Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Heil Humphreys!

Anonymous reader offers this:

Ray has up'ed the ante... now not only are DRMC employees not allowed to cruise to the Delta Scoop website, but now "immediate termination" will occur if you:

a) discuss Delta Scoop at work
b) print Delta Scoop and bring it to work
c) contribute to Delta Scoop.

AND...how about that new marketing campaign? We were told that the "drops" of blood couldn't be red as Mr. Humphreys is NOT an Ole Miss fan. Therefore, orange had to be used instead. I just wonder with all the financial distress and cutbacks, how much did THAT cost????

How in the world has our community ended up in this shape with the Humphreys and Richards of the world in power?? It is a very sad state of affairs when we sit by and watch these events unfold. There are very real patients with very real needs as well as children who desperately need an education. Yet, these things that should be most important are not. They are being overshadowed by the political power hungry tyrants.

PLEASE let's wake up and vote for a change. It is past time.

Should we fear that book burnings and ethnic purification are next on Ray's "to-do" list? This is just further evidence of this man's paranoiac obsession with power. When does an employer dictate what we as citizens believe, read and discuss?

Rather than close his correspondence and memos with Bible verses, I would suggest that Ray brush up on the first through fifth amendments of the United States Constitution. Unless recently nullified by his board of trustees, I am pretty sure that they still apply to DRMC employees as well.


A "Concerned Resident" inquires, "For Whom the Bell Tolls":

Having lived in the Delta for a number of years, it is disturbing to see and hear the conditions of the medical community in this area. It has become apparent that the “village idiots” run DRMC. There is no excuse for the deplorable health care that this facility gives this community. These “idiots” have destroyed the morale of its employees and the confidence of the regions.

I have often heard of DRMC referred to as the “slaughter pen”. Having read of the recent firings of the NP and other staff at this facility, there is no wonder how this reputation has been earned. I know people that have checked out AMA because the facility is understaffed and they cannot get the services required. A business is as only as good as its employees.

It is incomprehensible that this facility that does not do everything possible to promote the loyalty and well-being of its employees. The aforementioned employee has done everything asked of her to serve the facility. The only conclusion that can be drawn from this and other terminations is that they occurred to cover the cost of the “village idiot’s” ego. They have purchased numerous properties in the area and have no way to pay for them other than the dismissal of loyal employees.

Even more disturbing is while these employees were dismissed due to cost cutting, DRMC was advertising for positions on various employment finding agencies and web sites. Sadly, DRMC is not the only institution in our area with this same problem. There is a facility west of Itta-Bena and east of Indianola that has these same issues. Their employee’s morale is at an all time low. They are scared to speak up for fear of retribution.

As with the case of DRMC, this condition exists because of the egos of its leaders. You may ask for whom does the bell toll? Sadly, it tolls for the residents of the Delta unless our leaders realize that the “Village Idiots” need replacing. This is a prime example of the level of incompetence that people can attain.

Signed "A Concerned Resident of the Delta"

The "cost cutting layoffs" are all a piece of a much larger puzzle... and one that Ray himself can no longer control. Taking on HUD as a "silent partner" has not bode well for Ray and the "horsemen". Government agencies have a nasty habit of wanting to know how their money is spent and holding people accountable.

Uhmmm, seems that the construction at DRMC has suddenly halted... or should we "notice" that?

As for DRMC's new marketing campaign, it will reportedly cost the taxpayers another $4 million dollars. It is hard to imagine what they have left to market... no nurses, fewer doctors, a failed "heart center" program and a "Doc-in-the-Box" ER with 8 hour wait times. Coupled with a corrupt and incompetent administration, I can hardly wait for the unveiling of what shall surely be recorded in history as "Ray's last Hoo-rah!"


Monday, October 29, 2007

Common "Threads"

"Sonnett Sones" sees similarities:

I am amazed when I read the letters about DRMC and Ray Humphreys. One could remove his name and DRMC and insert Ilean Richard's name and Leland School District and you would have the exact same story of misuse of power and abuse and intimidation of employees.

Evidently, they both suffer from the same narcissistic personality disorder. Additionally, they both apparently have weak, inept and inefficient boards which allow them to behave with unchecked authority. We, the taxpayers, elect these boards (Board of Supervisors and Leland School Board). We must not re-elect people who do not take their offices seriously.

Tell your elected officials exactly how you feel. These are our communities and we can take them back. Remember this at election time. The voters have the power to do what needs to be done..

Sonnett Sones

"Sonnett" makes a good point. There are some very frightening similarities between these two stories. Both deal with blatant abuse of power, corruption and collusion by board members who obviously have a "vested interest" in maintaining the status quo.

Both Humphreys and Richards share a quest for power and openly threaten those who challenge their rule. Both Humphreys and Richards also project a self-righteous devotion to God and are quick to use "His" word in their defense.

Perhaps the most frightening parallel between these two notables is the blind public trust that has been bestowed upon them. Our health care and our children's education have been placed in the hands of officials who repeatedly make bad decisions and remain unchallenged and unaccountable to the public they serve.

As a final note, both Humphreys and Richards have threatened "retaliation" against their employees who dare to read or contribute to the "Delta Scoop". They share a common fear of public exposure and accountability. They both remain silent in the hopes that public apathy and indifference shall sustain their rule.

"The worst sin toward our fellow creatures is not to hate them, but to be indifferent to them: that is the essence of inhumanity." George Bernard Shaw (1856 - 1950), "The Devil's Disciple" (1901), act II


Thursday, October 25, 2007

A "Heated" Debate

Anonymous speaks up for Hudson:

You can't be serious. Mayor Hudson has brought a 3 million dollar grant to Greenville and you "PEOPLE" over look that in order to "FIND " reason's to vote for a white person. tsk, tsk tsk. I smell an old familiar scent. Could it begin with an "R" and end in "ism"? Don't stop there. Why don't you be true to form and hang a noose in her front yard instead of this pitiful attempt at a subtle high tech lynching?

You all haven't acknowledged that Greenville has been under white administration for years and it didn't get into the condition that it is in over night. All you naysayers, why don't you get off your butts and do something yourself. Namely acknowledge that a mayor is only as strong as the resources that are coming into the second congressional district as a whole.

The time to give input is at the board meetings all along, not try this BS once you have found the GREAT WHITE HOPE!

If you really want improvement be truthful and put the blame where it lies with your governor, Haley Barbour, who is draining this district and the state dry or is that to much like right for you?

Go ahead admit it, get and that poor excuse for a transportation commission.

"Tencent's" Rebuttal:

Yes, it starts with "R" and ends with "ism".

Borrowed from Internet dictionary:

Republicanism is the ideology of governing a nation as a democracy, with an emphasis on liberty, rule by the people, and the civic virtue practiced by citizens. Republicanism always stands in opposition to aristocracy, oligarchy, and dictatorship.

More broadly, it refers to a political system that protects liberty, especially by incorporating a rule of law that cannot be arbitrarily ignored by the government. Or as John Adams put it, "They define a republic to be a government of laws, and not of men." Much of the literature deals with the issue of what sort of values and behavior by the citizens is necessary if the republic is to survive and flourish; the emphasis has been on widespread citizen participation, civic virtue, and opposition to corruption.

Hanging a noose in someone's front yard comment leads me to believe that the person still holds some grudge. Racial and biased.

I'm not looking for a GREAT WHITE HOPE. I just want someone to stand up and rebuild Greenville. And I don't mean repaving streets or BS programs like marking jogging paths. Education and getting OFF of WELFARE should be primary concerns. Decent jobs are not going to flow back into Greenville until there are enough educated people to fill them.

Blaming Gov. Barbour and the "transportation" commission is a weak excuse from some liberal.

Ooops... there's that race card again. Anyone who takes an objective view of Mayor Hudson's first term would have to admit that she has made some significant improvements to our community... perhaps no more, but certainly no less, than previous mayors given the economic challenges that currently face the Delta.

Perhaps the greatest lesson we can take from Mayor Hudson's first term in office, is that race, gender and age are all irrelevant factors in predicting "effective leadership". There is no "Great White or Black Hope" for Greenville as long as we focus on race rather than issues.

Finger-pointing at the governor and transportation commissioner won't change our lives, nor will who we elect as mayor in December. Greenville will never change until we replace our fatalistic, defeatist view of our community with one that is collaborative and cohesive in our desire to seek positive change for all residents.


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A "Witch" Hunt for Halloween!

Pinched Nerve for Ray Humphreys?

It seems that DRMC administration is completely focused on finding out who Forthright is and shutting down this website. I am an insider and I can tell you that the things discussed on Delta Scoop concerning DRMC are the truth; it is the only forum through which employees can air their honest feelings and report the ridiculous injustices without being terminated.

Trust me, Forthright, you are cheered on daily by most of the DRMC crew. And, by the way, there are lots of good folks there at the hospital. I have worked with them for years. However, after trying to survive the Ray/Allyson era, many of them have lost their passion and dread coming to work. And, for those brilliant, know it all citizens in our community who say if ya don't like your job, then quit – let me tell you, DRMC has bought up anything and everything in town except for a handful of MDs who refused to sell their souls in return for repayment of their malpractice insurance. Therefore, jobs in healthcare here in Greenville are limited at best.

I found out today that Ray issued the warning at a leadership meeting: SURFING TO THE DELTA SCOOP WEBSITE WHILE AT WORK IS GROUNDS FOR IMMEDIATE TERMINATION. Notice that Ray didn't proclaim that surfing to non-work related sites would mean your walking papers, but DELTA SCOOP will get ya the death sentence. Maybe, just maybe, the truths written here have struck a nerve with ole Ray and that's why he is so adamant about putting an end to this blog. Thank goodness we live in America where free speech is alive and well, and protected, yes – even from the likes of Ray Humphreys.

--- A Fly On The Wall

Anonymous said...

As a clinical professional in the healthcare business, I know how it feels to clinch your teeth when administration walks in...are you the next to go?? Well, in my opinion, administration needs to be made up of people who have actually laid there hands on patients (and i am not talking about a little pat on the back)..heard about a patient's aches and pains..and guided them along to being discharged.

Being a leader, is more than sitting behind a large expensive desk barking orders..it is finding out what the patients have to say...are they getting quality treatment?? is the hospital well staffed so that the patients are not sitting on the call button, having trouble breathing waiting for the one floor nurse to make it to the nurse.

I had a relative recently tell me that while she was at KDH..when KDH was KDH..she would hit the buzzer and not one nurse but two would come to her room to check on her. Then she was at DRMC and hit the buzzer and nothing..nothing...nothing...then someone who cannot speak clearly come on the intercom in the room and say "mu i hel you" about like that....ok, which would you choose???

Get rid of Ray and put some administration in there who has cried with a patient, lifted a bed pan and stayed a little longer on their shift to see to it that their patient got a decent dinner...

Anonymous said...

How could DRMC lay off this NP. She is someone I would ask to see my family. She had the best bedside manner, great clinical skills, and super fun to be around. We have lost so many great employees, but have we lost any administrative people.

It seems every time we have budget issues lab personnel are cut, nurses are sent home early, and nursing nonRN staff is reduced. I am not an expert in medicine, but aren't those important for patient care. Do we ever see administration staff cut their salary. It makes me sick... I am so sorry for the staff at DRMC.

If Ray Humphreys is so worried about negative press on the Scoop, I will gladly give him equal time and space to provide his explanation of what is going on at DRMC. With every issue, there are always two sides and I have often solicited readers to discuss the "positives" of the hospitals' merger.

Rather than be concerned with revealing my identity, I would suggest that Ray focus on the reasons that more and more disgruntled employees and doctors continue to flee the hospital. His public reproach of the "Delta Scoop" not only bolsters this blog-site's credibility, but also demonstrates this man's total disregard for his employees' right to the freedoms of speech, thought and press. (I would however, caution DRMC employees to wait until they are at home to read the Scoop. I am sure that Ray's "threats" are quite real.)

The greatest injustice of all in allowing this administration to continue is that people's lives are literally at stake. As a health care professional, I personally know of many untimely deaths that have occurred at DRMC due to incompetence, negligence and political "finger-pointing" by administration. The authors above are correct in that there are many very dedicated and skilled professionals left at DRMC, who care about patients and positive outcomes... but they feel trapped in a monopolistic health care system in which leaders arbitrarily terminate qualified medical professionals who dare to question Ray's motives.

My best advice to the many concerned citizens of Greenville and the employees of DRMC is to stand your ground. Change will come when WE demand it. Speak up, get out and vote, and let your voice be heard via the Scoop, letters to the editor, or whatever public forum you choose. If we succumb to the fear and intimidation tactics of Ray and his lot, he will have won the battle without a fight.


Monday, October 22, 2007

The "Death Ray"

Anonymous asks:

WHAT is going on in the horrific world of DRMC now?!? Employees are all shaking in their boots at the cutbacks. They are all wondering who is next? It is pitiful to sit by and watch more and more layers of administration with high dollar salaries and non-productive roles added on at DRMC while the folks who are actually providing patient care are living in fear that they are Ray's next hit.

If the hospital is in a true crisis mode financially as he ALWAYS claims, let us have a look at HIS salary and maybe we could start a reduction in workforce with him and his team of cronies. How ironic that we are all concerned about growing Greenville, investing in our community, the supposed nursing shortage, and the health care crisis in the Delta, yet Ray Ray is busy booting out long time, loyal productive employees.

Yes, that's right - One of my personal friends received her "thanks for serving in every role we've asked you to for the past ten years, but now we don't need you anymore" papers last week. This is not a lazy or non-productive nurse, but a nurse practitioner in a DRMC clinic who is well liked by her patients, her collaborative MD, and her co-workers. She has been a team player and enthusiastically agreed to their every whim over the last ten years. I dare say she sees just as many - if not more patients than some of the MDs employed by DRMC who make 7 – 8 times the salary she does.

It seems though, that she was the pawn in one of Ray's political battles with a MD and because he is a ruthless power freak, she lost her job. (meaning Allyson Williams' battle - as we ALL know she is the one running the show while Ray plays with his newest electronic gadget and yells at IS because the Internet is down).

This means that our np and her family will most likely be forced to relocate out of Greenville where another employer will be happy to have her as she is a professional and she will be valued for her hard work, skills, and compassion. I found it quite ironic too that she told me it took THREE "administrators" to lay her off….two of which I understand hold HIGH SCHOOL DEGREES. Ummm, maybe we are laying the wrong folks off and keeping the wrong ones around?!?!?!

Over the years, I have listened in disbelief at some of the "going-ons" at DRMC, but she hung in there always saying that things were going to get better. As I have told her before, the only way things will get better is when the board wakes up and gets rid of the root of the problem - Ray Humphreys and his hand picked army of "yessah" administrators.

Does the board have blinders on? Does Ray intentionally choose board members who are his YES men? Do ANY of them have any clinical background that qualifies them to make decisions about healthcare that affect us all??? I know that this particular "workforce reduction" of the nurse practitioner was brought to the attention of a board member. I heard he replied, "we can't micro-manage". What a profound and caring response. It sounds like he is serving his community so well!

If the media in our community would investigate morale at our only hospital in town without identifying employees by name, everyone would quickly see that the crisis here is not financial, but administrative. Ray has created a culture of fear. His first long time employer finally saw him for what he was and said no more. Someone throw Ray overboard and exile the board to an island far, far away so that we can start to build a healthcare system here in Greenville that we deserve.

------ANONYMOUS (for fear of my job!)

You share the sentiments (and fears) of many DRMC employees who continue to flee this "Titanic" of health care. The truth is that DRMC's 2007 fiscal year just ended... and I would bet that its accounting resembled a blood bath of red ink. As you noted, while cutting the jobs of those who provide direct patient care, the administrative staff just keeps on growing. So... what IS going on at DRMC?

The answer may be quite simple: "posturing"... a wall street idiom which roughly translates into "dressing a pig for slaughter". Former KDH employees should recognize the tell-tale signs quite well. I am sure that HUD is less than pleased with their multi-million dollar investment and being the "government", they simply don't like to lose! It seems that Ray has fallen into bed with a "not so silent" partner.

The fall of any evil dictatorship takes with it many innocent lives, but it also brings hope for those who survive and choose to learn from history. My prediction is that Ray Humphreys is history, but DRMC is not. Let's see what the next few months reveal.


Saturday, October 20, 2007

Dowdy "Devotees"

Anonymous offers...

I would like to say a few words about Kim Dowdy. I've known her for several years. I served on the United Way Board of Directors with her. She has been in Greenville for several years now and knows what Greenville needs. She has worked with KDH and with the chamber, so she should be familiar with the "going ons" of Greenville. If people will put 'color' aside and vote for the person they think will really get out and work for bettering the community, I think Kim Dowdy would fit the bill. Just get out and vote!

Tencent said...

I also support Kim Dowdy because she has shown more true support for Greenville than Hudson has ever exhibited outside of the political gains. Dowdy cares. And she deserves a chance to prove herself as an elected civic leader.

Wayfarer said...

I have worked with Kim Dowdy in various situations for over a decade. She has a passion for Greenville which conveys into all her works. Mrs. Dowdy has given countless hours to our community and has pride in being a Greenvillian like no other. I have spoken to her many times concerning her mayoral run and she truly feels she can affect change. Politically savvy - she is not. Committed in her quest and love for her adopted home -ABSOLUTELY!

Granted she is not a born and bred Southerner but has been a faithful ,dedicated resident of Greenville for well over fifteen years. It’s not about her birth certificate but what’s in her heart and soul. Her love of Greenville and her commitment to better it can’t be disputed. Look where our city is now and where it is headed with the current administration. Do you want to stay the course?

There seems to be a great deal of support for Mrs. Dowdy throughout our community. As for political "savvy", I would prefer a good dose of common sense, which she certainly projects. As for her chances of winning an election in which race will play a greater role than qualifications, it will be difficult.

Mayor Hudson holds the distinction of being the first black, female and the youngest mayor ever elected in Greenville, and for that she will hold a place in history; albeit a "footnote". I feel that she has missed an incredible opportunity to expose the "race card" as a "joker". Instead, she has played the role that was most politically expedient to those who put her in office.

Personally, I voted for Mayor Hudson in the first election. I was impressed with the fact the she was formally educated as an attorney and one whom should at least understand the law and the concepts of "fair and equitable" treatment, unlike many who preceded her in office.

Regardless of who is elected in December, Greenville will still face the same obstacles of racism, apathy and indifference from citizens who seem to have simply "given up" on Greenville. What we need is a modern day FDR, who offers a new deal and a renewed hope for our community. Race, gender and age should be irrelevant. We are all in the same boat... and it is most definitely sinking.

Change will happen when we demand it. Get out and vote.


Friday, October 19, 2007

Update from Leland

I would like to bring you to date on the protest march that took place at Leland City Hall October 15, 2007 concerning the extremely high electric rates. We were very successful in terms of getting the people out to participate, and the news Medias support.

We will meet with the board on the next regular monthly meeting to discuss options, and try to work out something harmonious for both sides to get the rates down. If not, we will use other strategies that we have at our disposal which I am not at liberty to divulge at this time.

For those citizens who are having a rough time at staying afloat because of the extreme electric rates, I, promise you that we will not abandon you, and we are going to stay the course until we get the relief that we deserve.

James W. Lowe, Sr.

Good job, Mr. Lowe! It is good to see citizens getting involved in our communities in order to make them better for all. Perhaps you're the man to lead the parents of Leland Public School children into demanding accountability of public school officials.


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hudson or Dowdy... Speak Up!

I have had several readers inquire about Kim Dowdy and her qualifications as a mayoral candidate. As a native Greenvillian, I have met Mrs. Dowdy on several occasions and have always found her to be quite pleasant, knowledgeable and a great supporter of Greenville. I know that she was previously employed by King's Daughters Hospital, in marketing, if I recall correctly. She has been very actively involved in promoting Greenville through both the Chamber of Commerce and local charities.

I do recall commenting to Mrs. Dowdy that her accent was not exactly "southern". She confessed that she was a "Yankee" by birth, but she had fallen in love with both the south, and more specifically, Greenville. I was impressed by her extremely positive attitude and outlook towards Greenville, given that most "natives" have simply lost all hope.

Other than this, I confess that I don't know much of her qualifications as a mayoral candidate. Mrs. Dowdy seems to be a very devoted and outspoken advocate of Greenville... perhaps the best qualification of all.

One would assume, that as an attorney, Mayor Hudson could have foreseen some of the "errors in judgement" that have plagued her first term in office; albeit, "common sense" seems to be a rare commodity these days in all arenas. I must say that Mayor Hudson is also a very charming and intelligent candidate who has also done a great deal to promote and enhance Greenville's image.

As we move toward the mayoral election in December, I welcome those who know these two candidates to enlighten the "Scoop" readership as to their political "pros and cons". This election could be a major turning point for Greenville and the Delta. Speak up... let your voice be heard... both on the "Scoop" and at the polls in December.


Saturday, October 13, 2007

"Electricity" in Leland

Public protest planned:

We have planned to march on Leland City Hall Monday October 15. 2007 beginning at 8:00 a.m. to protest the extremely high electric bills, and the City's unfair practice. All concerned are welcome to participate. There will be some posters provided, however you can provide your own as long as it is in concert with our theme.

James Lowe

Public protests might seem silly these days, but they are an effective means to gather public support. I must commend Mr. Lowe for speaking up for the many Leland residents who sense something is "wrong" in City Hall. As with the issue regarding the public schools, if officials have nothing to hide, then they should welcome the scrutiny that comes with public office.


Tuesday, October 09, 2007

"Little" Greenville

Concerned citizen offers help...

It makes one wonder if God hasn’t put a curse on Leland. The Schools are in chaos, with scandalous accusations of sex, drugs, mental cruelty, and a multitude of others ills. The City is in uproar, with no sense of direction, allegations of misuse of taxpayer’s funds, the city streets are in deplorable condition.

The Mayor, and now City Clerk, along with other city employees who pay little, or no utility bills (little, or no light bill, no water, or garbage or trash bill). While the rest of the citizens pay extremely high electric rates. With a non-functional Police Dept., and a host of others problems. In addition, no one has an inkling as what to do about either.

First, let us start with the Leland School District . You have an administrative staff that does not live in Leland, and who do not have Leland at heart. The District has a very weak and incompetent Board of Trustees who gives the Superintendent a free hand to degrade the teachers, and exploit the taxpayers of Leland. The Board is allowing the Superintendent the opportunity to get herself and her flunkies the highest salaries the last years before retiring in order to get the optimum retirement benefits.

The citizens of Leland must not sit idly by waiting on the State Department of Education, or The Attorney Generals Office, to come in, and do what we know we must do for our children, and this community. It seems that the bad elements of our community out number the good, but we must not let that deter us.

I will setup a meeting with the spokesperson for the district parents in order to call a citywide meeting to work out strategies to deal with the problems of this community, and share information with others in order for all of us to be on the same page.

It sounds as if Leland has fallen victim to the ills that plague Greenville! Engulfed in a population in which everyone is "on the take", it is very difficult to discern the true "criminals".

Although this writer's identity was provided to me in his email, I never disclose one's identity without express permission. From the tone of his message, he seems to be a man of action who is offering to spearhead a parents meeting with school officials, so he probably has no problem revealing his identity... but that is his choice.

He is right about the need for these problems to be addressed very quickly. We should not forget that district superintendents, as well as school board members, are simply public servants who are charged with insuring the welfare and integrity of our public schools. Like all elected or appointed public servants, their job is to uphold the laws and regulations which, "we the taxpayers" have put in place.

It sounds like fear and intimidation have reigned supreme in the LSD for quite some time. When public servants begin to perceive themselves as "untouchable" is precisely when taxpayers need to "tap" them on the shoulder.

As I have stated before, if Dr. Richards has nothing to hide, she should welcome this opportunity to publicly exonerate herself and return to the business of educating our children.


Monday, October 08, 2007

Back on "LSD"

Anonymous offers the following:

It seems that the Richards dynasty may be collapsing. The school districts that she provides services to have wised up. They are cancelling their contracts with her. They have apparently realised, unlike the ineffective Leland School Board, that her services are not worth the money they pay her. Their test scores did not improve. Only in Leland where coincidentally? there is access to the tests after they are taken, and an army of Dr. R suck ups to "clean them up" are the test scores improved. Of course there are some frightened Leland teachers to consider, the ones who are so afraid of her rantings and posturing that they might offer a little help during test taking? Anything to keep her off your back!

Then again there is her son. The one who wears baggy shirts and blue jeans (the kind his hometown of Greenville wants to ban and are against Leland's dress code) and a baseball cap worn sideways. Any student who dressed this way would be immediately sent home. Of course she dressed him up in a sweater vest the day the state department of education came to visit, but that is another whole story. When he thinks people are talking about him and his escapades, he threatens violence. His mama ( he refers to her as his "mammy') threatens lawsuits. But did either of them stop to think about where people get their information? From Chris. He runs around telling anybody who will listen about what he has done.

Just week before last he was telling about his escapades with his married teacher girl friend in her room while the teacher across the hall kept her class. This is not the first time they have farmed the children out to another teacher, who is of course another relative of Dr. R. How does this stuff go on in a school? Where is the principal? Does she have a brain? Or a backbone? Does anyone think this is a good environment for first graders? It is insane, unhealthy and dangerous and it has been going on for two years! Why on God's green earth do we allow our children to be subjected to this craziness?

The school board should be completely replaced for their negligence. They are obviously incompetent and Dr. Richards is an egomaniac who has bragged in public that she does things "the state department way" when they come to visit and HER WAY the rest of the time. (Did they notice they didn't get to talk to any teachers without her menacing presence while they were in Leland?)

She and all her COMPLETELY "non Leland resident" administration have dug in their heels and intend to stay and feed off the tax payers of Leland as long as they can hold on to the power. They retire and come back and raise the taxes a little more. They can't find one person who lives in Leland who can run a school? Isn't this like "taxation without representation'? Or like being held hostage by foreign troops? It does not matter that she is detested by the entire town, she is holding on to her Leland "dynasty" as long as she can. Others may fire her, but the Leland school board doesn't have the guts to do anything about her. We expected them to do a job and they have abdicated their duties to a tyrant they cannot control . Apparently they no longer even try. This is a disgrace and it just goes on and on and on.

Leland may be a small community, but it certainly has some vocal residents. As you can see from the recent comments, the controversy over the Leland School District is far from over. If any or all of the allegations are true regarding Dr. Richards actions, there is certainly cause for alarm.

Altering children's test scores is a serious matter and collusion by the teachers and the board is even more disturbing. It is hard to believe that a professional educator would stoop to such horrendous tactics for self-promotion.

As to the issues regarding Dr. Richards' son, why is he allowed to work in the school district at all? Good, bad or indifferent, there is an obvious conflict of interest here as well as the issue of nepotism. It seems that Dr. Richards has enough controversy surrounding her performance as administrator without taking on the hullabaloo vis-à-vis her son.

As a previous writer noted, as a concerned parent I would certainly be present at the next school board meeting on October 17th, to try to get to the truth regarding these issues. "Sex, drugs and deception" are all a part of our adult education, but I should hope that we could spare these "lessons" to our grammar school students.

If Dr. Richards is innocent of these allegations, she should welcome the public opportunity to dispel these rumors and regain the respect of the community; however, to ignore them will most likely be interpreted as a plea of guilt on her part.


Thursday, October 04, 2007

"Winkey and the Playboy"

A worried resident asks about our future...

I've been following this blog for years, and while I enjoy reading about specific issues, (DRMC, Leland school District) I do not see much discussion about the future of Greenville. What disturbs me the most is no direction at all from our Mayor or City Council.

I assume that the Mayor and City Council take care of the day to day business of running Greenville, but I hear nothing about the flight of citizens from our city, the declining sales tax revenues, the number of houses for sale in our city.

Wouldn't an important part of being Mayor be the setting of specific goals? For instance maybe Ms. Hudson could set a goal of attracting 2 Industries a year to Greenville. Or maybe a goal would be to bring another airline to Greenville in the next year. I hear nothing about the future of Greenville from our leaders. It is strictly about maintaining on a day today basis. This used to be a wonderful town to live in, but in the last several years the quality of living has gotten worse.

"Worried and disgusted in Greenville"

Anonymous writer predicts change in the air...

It is a distinct possibility that the reign of the Washington County Board President Al (the playboy) Rankin, and (Winkey), the Board Attorney, Willy Griffin could be over. With their quest to control the county governments, they left a bitter taste in many candidates mouth.

The candidates that they hoped would win, lost, further alienating the new candidates, so I am predicting a lesser roll for the Playboy President, and perhaps a good bye for Winkey. Both would be a breath of fresh air for the County.

As for "Worried's" concerns about Greenville's future, you are right. "A ship that has no course, will forever be lost at sea." Greenville will have to look beyond "race" in determining who will steer our future; let alone where it is headed.

As for the second writer's very interesting prediction, we shall see. Incumbents die hard in the Delta and these two are well known...for a variety of reasons. As I have often noted, we do not elect the best and brightest leaders in the Delta; we elect "politicians" who are selling the particular brand of "snake-oil" that we want to buy.


Monday, October 01, 2007

Get the "Skinny" on Greenville

As we all await tonight's election results, here is a fun little website that lets us compare Greenville to the rest of the state and country. I suspect that this site's data may be a few years old, but it is interesting, none-the-less.