Monday, June 29, 2009

Workin' the System

Anonymous said...

Those of us who work hard and pay for insurance through our tax paying jobs cannot afford to get sick. We would lose our homes, and in turn be ineligible for the "entitlements" that non taxpayers receive so readily.

Morbid obesity should not be a disability. It is directly caused by putting food in your mouth and the wrong foods. I say we have stores where food stamps can be used to buy healthy necessary items to make nutritious meals. I work hard and yet cannot afford a new car with air conditioning and see young people driving Grandmas car with the disabled tag playing loud music with lyrics I do not want to hear.

I see teens giving birth to baby after baby to get their checks. People have no reason to change. The government will support them. And the government will leave the taxpayers going into bankruptcy to support these selfish lazy bums.

And by the way, I am not from here and there are plenty of places in this country where public education is wonderful and private schools other than parochial do not even exist.

There is no hope unless we crack down on these criminals stealing from us. Let's change the rules overnight and see the morbidly obese, teen mothers, and other abusers of the systems beg us for jobs so they can survive. Let's make welfare recipients ineligible to go to anything other than charity... hospitals.

Let's see the children see hope for a better life through their "parents" opting to become a productive member of society.

The author above is correct in his/her observations of the blatant abuse of our welfare system... but here's the problem: We created this system to atone for the sins of our past and now it is being used as the biggest ponzi scheme in history (yes, even bigger than Bernie's).

Under our current system, having children can make you big money. From the time that they are born, these children are subsidized by the government.

Medicaid pays for the cost of their birth and all of their subsequent health care needs. Food is provided free via WIC, food stamps, TANF, free lunch programs, ADC and a variety of other programs. Free education begins at age three in Headstart and continues into our public schools (no need to pay extra for something that is provided free from taxpayer dollars).

At about age six, they have to insure that their children keep earning this free money, so they have to "find" each child's disability. Some of the most popular are ADHD, morbid obesity, fallen arches and severe learning disabilities. (Your local public schools and other "club members" can assist you with this.)

Remember to get your disability claims filed early in life, because once they are "determined" disabled, you can get a large back payment check from the age of onset.

Multiply all of this by 6, 7, or 8 and it can add up to some real money. Don't worry about the physical burden of having all of these children... that's what grandmas are for!

And if these children get involved in drugs, sex and crime.... hey, it was good enough for you... let 'em learn their own lessons! They can always ride the welfare train as long as we keep providing the fuel.

Warning to Welface recipients: Do NOT get a job! You will lose all of your and your children's benefits... and you can't buy all of this for $7.25 an hour.



Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Greenville's Claim to Fame

Anonymous said...

Gville is 2.5 times the national poverty rate in the country. Most that live in Gville, MS, with no job, their primary economic goal is to get on some type of program, food stamps, SSI or any type of free money because it pays more than a 40 hour per week job.

That is the REAL reason no business will ever make it in Gville, MS, because the end answer is private education and big company management are not going to pay for education, grades 1-12 @ $400.00 per month per child.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Big Company management has and does pay for private education. They know that it's the only way to get quality people here. (U.S. Gypsum is one example.) And for the record---to those who may claim that the private schools caused the end of quality PUBLIC education---when the private schools started up in '69/'70, the white kids were in the minority.

Some fled to the Catholic schools to be under the protection of the Church while segregating themselves from a majority-black school system (and they still do). Others stayed with Weston and GHS and paid a price. Others went to the privates and paid a price that couldn't be measured in money. Greenville's public schools won't be saved by private schools closing or by white students returning to the public schools.

The current teachers, students, and administration have to work hard, be honest, be diligent, set high standards, and expect results. Unfortunately, much of this must begin in the home.

And that's where the difference lies.

Both writers make good points and they are connected by one common thread... the entitlement mentality. There is so much corruption, fraud and waste in our "welfare" system that being unemployed has become one of the most lucrative "jobs" in the Delta!

Becoming "disabled" is a major source of the fraud for many area residents and certain "doctors" play a major role. People are getting large checks for disabilities such as Attention Deficit Disorder, fallen arches, and morbid obesity! How does a government check abate any of these "disabilities"?

There are families that net over $4,000 per month in SSI and disability income and spend their days shopping at Wal-Mart and McDonald's. Morbid obesity is NOT a genetic disorder... it is a societal result of ignorance and apathy!

Education, for the entitlement mentality crowd, is free daycare with 2 free meals. Why should they value an education, when they make more on "the system" than most do with a college education!

Yep, we are on a slippery slope and going straight down hill in the Delta. It will not change until WE demand that the abuse of welfare be stopped!


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What's the Scoop?


Has everyone grown tired of the Scoop? Surely there is something going on in the Delta that we can discuss, rant or rave about. I love a lively discussion, but the Scoop has grown a bit cold of late.

The contributors to this blog are what keeps it popular. Everyone has ideas, opinions, complements or grips... and this is your public forum. Let's hear from you! You know I don't' make this stuff up (although I have been accused of it).

Tell us what is on your mind... vent... it lowers your blood pressure and is fun!


Saturday, June 06, 2009


Mayor Update said...

Well, here we go...the traveling Mayor is at it again! She leaves soon with local kids to Germany on a summer nice?

Good thing that there are no issues here at home for her to be dealing with, good thing our economy is booming to pay for her trip, good thing we have bountiful staff in place to take up her slack....NOT!!!!

We have got to find someone to run against this crazy woman in 2012! Putting her back in office for a third time would be insane and a death sentence to Greenville.

If you know of anyone, who has good business sense, good marketing skills, good management skills and cares about Greenville...please!!! Let's start working NOW to get them in office in the next two years! Otherwise, be prepared to watch this city fail!

This Mayor is a self serving, egotistical, maniacal, diva, self important, spoiled rotten, childish wretch and she has got to go!

Anonymous said...

The citizens of Leland woke up from their funk and replaced their Diva mayor. After several years of a three ring circus of local politics, Leland is moving forward. The good thing is that they elected a qualified candidate. And he is a black gentleman.

So for all you conspiracy theorists out there you can forget the race card. It is all about being qualified and having the best of interest for the Town of Leland!

I must congratulate Leland citizens for pulling together to rid their local government and school administration of self-serving tyrants. It should send a positive message to other Delta communities that change CAN happen when people come together to the benefit of all, rather than voting by race or for special interest candidates.

As for Greenville's mayor, I am afraid that she will be a tough cookie to beat... until she is ready to move on to the next position that "Daddy" arranges. She is young and has time on her side... unlike Greenville!

The "Queen City" is sinking so fast that I doubt whether our "Captain's" presence will make a hair's breadth of difference. The majority of the voting public in Greenville is totally ignorant of the "issues", so they vote for the candidate who "looks" most like themselves. Regardless of who runs against Heather McTeer Hudson in the next election... this fact will not change... and believe me, it could get worse.

Greenville is a house divided, fixated in a political mentality circa, 1950. Propelling it into the twenty-first century will be a slow and arduous process!