Sunday, March 18, 2007

Address Change...

Most of you will recall that the former Blog-master, "Local Reflector", purchased the . com name "Delta Scoop". It is up for renewal, but takes time to transfer. Meanwhile, you can still keep up with the Scoop through its generic site name:

Once the name is transferred, you will be able to use either address to access the Scoop. Please pass the new address on to your friends who enjoy the Delta Scoop. Thanks for your interest and participation.


Thursday, March 15, 2007

Ray in the "Rose-Colored" Garden

Anonymous writer comments...

"Many nurses have left DRMC, not just the ones from KDH. The reasons the nurses are leaving are bad management, poor treatment, and unrealistic expectations. The problems started when dear Ray came and brought his little group with him, and until they leave, don't expect to see any of these nurses return."

'As most of you have noticed, the nurses that have left have been your seasoned, experienced nurses. These are nurses who know when their hard earned license is being put on the line. Most of the ones who have left had been at DRMC anywhere from 5 years to 25+ years. DRMC is one of the only places I've seen that punishes employees for loyalty. "

"Most of the nurses at DRMC now are contract nurses and travel nurses, and the majority of those wont renew their contracts because of the same reasons the other nurses have left.
It's time for the board to open their eyes and take off their rose-colored glasses. Ray-Ray needs to go. "

"I just truly hope that no person I care about has to be hospitalized at DRMC any time in the near future. Heck, I don't even want any enemies to have to go there!"

"There are some very good doctors there, but they can't do everything by themselves. No hospital can function without good nursing staff, and at this time, that is just not available at DRMC."

Seems like all fingers point to Ray! Mr. Humphreys is either the victim of a wide-spread "smear" campaign or our county leaders need to get out of the "rose" garden!

For all of my solicitations, I have yet to receive a comment in support of Mr. Humphreys and his current administration at DRMC. Surely, someone supports this man and his efforts?

Obviously, there are many disgruntled employees who have left DRMC. This writer suggests that the quality of care has been jeopardized as a result of this exodus and that is certainly a valid concern.

Dedicated physicians are vital to quality health care; however; trained nurses are essential. In the current arena of health care, there is too much competition for nurses to be expected to compromise their ethical standards for job security and political maneuvers. If DRMC is losing nurses as the writer suggests, there is a definite problem that should concern us all.

If health care is not on your top 10 list of concerns now, I can assure you it will be in the near future. As the writer suggests, we should not wait until we are being rolled through the doors of the emergency room to question the motives of those who control our health care system, or of those who may, or may not, be responsible for saving our lives.


Sunday, March 11, 2007

"Special" Education

The following is from an article in the Greenwood Commonwealth:

"The Greenwood City Council has given final approval for New Delta Preparatory School's groundbreaking. The school, sponsored by the Viking Foundation, will be built on 8 acres of land off Sgt. John A. Pittman Drive. It will offer courses for seventh- through 12th-grade students, said Bill Crump, Viking Range Corp.'s director of governmental affairs.

Crump said the school will appeal to students "who aspire to academic excellence and community leadership."We'll have a very rigorous specialized curriculum, which will include community service projects," he said. "The students will be encouraged to attain the highest academic and professional success that they can." Accreditation will come through New Summit School.

Dr. Nancy Boyll, the executive director of New Summit School, will serve as administrator at New Delta. Crump said it will aim to "serve a more racially diverse population than the public schools and the academy schools in the Leflore County area. The racial makeup, we anticipate, will be reflective of the racial makeup of the community."New Delta will offer honors as well as advanced placement courses. Scholarships to the school, both full and partial, will be made available based upon a student's need, Crump said.

Initially, 10 to 15 teachers will work at the school. The initial student population has been set at between 100 and 150, he said. The school will offer specialized courses, including satellite courses from various colleges and universities, Crump said. The school shouldn't diminish other schools in the community, Crump said. Rather, "this will provide another alternative for people living in our community or coming into our community," he said.

The school will interview both parents and students to determine if the proper attitude exists in the home."Parents have to push that child and encourage that child. It's very important for the parents to be on board," he said.

The council unanimously approved the special exception for development of the school. Crump said preliminary work at the site will begin this week."

Anonymous writer questions...

"The whole idea of a new private school in the area is puzzling, especially considering that Greenwood's Pillow Academy is an above-average school and has the local private market cornered, with no parochial high school in sight."

"What is troubling is the new school's "accreditation" coming from the New Summit School in the Jackson area. A quick look at that school's webpage ( states the following, in only the second paragraph on the home page:

"New Summit School also qualifies as a special purpose school; and in partnership with the Mississippi Department of Mental Health is certified to offer counseling services to students, and licensed to operate a Day Treatment Program."

Excuse me? The Department of Mental Health? Let's all RUSH to enroll our young college preppers there! (I don't think so.) Mr. Carl's money is misdirected this time.

The unfortunate truth is that since the passage of Public Law 94-142 in the early '70's, there is nothing "special" about special education. All children could benefit from smaller classes, individualized instruction, and yes, even counseling to deal with the pressures of today's world.

The true "disability" that students face these days is the disability of their teachers to meet their individual educational needs. Let face facts, not everyone's mother looked like June Cleaver!

Children enter school with a myriad of social problems ranging from drug addition and sexual abuse to emotional neglect and abandonment.

As a medical professional, if I had to align education with any one other public entity it would definitely be a mental health organization. Today's teachers can't teach because of all the emotional "baggage" that kids bring with them into the classroom.

Maybe Mr. Carl is breaking ground on an educational frontier in which all children have a true opportunity to succeed, regardless of their socio-economic status.


Thursday, March 08, 2007

Private School Woes

An anonymous writer offers the following...

"That great sucking sound you hear is the last morsel of Greenville "Christian" School as it swirls down the drain! The declining local economy (read: white/professional flight) cannot support three tuition-based high schools. Four, if you count Deer Creek".

"The better question is: what's up with Fred Carl and Viking Range? How is it that they figure Greenwood needs another private school?"

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Sacred Secrets?

New topic... Thank God!

"Does anyone know what is going on with the Emanuel Baptist Church and Greenville Christian School? Rumor is that the pastor of the church is not answering questions, acting like he has a big secret. Rumor also is that the school will close if the church does not step in. Comments, please, if you have any information".

I will have to defer this one to those more in the know... Come on Greenville, let's hear from you. The Scoop counter says you are reading the Scoop... just not offering your thoughts and opinions, which we all have. Speak up!


Tuesday, March 06, 2007

"Jackpot" or "Jeopardy"?

Anonymous writer offers...

"Looks like Ray hit the jackpot. People on the gulf coast are still living in tent homes, but HUD just pumped millions into a failing public hospital.

How can he use the burn center? I thought they were separate. There is some real problems at Delta Regional. We need to wake up."

Yes, Ray has pulled another one out of his hat; although, borrowing from Peter to pay Paul has never been considered a long term solution. A HUD loan is like borrowing money from your local "Cash for Title" establishment. It is a last ditch effort to prevent the inevitable, and the odds are always in THEIR favor.

Tax payers would have better odds if Ray took a million in cash down to the Jubilee Casino and put in all on red... or perhaps black would be a more appropriate bet.

As for HUD's responsible appropriation of funds, I think Katrina speaks volumes. After all, it is a government program... mistakes will be made... pockets will be lined.

DRMC graciously donated the space for the burn center and thus welcomes it back in its attempts to become the "Cardiovascular Center of the Delta".

Pouring millions of dollars into DRMC with its current administration is like siphoning the Titanic with a bucket... it may buy you a little time, but the ultimate outcome will still be the same.