Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Next Great Hospital...

Take off those blinders!

All that has been said it absolutely true! He was ran out of Hattiesburg, for misappropriations of funds. The Doctors were not getting paid! He was out of work for nearly two years before Greenville Board of DRMC hired him. I personally saw his resume online and when trying to make people aware, it was mysteriously removed.

The DRMC Board did not connect the dots to the time line of when he left and how long he had been out of work or apparently care to investigate why!

The man is insane. I personally had a conference with him in 2005 in complaints of patient care for my loved one. During this conversation, he told me all about his dreams of a third hospital. I looked at him like he had three heads. DRMC had only months before purchased KD and had all; but vacated it with bare minimum staff left behind. When I asked him why he wanted this and what his intentions were to do with DRMC building, if it were to happen, his response was to "rent" it out!! He has two vacant hospitals and built a third and he thinks that someone, some business, would want to rent one or either of them??? For what??? He said the new hospital was needed because the old one did not meet code!!!!!

I responded, "First, we, Greenville, can not afford a new hospital bill on our taxes, if the old one doesn't meet code, then why all the remodels, year after year, for as far back as I can remember. If it doesn't meet code that is the your fault and the Board's faults for wasting money all these many, many years!!!"

Then I explained that if his goal was accomplished, as was happening to the KD area as we spoke, businesses would close, the abandoned hospital would be an albatross and those who now live around the hospital for the convenience and "free" medical care would have to move to south Greenville. Those moves would close more businesses in the neighborhood, the Health Dept. would move and all of the clinics would either shut down or move.

He did not care about any of that, just his mission to build this hospital in south Greenville. Already money has been spent in anticipation of this move and now he is leaving town????

What happened? No kickbacks coming through?? Funny business with the funding?? There must be a BIG reason for this action, cause he has been working on this for all these years. Makes no sense for him to walk away now.....unless....hmmmmm...very interesting! Time will tell what the real reason is. Either way, as a citizen and potential patient, glad to see him go. I just hope his pockets are not lined with our dollars as he goes!

9:28 PM

Anonymous said...

Ok, board of it's time to start cutting the extra top heavy management team Ray has compiled during his reign. I say take the senior leadership team and get rid of all of them except for Mr. Phillips. Does Meridian need a new human resource director? We all hope!!! Wonder what Allyson Williams is thinking about Ray's exit? And for the writer who thinks Ray has done an "extraordinary job", you must be on his 6 figure payroll ledger.

Get a grip and join the rest of us who actually work and care for patients all day. This is a good day, lots of smiles at DRMC after the news was out!

Well, it looks like the votes are in... and there won't be a big "going-away" party for Ray-Ray. Personally, I view this as a very positive change for Greenville and DRMC. As I previously predicted back in 2005, Ray's empire has finally crumbled... and yes, an immediate outside audit is what the public should demand! As one contributor stated... "Nobody leaves a good job."

According to Ray, he is going to Meridian to be near his mother who is in a nursing home. Commendable if it is true, but Greenville also has nursing homes. It seems a rather drastic move for such a dedicated servant of the people.

As for the anonymity of Scoop writers, I can assure you it is very much intact, as is the first Amendment of the Constitution. Years ago, I received letters from Ray and DRMC attorneys threatening to sue the Delta Scoop for derogatory comments being made about Ray.

The problem then, as it is today, is that not even Ray could find out who hosted this blog... nor the identities of those who contributed. Sure, he threatened all DRMC employees with termination if they read, discussed, contributed or even mentioned the "Delta Scoop" at work. This was the action of a paranoid dictator whose world was being gradually destroyed... by the truth!

In fairness to all readers, I offer the following post:

Regardless of what you think; Ray Humphreys is a fine man. While his "vision" may not be justified by some or many on here, 11:34 is correct in saying that the grass is not always greener. I do not know him personally, but have met him; unlike 9:28 said I had a very productive meeting with Ray about a family member complaint. He was very sincere regarding our issue and made sure that it was attended to. He didn't mention anything about the new hospital or what he was planning. He just simply took care of our complaint and I've never had better service. To each his own, but I for one just hope that the next guy or gal is as attentive as he was with me. I wish him the best.

No, you obviously do no know Ray personally, but we will all miss Ray when he is gone. He alone generated the greatest readership and response that the Delta Scoop has ever experienced! Other than Heather, who is running a close second, Ray still takes the "Gold"... (pun intended!) Time will tell...


Friday, March 12, 2010

Humphreys Resigns!

According to the local news, Ray Humphreys is resigning from DRMC. No details have been released yet. Let's follow this story as it breaks...