them politically. That's where they reveal a certain over-estimation of the local Chamber's clout.

Let's face it - the notion of a good "quality of life" is different in the Delta from ANYWHERE else! Living a peaceful life and having a good quality of life are different. If the majority of voters believe current political leadership is performing admirably, then no debate will matter. In fact, Delta debates have proven to be relatively pointless because the only issue is race.

Going back for years, you'll find the policies of candidates running for office are secondary to their race - the worst "qualification" for office. In fact, the new political leadership hasn't had time to run the area into the ground. It's only been 3 1/2 years. The "forefathers" ran the city into the ground through political turf protection - a truly failed municipal political policy.

My definition of a "debate" is when two or more knowledgeable and informed parties contest each other with respect to varying view points on a common agenda.

The only common agenda witnessed in our "debates" is race, but the tables have now turned a bit. In the sixties, I can recall several white candidates actively going after the very small "black" vote in order to sway a close election. Now all of the candidates are black and they have no interest in swaying the handful of white votes that remain. They don't need them.

Politics has always been a dirty, corrupt business at every level! Whether we use race, religion, wealth or popularity, we are simply using "red herrings" to distract the voters from the real issues that plague our community.

Politics is about power, greed and money. The recent scandal in our tax collector's office should prove that. When these "public servants" were cheating the county out of thousands of tax dollars, do you think that they offered this "deal" to everyone, or were they perhaps...selective?

Face it Greenville! The political arena of the Delta is basically a large club... you are either a member with full privileges, or... you are not!


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

"Allyson" in Blunderland

"Stunned" sees the light...

Well, I must say you are very well informed. I just learned that 4 ER doctors are leaving. My understanding is they did not want to refuse to see patients who could not pay. It seems when they banded together to continue to see patients, the administration placed someone with no medical background down in the ER to supervise the doctors. No wonder they are leaving.

From what I am being told, Allyson Williams is the one running the hospital not Ray Humphreys. Is that correct?

I can not believe that so many doctors are leaving and no one from the board is asking why. I also heard that one of the OB doctors is also leaving. How many have we lost now?

If you have chest pain and go to the "heart" hospital, remember only 15 days of the month are covered by a cardiologist who can open your heart vessel. Also, only 10 days of the month will you have a cardiac surgeon if you need one. I feel sure this is correct since I got it from the cath lab personnel. If you find any of my information to be incorrect, I would love to know.

By the way if you don't know this, administration is looking for you. They are running all computer records to see who has done what. Nurses are getting suspended for any reason they can find. I think the reason very few have come to the defense of this administration is because there is no defense for running this hospital into the ground.

At this point, I will travel to Jackson for my health care. It is doubtful the correct specialty will be available even if I was to go to DRMC.


You seem to be quite well informed yourself; although it is not that difficult a task. All you have to do is talk to anyone who works at DRMC and they will gladly confirm every "rumor" ever circulated and expose a few more horrendous details in the process.

True ,it is widely believed that Ms. Williams IS the "woman behind the man". She is certainly an aggressive personality who no doubt has her eye on Ray's job. Unfortunately, she has so tightly aligned herself with Ray and his tribe, that I am afraid she may... "wake up with fleas" at the end of the day.

As corrupt and incompetent as Ray is, he certainly hasn't acted alone. He hand selected his group of "yes-men/women" to support his ego-driven empire. It will take a clean sweep of Ray's administrative team to start the healing process of the ill-fated DRMC. One should only hope that this "sweep" begins soon before the last physician exits Greenville.

Yes, yes, the docs are leaving with many more to follow quite soon. As the writer suggests, it would be a good idea to make a reservation at the "heart hospital" if you foresee a cardiac episode in your future. The staff is part time at best and rarely on call.

I am flattered that my identity is such an enigma to Ray and his lot. Truth has a way of outing itself in the midst of fools and sinners. As for those who (have yet) to come to Ray's and his administration's defense, "Stunned" puts it most succinctly... "there IS no defense for running this hospital into the ground."

When will we stop the insanity?


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

"Poof" goes the Puff...

Anonymous commends Greenwood's City Council...

Congratulations Greenwood! Finally people will be able to go out to restaurants and bars and not be poisoned by the nasty addictions of others. For the last 30 years, I have had to put up with second-hand smoke in my place of work, bars and restaurants everywhere in the Delta.

Smoking is an addiction and smokers have no more rights than anyone else. It is hard to believe that until recently, they allowed smoking at our hospitals. These employees see the death and disease that smoking causes every day and I don't know how they can continue to smoke.

I hope that Greenville will following the lead of Greenwood and ban smoking in all public places, especially those nasty casinos. I cant even walk in the Lighthouse without getting sick. My eyes and lungs start to burn in five minutes. Get with the program Greenville and we will all live longer.

It will be interesting to see how Greenville goes on this one. If not mistaken, I think this issue has been proposed before and defeated by Greenville's leaders.

Banning smoking will no doubt change the clientele of local establishments, but that may be a positive thing. There are just as many or more non-smoking customers who may choose to patronise our local establishments once free of second-hand smoke. It is a great deterrent for many.

Let's fact it, the "glamorous" days of smoking are dead... as are many of the glamorous.


Saturday, July 14, 2007

Gangs Affect Us All

Our old friend "Local Reflector" offers his view of Greenville's gang problem:

There's no way the private schools have gang problems as the demographics don't match what everyone assumes to be a "street gang."

Headmaster Brown can be excused for never addressing gangs, but former-Mayor Artman should've addressed them while running the city. Heck, even an acknowledgment that drug running and gang activity was behind all the "random" murders would've eased public fears better than the strategy of assuming the attacks and such are random or isolated incidents despite their repetitive nature.

In fact, you could argue that gangs should be addressed in private schools because gangs are in Greenville. Big, well-known gangs. Private school students DO live in the area and many of their families will likely stay there after the kid's gone to college.

The anonymous writer only assumes that gangs are "far removed from their everyday life," yet the societal influence criminal activity carries DOES affect everyday life. People are leaving the city, taking their taxes and removing the floor on which housing prices would at least rest instead of decline. By the way, governments raise YOUR taxes when I take mine out of the area.

Crime is SO prevalent that your local politicians deny (and have denied) that it's a problem. Artman contributed to this mindsight as one of many community leaders. I think he HAD to paint the rosy picture from a political standpoint. There was no other choice. The folks that backed his candidacies wouldn't admit or wouldn't realize the "real" world as it pertains to Washington County. Believe in those bumper stickers that popped up a few years ago!

Crime is SO prevalent that it's bred an infection of apathy among law enforcement and from the taxpayers who should demand a whole lot more. Cops aren't super-heroes. If they feel overwhelmed, they'll join the other team or avoid the "fight." Who wouldn't?

Crime has created a local society where white folks in Leland can build their own little neighborhood that's the equivalent of "circling the wagons" - only the wagons are set on slabs. Poor folks who dream of safety can't afford to do anything but stay outta the way of fists, bullets and burglars.

And topping it all...the cultural influence of gangs and crime fosters helplessness. Helplessness covers many issues and takes root in the psyche of good people.

Good to hear from you again LR. True, no one is unaffected by gangs in the Delta. I like your use of the word "helplessness". I believe that it most aptly describes the attitudes of most Deltans.

We have been lulled into believing that if issues of crime, drugs and gangs don't touch our lives directly... then they are not "our" problems and we are therefore, helpless. Nothing could be further from the truth. Complacency equals complicity!


Thursday, July 12, 2007

Not Exactly "Our Gang"

Anonymous writes:

Holy Moley! Look at tonight's quote in the DDT from our public schools' superintendent: "I feel like Mr. Brady and myself can be used to show young boys and girls who participate in gangs that there comes a time when you can put down your weapons and you can be on the same team and do the right thing. "Nice sentiments, but---this is Greenville, Mississippi, not New York or Los Angeles.

WHY is our school administration having to acknowledge gangs? Can you picture either Rodney Brown or Paul Artman (administrators at the private and parochial schools) saying anything remotely similar?

This is so far removed from my everyday life---it's no wonder that I don't connect with the current woes of the City Fathers. (City Fathers....right. They're rolling in their graves.)

Sociologists tell us that teens join "gangs" today to seek respect, support, protection and a sense of belonging. In the 1950's, those things were provided to us by something we called a "family". The breakdown of the family unit is the underlying cause of 60% of Greenville's socio-economic problems.

If one's morals, values and judgements are imparted by one's "parents", you can see why we have a problem in the Delta. For many kids today, "parents" are viewed as a diverse group of adults, moving in and out of your life, who may, or may not, be related to you and have very little interest or regard for your welfare. Morality is a thing that adults preach, but don't practice.

Sure, gangs are a reality and they are at the root of much of the crime and drugs in Greenville. They serve as surrogate parents to kids who have no other role models from which to learn. Ignorance begets ignorance... and thus, the circle is unbroken.

Rodney and Paul should consider themselves lucky not to have to address the issue of gangs in their schools; however, to dismiss their existence in the community would be pure folly! Ten years ago school administrators totally denied the existence of gangs in our schools. At least now they are beginning to acknowledge the "2,000 pound elephant in the room."

As for our "city fathers rolling in their graves"... perhaps. Then again, they may have the best seat in the house!


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Part of the "Solution"

Anonymous said...

It seems as if everyone is willing to jump on the "Bash DRMC" bandwagon. Do these naysayers realize that DRMC is the LARGEST employer in washington county? Not counting nurses, there are hundreds more DRMC employees that make a difference everyday. We do our work with pride, and try to make a difference.

We are taking care of your mother, your child, and we need YOUR support. This means that your friends or relatives depend on DRMC for livlyhood. What happens if DRMC went under, as some that post here and other places wish to happen it seems? UNEMPLOYMENT. LACK OF HEALTHCARE. DEATH. No one should want that.

You cannot expect something to grow and be successful without support. As the old saying goes, if you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem. Make a difference.

I don't know if "bashing" DRMC is the underlying motive of most of the Scoop's authors. Most of the complaints seem to be directed at the hospital's current administration and their inability to bring about positive change. Quality health care seems to be the common concern.

Sure, DRMC is one of the county's largest employers and there are many excellent, dedicated employees throughout the hospital. Obviously, no one wishes DRMC to "go under"; however, there are some very significant opportunities for improvement.

Basically, it is an issue of accountability and therein lies the problem. No one seems to be willing to accept the fact that the current leadership of the hospital has failed in its mission. County supervisors and the hospital board of trustees seem blind to the fiscal and quality nightmares that currently exist at DRMC.

Under previous administration, DRMC was a growing, thriving and respected health care facility, recognized throughout the state. It could be again with competent leadership. To use the medical model, we continue to treat the symptoms rather than the disease. It's like treating a cancer aggressively... at some point, the benefits far outweigh the risks.

A change of leadership is what is needed and yes, we should all be a part of the solution!


Monday, July 09, 2007

A "Smoke-Free" Fire

Excerpt from DDT...

"The decision to ban smoking inside or outside on any Delta Regional Medical Center property is a good one and a long time coming. It makes no sense for many places of business to have no-smoking policies inside a building force patrons to walk through a smoking area when entering the building. That had been the case at DRMC. However, beginning July 4, 2007, that will not be an issue. "

“This is part of an initiative from the Mississippi Hospital Association that's designed to improve the health of Mississippi,” said Gay Pieralisi, director of marketing and managed care. Hospitals throughout the state are becoming smoke-free, she said, and now is a good time for DRMC be part of that. Smoking has been banned from inside DRMC facilities for a number of years, but now there will be no designated smoking areas outside on hospital grounds.

The rule doesn't just apply to smoking; all tobacco products will be banned, and the rule applies to visitors and employees of DRMC. Tobacco is the leading cause of preventable death, according to Dr. Rodney Frothingham, chief medical director of The King's Daughters Hospital/West Campus of DRMC. “Our role here is to see after the health and welfare of the community we serve, and it would be inappropriate for us not to address the biggest single cause of preventable death in the United Sates,” Frothingham said. “This is something we can do something about.”

Frothingham explained that tobacco has a powerful addiction, but it can be overcome. “Tobacco use accounts for more than 500,000 deaths in the U.S. each year. Frothingham said. “More than alcohol, cocaine, heroin, homicide, suicide, car accidents, fire and AIDS combined.”

It seems that not everyone is thrilled with DRMC's decision to go smoke-free. I received several comments from readers who believe that this is the ultimate indignity. One reader commented, "They won't stop us from smoking. They just make it more difficult for us to have to walk across the street... we are still going to smoke."

True enough, there are those who would rather "fight than quit." Nicotine is one of the most addictive drugs known to man, and most smokers can't do it alone. The good news is that Blue Cross of Mississippi is offering support by providing free smoking cessation tools...patches, nicotine gum, etc. Most smokers will tell you they wish they could quit and hopefully, this will give them the incentive to at least try.

Personally, I think this is one time DRMC got it right! Hopefully, all major employers will follow suit and go smoke-free.


Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Summertime Fun

Anonymous writer offers...

"There was a great story about the Bobby Henry Memorial pool this week. If the citizens don't wake up and start using it to its best potential, it will go the way of most of Greenville and be lost forever.

Speaking of race card, did anyone else notice the race of the kids and the race of the Staff in the photos?? Apparently, race was not an issue to any of them. Soon after integration began, the whites flew from the pool attendance. Some were justified, it was chaos, bitterness and scary back then.

Today, on a good day, attendance is anywhere from 10-20 using the pool. In a pool that size, that few is hardly a ripple. With upgrades, improved maintenance, an attractive appearance and promotion, I agree this pool could be something to be proud of now and for the future of generations of Greenvillians. One question is will anyone hear this warning or will the citizens of Greenville lose this historical landmark as well??

The next question is why has the Mayor, who swims there twice a week, not taken action already? Did she not see the trees for the forest? Or like many, never cared or paid attention? Why did someone else have to bring it out to the public in the first place? The Mayor should have taken actions long ago to improve her own "swimming hole" to benefit the entire city, especially the children, and not just using it for her own personal enjoyment.

With a few words from her, this pool and the building could have already been in shape for this summer. Now at best hope, it will begin soon and be better for all next summer.....best hope! If not, shame on Greenvillians and its leaders for allowing this to happen and once again wasting something that many communities would be thrilled to have. "

It is difficult to keep something "alive" in Greenville these days, let alone trying to resurrect it. True, forced integration didn't work any better for recreation than it did education and the city pools usage, by all races, has continued to dwindle over the years.

We are no longer in the simple times of the 1960's, when a dip in the pool was probably the highlight of a hot summer's day. Today's kids are all addicted to computers, electronic games and cell phones. I doubt that a "Blue Tooth" would fare very well in chlorinated water, and God forbid they should ever remove it from their ear.

Get out and celebrate the 4th this evening. At least we haven't invented digital laser fireworks.... yet.


Sunday, July 01, 2007

Let Sleeping Dogs "Lie"

Anonymous writer offers this...

I was greatly relieved today when I picked up the DDT and read the headline, "Councilman Turner: Debate Not About Race". Charles Turner stated that the city council should support local businesses and that his vote against hiring IMS, the Jackson based, minority-owned engineering firm had nothing to do with race!

I for one believe Mr. Turner about his vote. The mayor and council members should have more respect for this three-term incumbent, than to wake him from his sound sleep just before the vote and expect him to be able to discriminate "black" from "white".

Mr. Turner's voting record has always proved that this is a man who clearly knows the difference between black and white. Given the uncharacteristic nature of his dissenting vote, the only fair thing for the council to have done would be to offer him black coffee and stimulants in an attempt to keep him conscious during a re-vote.

I am ashamed to be represented by a mayor and city council who would stoop to "waking a dozing councilman, just in time to vote... not knowing what he was voting for." I am sure that had Mr. Turner been awake during the discussion preceding the vote, that there would have been no reason for Mayor Hudson to have to break the tie. Councilman Turner would have upheld his long-standing tradition of voting right down racial lines.

A little "tongue-in-cheek", but it gets the point across. It appears that Mr. Turner was reported to have been "dozing" just prior to the IMS vote. The writer is correct about Mr. Turner's voting record following racial lines, and I think everyone, including black citizens, were a bit surprised by his vote.

At the end of the day, we should all learn a lesson from this. If we expect our civic leaders to be able to discriminate the subtle "hues and tones" of an issue, we must make every effort to keep them awake throughout the vote. Our cry should become unified as one... "Free Coffee for Councilmen!"