Thursday, May 31, 2007

Defaults: Marriages, Loans and Auctions

Anonymous said...

"I saw in the legal section of the DDT the other day that our Mayor & Husband (or ex) have defaulted on house payments! Maybe she needs a raise!"

Could be, but I doubt it. Mayor Hudson (and/ or Ex) probably suffer from the same plight as hundreds of Greenville residents... a dismal real estate market in which you literally have to "give away" property in order to move.

The recent auction of "Somoa" is a telling tale. After the owners defaulted on the mortgage, it was put up for auction by the lender. Opening bid was a mere $50,000 and the final bid brought $183,000. (Note: This is a home that once appraised for over $600,000.)

So, do we have a very happy new owner of this icon of Greenville real estate?

Well, no. It seems that the high bidder could not secure financing... even at 1/3 the appraised value. So, if you are among those property owners who still believe that they will profit, or even recoup their investment in Greenville real estate, I wish you well!

Even the pair of whales heading up river could see the end in sight... and fled back to open sea.


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Copper Capers Continue...

The following are anonymous comments from various readers...

The newspaper didn't report the burglary of at least 7 vehicles last week in the old Bowmanor neighborhood, although the police took a report. This is the MAYOR'S own neighborhood! One occurrence was two doors down from Mrs. Hudson's home.

I for one think it is just a travesty that incidents like these are not reported to the public. Where is our media coverage? More importantly, where are our men in blue? If the police are in fact out patrolling as they should be why are they not making it known? And why does their presence seem obsolete?

You can't convince me that the police aren't part of the problem. Their leadership turns a blind eye to the problem.

There is very little true police work going on here. The officers just shrug their shoulders. The detectives never follow up. The leadership disrespects and turns a blind eye to complaints. Try to get a incident report and it's a nightmare.

I read in the DDT today that they finally made some arrest involving the copper thievery! well there is no way that only three people are responsible for all the damage and theft. I wonder how long before they are back out on the streets.

Who wants to bet me that Mayor Hudson will be unopposed in her re-election?


Thursday, May 17, 2007

More "Untold" Stories

Anonymous said...

"Extra- Extra read all about this here because you will not see this in our local media. Automatic gunfire erupts Saturday 05/12/07 at V.F.W. Almost 30 rounds filled the night air as gunfire erupted at The V. early Saturday morning. Two people have said to be injured. The Assistant Chief left the "Entertainment District" in a reactive move to make Greenville safe. "

Another writer offers:

"I heard that the Hebrew Temple suffered a big loss to copper thieves. This brings to almost thirty downtown businesses that have been hit. Estimated combined loss of almost a quarter of a million dollars."

It appears that much "news" gets missed by our local media. Unfortunately, I have no way of substantiating whether all or any of the stories are true; however, both sound quite plausible.

Copper is a hot commodity right now. Thieves recently stripped the abandoned Hollandale Hospital of much of the copper and sold it for thousands. As for the automatic gunfire, that is a common sound which can be heard throughout the city on any given night.

Let's not forget the rash of arson fires which occur almost nightly. City officials attribute them to teenagers who are "bored" and have nothing better to do. (I don't recall ever being that bored as a teenager.)

Thursday's news tells us of 15 car break-ins in the Country Club Estates area. This suggests that our thieves do not restrict their activities to the older sections of town. It also suggests that our men in blue need to get out of the "entertainment district" and into the residential neighborhoods.

What say you, Mayor Hudson?


Monday, May 14, 2007

Our Men in Blue Causing the "Blues"

Regarding Greenville's Finest...

"I'm not sure exactly how many crimes took place over the weekend, but I do know that at least six officers entered one of the bars downtown waving flashlights for no reason on more than one occasion. It does seem that the police force would rather push their weight around in a safe bar that already has security than go out and do some actual police work, and why not???"

"We are merely all bowing down to them giving them all the power in the world to abuse however they see fit. How many murders happened here last year, and how many were solved? What about all the other crimes that take place on a day to day basis? It would be interesting to see just how many crimes take place between the hours of 10:00 pm and 2:00 am when they seem to be "working so diligently". I personally DO NOT feel very safe at all knowing this is the bunch that is supposedly "protecting" me and my family."

Another disgruntled patron adds:

"I also agree. I was told to get my f..king ass off the side walk or go to jail just for wanting to smoke outside one of the clubs. No one deserves this kind of disrespect from the Assistant Chief. To me it sets a bad example for the other guys on the force."

L.R. adds the following..

"It's always been that way regarding the police and nightclub and bar security. It's easier to patrol to "easily patrolable" not to mention it's 1/4 block from the police station. If nothing's happening inside the bar, then nothing will happen except you'll see cops waving flashlights. That said, having that "safe" feeling downtown is another matter."

When was the last time you read the headline: "Man Robbed at Gunpoint in Crowded Bar"? I would suspect that most fleeing criminals don't seek shelter in our downtown "entertainment district."

As for profanity from public servants, it should not be tolerated. The above "smoker" should have immediately called the GPD and lodged a formal complaint against this officer. Because they represent the law does not mean that they are above it!

Police officers have a difficult and often dangerous job. For the most part, they are underpaid for their often "thankless" jobs; however, they too, must play by the rules. Abuse of power at any level is unacceptable, but it will "always be that way" as long as we permit it. Everyone has a boss, whether appointed or elected. However low on the food-chain voters have become, we still have a voice.

Complacency is the fodder of tyrants!


Sunday, May 13, 2007

Things You Won't Read in the DDT...

Below are several anonymous comments from readers...

"I have waited all week to see if anyone reported the melee that broke out at the carnival last Saturday night 5/5/07. Imagine taking you kids out for a night of fun at the carnival and instead thugs fighting and shooting randomly, so much that people were running and ducking in the mall, under tables at Garfield's anywhere they could hide. Shots fired in the mall and surrounding area but no report makes it to our local media."

"Well, I for one can understand how this can happen. Greenville finest are to busy hassling the Restaurant and Nightclub owners around town. I personally saw the Ass. Chief six times Wednesday night, four times Friday night and several times Saturday night policing the "Entertainment District" Why????? Because it is easier and safer than doing real police work. He walks around cursing people and acting arrogant while Greenville literally burns on his shift. Wise up city leaders. Put someone in charge that really wants to take a bite out of crime instead of a pompous ass with a chip on his shoulder. To get respect you must be willing to give it!!"

"Thugs ruined the multi-million dollar car show. What do you expect? I'll tell you what we need...LEADERSHIP."