Saturday, October 13, 2007

"Electricity" in Leland

Public protest planned:

We have planned to march on Leland City Hall Monday October 15. 2007 beginning at 8:00 a.m. to protest the extremely high electric bills, and the City's unfair practice. All concerned are welcome to participate. There will be some posters provided, however you can provide your own as long as it is in concert with our theme.

James Lowe

Public protests might seem silly these days, but they are an effective means to gather public support. I must commend Mr. Lowe for speaking up for the many Leland residents who sense something is "wrong" in City Hall. As with the issue regarding the public schools, if officials have nothing to hide, then they should welcome the scrutiny that comes with public office.



Anonymous said...

Wonder how one gets a federal invistigation to happen with the Leland School System? I know that these blogs have been sent to the attorney generals office and the state board of superintendent. Is there anything else that can be done to get the feds to check into this?

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Anonymous said...

He is certainly the only one with the guts or willingness to speak up for the citizens (taxpayers) as far as the city goes and for the school district too. Those school board members should take their roles as seriously as Mr. Lowe, the citizen.

tencent said...

I don't think the feds will get involved with a local issue unless there is evidence of misuse of federal money or violation of civil rights. Leland citizens wishing to involve federal authority should look into those venues. The federal government is not a 'baby sitter'.
Do as Mr. Lowe suggests. Raise your voices together in public. The networks are always hungry for a story. Carry your standard to the halls of the Jackson legislature and the Board of Education.


Anonymous said...

Well her consulting fees are paid for out of federal money I'm pretty sure and isn't that at least a conflict of interest if you pay yourself to consult?