Monday, July 28, 2008

Blind Faith... and Promises

"Keeping the Faith" offers this:

My oh my. Ray Humphreys reminds me of a chameleon. He can change his story at the drop of a hat depending on who he is addressing.

It seems that on Friday of last week there was a leadership meeting at which he announced that employees would not be receiving any raises for a year, a hiring freeze is on with no vacancies filled at present, and physicians employed by the hospital are being reviewed at present to make sure they are productive and those who are not will be "let go".

Additionally, that hour of PLT employees lost and were promised to be awarded back have now gone to never never land and will be lost eternally. Ray will also now be reviewing and approving any and all orders including office supplies to make sure he deems that necessary. Also, the employee's insurance coverage/costs will be changing.

He delivered this good news by explaining that he needed only the "team players" around and those who were unhappy should move on down the road. One department director even reported that he suggested that things like employees bringing their own supplies would help to decrease hospital costs and help DRMC stay afloat. I'm sure that sits well with employees as they drive around town and see the exorbitant amount of monies spent needlessly on the lame marketing campaign.

Now, how is that NICU coming, Ray? Booming business there? No, ok, well, then, how about the heart hospital? Hmmm, the new ER looks great, but the wait times are still looming aren't they? Atta boy : )

I have an idea for Ray Humphreys (I know he checks this blog atleast three times daily) ---- RESIGN!

You are the cause of the mess DRMC is in. You took a perfectly stable hospital and ran it in the ground just like Hattiesburg. The only people who are still on Ray's side are his team of administrators who make big bucks by always saying "yes sir, Mr. Humphreys." Not only are the hospital employees fed up, but so are the citizens. Dr. Richards is out of our LSD and now make it a home run by Ray's resignation.

Keeping the Faith

Just wait until next week when Haley slashes 30% from the Hospital Medicaid revenues. Ray will jump on that and spin it to look like DRMC's fiscal woes started August 1, 2008!

True, Medicaid cuts will negatively impact every health care provider in the state, but Ray has only himself to blame for the current state of DRMC. Ray tried to "spend" his way out of debt with frivolous $4 million dollar ad campaigns and and foolish new service lines which turned out to be total fiascoes!

A "chameleon" is not exactly the reptile to which I would most liken Ray, but you are in the right genus. Surely, all of Ray's highly paid physicians will rally to his cries and begin admitting everything from "hang-nails to hemorrhoids" to save his floundering career... a bit too little, too late, I'm afraid.

It appears that the "dog-days of Summer" are upon DRMC. On a positive note... hang in there DRMC employees! You will still all have jobs and stable careers once Ray (and his cronies) have "exited the building".


Thursday, July 24, 2008

"Yes, We Can"...

Relieved Parent says...

Thank you Delta Scoop! I heard today that Dr. Richards has resigned her position as Leland School District superintendent. It seems that the board and certain citizens started looking into several of the allegations against her and she became quite defensive and uncooperative.

When her usual tantrums didn't work to distract the board's interests, she resigned rather than be exposed. I have children in the LSD and first heard about her "unprofessional ism" on the Delta Scoop. With help from several other parents, we all called board members and insisted that these issues be addressed. It took a while, but we didn't give up.

If we had not been informed about her outrageous behavior, nothing would have been done. Don't just complain about what needs to be done. Get involved and make change happen.

Relieved Parent

Work up a CARAVAN!!! said...

I hope Dr. Richards will take Ray Humphreys with her to resignation land! There is another to add to this list of travelers....Please reserve a seat for the traveling Greenville Mayor, she loves to travel. Perfect timing! This time we all hope she keeps on "moving down that road!

"Great job Leland parents!

Anonymous said...

For those in Leland:

"Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty We are free at last!"

Anonymous said...

Or Ding Dong the witch is dead!

It seems that "individual" voices can still be heard when they sing in a "choir". Elected or appointed officials are still accountable to the public to whom they serve. Dr. Richards' resignation is a triumph for all parents who place trust in our public education system. Health care and education are two issues on which we should never compromise.

Good job Leland residents! YOUR voices have been heard.


Monday, July 21, 2008

Holy Bat-Mobile!

Anonymous states:

LOL I loved the comment about Ray Ray. Most people who know him, despise him and would laugh at the comment just as I did. And, as far as my contribution to healthcare in the Delta, I do that all day long.

So, I think I deserve a funny at the end of the day. Yeah, who is that masked man driving around in the black hummer with DRMC signs on the side? Oh, and, by the way...did anyone else receive a color, slick-paged report in the mail about DRMC's finances in the mail?

Well, it looks as if the entire picture painted is hunky dorey. I know the financial reports change often depending on who they are intended for. Ray sure sounded like DRMC was in a financial bind in Jackson, didn't he?

Hmmmm, two, three, four sets of books? I guess Woody White did know what he was talking about!! If Ray Humphreys is out of town interviewing for another job, THANK GOODNESS!!! He will not be missed!

Ahhh, yes, Ray's annual work of fiction... with a $4 million dollar "polish" job! This year's "novel" is a rather understated publication in which you almost have to hunt for the deception. The front page is a series of run-on lies which are touted as accomplishments. Anyone with any first hand knowledge of DRMC won't get past the first 20 without breaking into laughter. I am sure that Dr. Frothingham is duly impressed that he remains a jewel in DRMC's crown, even though he was fired by Ray earlier in the year!

As always, the annual statistics on the back page are the best laugh of all. My personal favorite is the "nursing shortage" of only 3%. The problem with this statistic is that if you removed all of the contract, agency, and travel nurses from DRMC, the vacancy rate would be more like 85%. This is just another one of the gross misrepresentations presented by Alphe Wells to mask his incompetence.

While on the subject of "masks", let us consider that it could be Alphe in the black Hummer. He and L. Ray are tight and "umbically" linked via Blackberry at all times of the day and night. With Alyson's recent departure and the demotion of of Flo Jones, Ray has but one loyal "spy" left in his network... and what better Gothem City "bat-mobile" could one imagine? Just throw a magnetic DRMC sign on the side and PRESTO... it's tax deductible!

Yes, Woody White saw the writing on the wall. Courtney Phillips should be as wise. Ray has no intention of going down alone on this ship. Word on the street is that major lay-offs are coming in August... count the lifeboats... then do the math!


Monday, July 14, 2008

United We Stand...

I think Jesse's comments were ugly and certainly changes my over all opinion of him, but any relevance is lost when introducing it with this seething letter.

As has already been evidenced on this board, African-Americans have many opinions on many things and it doesn't make sense to stereotype. You suggest that their community blindly takes care of their own. The first question that comes to mind is "how do you think the rest of the world feels about All US citizens?" It is pretty easy to pick on or be picked on, depending on how tightly a cropped view you bring in for discussion.

Why not just face issues as issues and invite everyone to the table to look for answers? Is the African American community dealing with too many employment problems? Negative media? Negative role models? Ok, how can we ALL work to change that?

The letter propels a totally useless and damaging us-them mentality that suggest they are off in their own little world still supporting OJ. Why not go visit your neighbors and learn what they are really thinking about. You may find you have a lot more civic issues in common than you thought.

Okay, the "OJ" comment was a bit racist. It scares me to think that our criminal justice system has become a sports arena in which judicial decisions are swayed by the "underdog" theory. Guilty or not, OJ's trial taught us all a great deal about our society and our legal system.

The "us-them" mentality is precisely the problem in most politically charged issues that face us as voters. We all expect everyone to see the world through our "whatever colored" shades... and it just isn't so. Our beliefs and values are a product of our individual past experiences and "prejudices".

As long as our community remains devided along racial lines, we will not progress! I totally agree with this author that we should all go visit our neighbors and put aside our preconceived notions and stereotypes. You will most likely find that we all want the same things for ourselves, our children and our community... and that by reaching out to one another through simple communication... we just might discover the solutions.


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Oh Jesse, Oh Jesse...

Anonymous offers....

The Delta Scoop is a nice place to vent. However it is in vain to think it might change the rapidly declining City. If this sounds a bit racist than so be it, but the majority of the population is not prepared to deal with reality. That being the case they will continue to vote with their heart rather than their brain. It is understandable that their hearts are filled with hate and now feel vengeance is what they want.

If you look at the Black leaders in this country and the Delta, they are masters of reminding “their own” how bad it used to be, and without them to lead it will get bad again. Nothing in our or our children’s lifetime will change this. Why is it that an immigrant from Vietnam or India or wherever, can come here without a penny and end up owning a business and have their children be first in their class?

It is because they work hard, learn the system, discipline their children, and don’t look for handouts or someone to look after them.

It is sad that the minority majority in Greenville is being lead to slaughter by the Pied Pipers in charge. And don’t dare be critical of those in charge or the decisions they make, Oh MY God! You are a racist! Never mind that they may be wrong or a little shady in their dealings.

And never ever tell them you think O.J. was guilty, they don’t care, they just care that they won that one. Yes, Whitey did some pretty bad stuff in the past, but so did the Romans, the Huns, the Zulu’s etc., etc.

So it is too bad they just can’t get over it!

And no, Reverend Jackson, we do NOT accept your apology! Your vulgar comment is the sort of talk we'd expect from a lynch mob, not a civil rights leader who does not seem to realize that the times have passed him by. Even his son and namesake, Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., agrees that his dad is doing more harm these days than good. Pronouncing himself outraged and disappointed by his father's ugly words about Obama, Jackson Jr. issued a statement that, in effect, ordered dear old dad to "keep hope alive" and shut up.

Excellent advice to both Jesse and all other "spiritual leaders". If Obama loses this election, he will have only his own race to thank. Between the three black "racist reverends" and the white "priest" who appeared to be auditioning for a Las Vegas show, Barack would fair much better to declare himself an atheist!

It is unfortunate that black Americans have elevated these bible-thumping buffoons to the position of "political leaders" in that they only perpetuate the stereotypical image of black ignorance and gullibility. If Obama is elected, it will be in spite of these "spiritual leaders" who are fighting diligently NOT to have him share the spotlight!