Saturday, October 31, 2009

If It Walks Like a Duck...

Dominick Cross of the DDT offers this:

I saw a young man walking down the street recently. He was wearing a T-shirt and shorts and shoes. His T-shirt was un-tucked, much the way I wear my T-shirts. But that’s where our fashion similarities end.

I had to do a double-take because I couldn't’t believe my eyes. Between the bottom of his T-shirt and the top of his shorts was a pair of spindly legs. It was extreme sogginess to be sure; or perhaps a cure for extreme jock itch.

He was also waddling like a duck, or the way a baby walks after he makes a deposit in his diapers. In his defense, though, I’d say that his feet were splayed (with each step, at that!) to prevent his shorts from sliding to his ankles and tripping himself. It’s more of a functionary motion than, say the “Keep on Truckin’” strut, which back in the day, was all form over function.

But the main reason he walked that way is he did not slyly utilize either of his hands to hold the shorts in place. When one’s pants have not a belt, or the appearance thereof, it is proper saggy etiquette to hold up the article of clothing seemingly succumbing to gravity as inconspicuously as possible.

Not this guy. His arms just swung at his side during his effort-ridden attempt at a casual stroll as daylight peeped between his shirt and shorts. It’s difficult to walk with your shorts around your thighs. Really, I felt sorry for the guy. Trying so hard to look cool, yet failing miserably. Unless, the innate struggle to keep covered while sagging is part of the fashion statement’s statement.

I’m very well aware the saggy look is simply a style of some sort. Still, like mood rings, tube tops and Kriss Kross, I just don’t get it. Ok, I got tube tops.Still, I do not think there should be a law to address the saggy situation because I believe you can’t legislate fashion, or willful ignorance of common sense when it comes to dress. Heck, I’m all for mini-skirts and revealing blouses — preferably at the same time.

Anyway, I really couldn’t care less if sagging is based on the dubious rumor of jailhouse attire. No matter where the style came from, quite frankly, it’s utterly ridiculous. I mean, has anyone, like say these guys’ girlfriends, told their guys just how absolutely goofy they look waddling down the street?

Part of me wants to warn these young men that, like over-sized bell bottoms and platform shoes in the days of yore, that one day they’ll realize, too, just how absolutely dim-witted they look. I know, I sound like my dad.

However, despite myself and in an effort to understand, I tried on this post-pubescent fashion statement in the privacy of my own home. My pants on the down low, I walked to and fro, with and without a sly hand. I found it uncomfortable and totally inconvenient. It reminded me of trying to get to the phone (before cell phones) when otherwise preoccupied.

But I did feel a certain swagger as I reached for my cell phone in one pocket and car keys in the other, both relocated around my knees.

I think that everyone in the Delta has observed this "fashion statement" with equal curiosity and disdain. Purple hair...okay, pierced everything... sure it's a statement about your individuality, but who the hell wants to see your underwear?

I too, have observed the"duck-walk" among these fashion-plates in a usually unsuccessful attempt to keep their pants from eventually falling to their ankles. Recently, a young man entered my place of business to request a job application. As he bent over to sign-in, his pants dropped to his ankles. Undisturbed, he continued to sign-in before readjusting his trousers.

How do these buffoons not realize how stupid they look...walking around in public holding their groins in an attempt to keep their pants up? Okay, perhaps it is intended to make a statement about themselves? Well, it does and the statement is, "I am a moron!

Greenville is full of "ghetto-fabulous" citizens who want to make statements, from their custom painted "whoopee-rides" to their stereos blaring obscenities in public places... from their $150 nail jobs clutching EBT cards, to their cultural house color palettes announcing their arrival in your neighborhood!

I am not a fan of stereotypes, but we have all witnessed this fashion faux pas throughout the Delta and it is hard for me to believe that the participants want to be anything other than members of the "gang"!


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It's a SNAP!

Clarion Ledger:

Mary Loyd of Hinds County and Sheretta Johnson and Jacqueline Smith, both of Washington County, have pleaded guilty to food stamp fraud and must pay combined restitution of more than $33,000, the state Department of Human Services announced today.

Special Hinds County Circuit Judge Breland Hilburn ordered her to pay $26,290 in restitution, according to a news release from DHS. Her guilty plea is being withheld until she completes three years of supervised probation. She is disqualified from receiving benefits for 12 months from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, formerly known as the food stamp program.

A Hinds County grand jury indicted her on felony fraud in the SNAP, and the Hinds County Sheriff’s Department with help from DHS’ Office of Fraud Investigations arrested her.

Johnson and Smith pleaded guilty Oct. 20, in Washington County Justice Court. Judge Laverne Holmes Carter ordered Johnson to pay $3,166 in restitution and fines and Smith to pay $3,909. Both are disqualified from the SNAP program for 12 months.

Ouch! Disqualified for food stamps for 12 months... now that really hurts! These poor women will have to fake disability claims to offset that kind of punishment. And, they have to pay back over $33,000 to DHS? Now I know DHS will be waiting by the mailbox each month for those checks to roll in.

No wonder food stamp fraud is a "SNAP"! These people should be barred from every state and federal welfare program for life! They have admitted to being "criminals", so why do we think 3 years of "supervised probation" is going to change them? DHS (taxpayers) will never see a penny of restitution and in 12 short months, these gals will be back on the gravy train.

We are not a country of bad people... just bad laws. Like looters during Katrina, these are people who make a mockery of our system of democracy and take advantage of every one who pays taxes. They think of no one but themselves and what they can get from our "system".

THEY are the reason Mississippi is broke. Their entitlement mentality makes them believe that these crimes are not "stealing", because "everyone" does it... or at least everyone "they" know.

So, what will these criminals have learned about welfare fraud from their 12 month slap-on-the-wrist? Simple... be more careful the next time!


Monday, October 19, 2009

Everyone Bond Together (EBT)

Anonymous says...

The only restrictions for food stamp recipients is they they can only buy human food items and no alcohol. That means that they can buy prime rib or junk food; they can buy anything considered human food... and if you have a pet, just purchase "human food" to feed them. (Pets don't complain or report.)

You can't buy toilet paper or soap with your EBT (electronic bank transfer) card, but you can buy all the soda, junk food and chips your buggy will hold. If you need alcohol, illegal drugs, clothes or anything else, you have to find an EBT broker, which will provide you cash... and it is not difficult to find a broker in the Delta.

The "broker" will give you $80 cash for your EBT pin number and your card... they in turn charge $100 on your EBT card (for legitimate food purchases, which they then sell for a nice profit).BINGO! You get the Government to pay for your alcohol, drugs, or whatever and no one is ever the wiser!

The EBT broker makes 20% profit from you and then turns around and sells the food purchases for yet another profit!!!Gotta luv it! So, how do you find an EBT broker? Check with your local pastor, or friend who works at Wal-Mart. They all know how the system works and can find you a broker within minutes. After all, it's not stealing, it's just reparations for when you were a slave.

Just like our SS disability system, food stamps can become a nice second income if you know how to work it. Personally, I know a woman who "brokers" 26 different EBT card "customers"... she just bought a 2009 Escalade and has three children enrolled at the Valley. She too is on "welfare" and has her own EBT card. She told me she doesn't even need her card, because of all the food she gets from her "business"

.So... you can't get rich on Welfare?

Sure you can because the government thinks that everyone on welfare is stupid! Yea, stupid like a fox!

We are the stupid ones for allowing this to go on. Every cop, the Mayor and city council person knows about this scam... and do nothing.

Hell, it's not rocket science, it's just big business for the "entitled". My "broker" friend makes twice what I do in my job of 13 years.

Maybe I need to reconsider my career options.

As disconcerting as this information is, there is documented evidence in Greenville's very own police station that this kind of "scam" is quite prevalent throughout the Delta. The state switched to the EBT card in an effort to curb some of the "food stamp" fraud that was rampant, but as this author states, welfare recipients are not stupid!

Any "system" can be beat, but Mississippi just makes it easier than other states. One way to combat the above scenario would be to simply require photo ID for any EBT card purchase? If you write a check, they want to see ID; if you use a credit card, they want to see ID... but if you use an EBT card and know the pin... you are home free!

Aaahhhh, but this would be an invasion of their privacy (like asking for ID when you vote), so, it will never happen. At ALL costs, we must protect the privacy and dignity of our welfare recipients! If they choose to buy alcohol and crack with YOUR tax dollars, what the hell... aren't they entitled to the same "freedoms" as taxpayers?

Okay, back to reality...

Like any good thing, we have taken "freedom" to a point which is about to consume our lives as Americans. Because the majority of prisoners at Parchman is black, we pretend to ignore it; because the majority of crime in Greenville is committed by blacks, we overlook it; and because we are totally afraid of "appearing" racist in requiring TRUE equality among our citizens, we permit this kind of welfare fraud to continue, unchecked!

We have become hostages to our "freedoms" and are close to losing sight of the meaning of "equality for all". If you have nothing to hide, why would anyone object to showing proof of their identity... to vote or simply buy food. For cigarettes and beer, we can ask for your ID, but to buy catfish and corn dogs... well, now we have crossed the line!

God protect us from ourselves!


Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Anonymous says...

I think that anyone that visits this site cares about Gville or they would not be here. I also think that comments whether positive or negative have value to them. We all have our own ideas on how to make Gville a better place to live and that makes most on here correct in what they say. I guess some just express themselves better than others and some are just just so disgusted they want to argue.

Lee Owen just lost his position on council not because of experience or hard work while in office but because of the people wanting a change at city hall. Agree or disagree for Gville to change you must change leadership. Changing leadership means from the top to the bottom and the voters in Lee Owens precinct have sent out that message. Now the question is will voters in the other precincts go to the polls and send out the same message. Like it or not the majority of voters in Lee Owens precinct are majority white, tax paying, working class voters. Will the voters in the precincts that are majority black government assisted voters do the same? Probably not ! WHY ?

They do not care who is elected as long as it does not affect their check ! "FACT" With Greenville being majority black it will never move forward until we get the correct black and white leadership working together at city hall.

To clean up Greenville our elected officials have to first recognize that we do have problems and correct them no matter whose feet you step on.Imagine this ! A drive around Greenville with all property clean and neat, no trash, parks mowed and trimmed, no loud music, no speeding, car insurance, children under age in car seats, handicapped parking spaces being used by the handicapped, no hanging out in vacant lots and in front of a business, police officers that were friendly, a city hall willing to smile and say good morning, a mayor that was available, garbage pick twice a week etc.

These are things that are a beginning to a better Greenville. Oh and clean up the public schools !

These are things that cost very little but are necessary for Gville to even think about jobs and industry back in Gville.

Amen! This blog allows all people to express their opinions... whether positive or negative. I am sure that we all know someone who has left Greenville for "greener" pastures. Some find it and some don't.

What I take from the comments posted here is that most citizens are tired of the current ineptitude of the local government. They are tired of the excuses they are given as to why Greenville is stuck in the last century. They are weary of paying local taxes for nothing and they are devastated by watching their financial investment in Greenville, crumble!

I welcome all comments to this blog. We have finally gotten beyond the fear of "who said what" and into a lively discussion of local issues... which if nothing else, will make us "think" about alternative views of our community.

The underlying message that I interpret from those who have left Greenville is that they loved Greenville, but could no longer tolerate the poverty, ignorance and racism that continues to grow here in the 21st century.
What I love about Greenville is our propensity to unite about matters of little importance, to rally together for the immediate moment, but when faced with a significant challenge, we separately raise our glasses and toast each other!