Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Garbage or Gaming?

Let's seqway these politics to local. How about this? (copy and paste)http://www.ddtonline.com/articles/2008/09/25/news/news2.txtclipped from today's online DDT paper:

**The city council reaffirmed its commitment to the Delta Blues Casino and convention center on Tuesday, agreeing to take on $4 million of debt from the developers, after the downtown project is completed.****

Greenville faces a $700,000 budget shortfall going into the new fiscal year, which begins on Oct 1. The city has taken out a short-term loan to cover expenses until it can account for the deficit.**

Apparently our Diva Mayor and her Council, all but for Carl McGee and absent Eric Simmons, have found a pot of gold somewhere! 4 MILLION DOLLAR DEBT???? We are $700GRAND plus in the red, as I type and out making a loan that we can not pay back to go with the other bonds (loans)already active thanks to the Mayor's so called election proclamations of "getting Greenville out of the red...yeah right!!!!

"We are losing services, city workers and budget cuts right and left.....yet??? Our city leaders deem that we can afford to take on this kind of mega debt??? Do none of them own a TV or radio, subscribe to the paper, hear word of mouth to know what is happening in the financial world today? Have they lost their minds?

McGee says there will be no income from the property and is against the mega debt commitment....at least ONE is using his head....what are they thinking?? The next election there needs to be some major house cleaning on the Council and of the Mayor, this is outrageous! For now, if we as a city do not rise up and be heard about this, then we have no one to blame but ourselves. I am totally flabbergasted at the "leaders" and their thinking. There must be something in the city hall water that is affecting their brains!

We can not afford a second pick up for garbage or city improvements to buildings, parks or streets, but by golly, we can take on a $4 million dollar debt??????.....unbelievable!!!!

She can't even get FEMA money here for the flooded homes, how does she figure the city can find money later for this mega debt???? I am just stunned and floored!

"We" may not be profiting from this 4 million dollar fiasco, but you can be assured that someone will. Casinos are notorious for "greasing the shoots" through which local politicians have to slide. A million dollars in local "pay-offs" is chump change to these New York moguls!

Question... why do we need another casino? We have two that are dying in the wake of the newest one, which is reported to be in financial trouble already. Why do we keep making the same mistakes and expecting different outcomes?

The only locals who have made money from casinos are those who sold them lake front property or property on Walnut Street. What improvements have we seen as a result of casinos? Have they improved our roads, tourism or added restaurants and quality entertainment? No, they have simply sucked the life out of our impoverished city by draining the pockets of those who can least afford it.

The "welfare capital of our state" does not need another excuse to waste money. Mayor Hudson and all of her cronies need to be impeached and removed from office.

The next time you are cramming your garbage into your already overflowing container... think about it!


Monday, September 22, 2008

Another DRMC Departure

Anonymous said...

I can't believe no one has commented yet on the fact that Florence Jones is leaving DRMC soon for a job in Memphis. What's up?
1:39 PM

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. We at DRMC have not been told this. How do you know?
5:04 PM

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm not surprised. We all knew after her demotion that the KD stint was a mercy job to allow her time to find other employment. At any rate, no love lost with her departure either. Now, if we can just get rid of a couple of others we can throw a REAL party!

It looks as if the old guard is gradually losing its power. Perhaps 2009 will be the year we regain OUR hospital.


Friday, September 19, 2008

Mr. Lowe Speaks Up!

Leland's James Lowe, Sr. responds:

After reading the lengthy article in Sundays August 24th Delta Democrat Times, and reading the response editorial by our Mayor, Barbara Brooks pushed my level of intolerance into high gear response mode. It would not be feasible, or realistic to comment on all charges that were leveled in this medium, however it is clear to me that something serious is going on in Leland that does not meet the eye, such as playing the race card to justify bad behavior, and wrongdoings which are not in the best interest of Leland, or its citizens.

Leland is no different from any other small town in the nation with blighted communities that are in much need of repair, and improvements. The things that concern me most is individuals trying to destabilize established communities by shelving unwanted actions down their throats, and somehow trying to legitimatize it by playing the race card.

The Bible says that the poor will be among us all ways, and there is nothing wrong with helping those among us that are economically challenged, especially if one empowers those individuals to become self sufficient in the process, and also take care of those who are physically, or mentally challenged, and unable to fend for themselves. It is our responsibility at that point to take the role as our brother’s keeper, however in most instances it seems as though we are taking care of the greedy instead of the needy. It seems to me that the logical, or common sense approach would be to go into those challenged communities fix them up so that they would appeal to any person and make them want to live there.

It only boils down to doing the right thing, and having good common sense which somehow seem to elude some of our elected officials. Where people have developed safe neighborhoods with peace, and tranquility leave them alone, and concentrate on those challenged communities that are trying to reach the same objectives. It is high time that we concentrate on fixing up this side of the track instead of trying to move to the others side every time a house becomes vacant.

James W. Lowe, Sr.

In a second letter submitted by Mr. Lowe, he offers this:

I was shocked, and appalled after hearing of the incident concerning the teacher at Leland’s School District who was hospitalized with a concussion, after being struck in the head with a golf ball thrown by unruly disruptive students, also stuck with a tack, and a razorblade placed upright in her desk chair which caused her injury as she sat. The most hideous part of this situation is the fact that the administration swept it under the rug. Let me make this very clear, this was not, and I emphasize NOT done under Dr. Cartlidge’s administration, but under Dr. Richards, and her cronies administration.

This is so sadistic and reprehensible until every citizen in the county should be outraged over this barbaric act. I am appalled, and I promise to see this situation to the end. I say to you the parent of Leland , Mississippi , were you aware that these kinds of atrocities had taken place here in Leland in your schools, and you sat idly by, did nothing, or said nothing.
I have no children in the public schools, however all children of this community are mine, because I am from the old school, and during that time every adult in the community was your parent when your biological parent were not around, and if you was caught acting up, or being unruly you was in serious trouble, however I realize that those gentle times has passed us by now, and I must say that we as citizens of this city must slow down, take a look around, observe, and take notice as to what’s happening to us, and our children.

It seems as if those of us who need societies help the most are the ones who’s kids raise the most havoc in the community, and this by no means mean all of them, there are exceptions to the rule, however we as parent must take control, and see to it that our children are not the ones that you call my little angels when you, and every one around you know that they are hellions. We live in a society now where things are so crucial and dangerous; that it is incumbent upon each of us to look out for each other regardless of the side of track that you live on.

James W Lowe, Sr.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

"Make-overs" in the Delta

Welcome Scoop Fans! The Delta Scoop is getting a "make-over". You will notice a new look to the "Scoop" with many new and enhanced features to come. Please be patient while the site is under construction.

In the interim, you can still submit letters and comments as ususal.

This past Friday, DRMC hosted a grand opening for their new expanded ER, heart center, and neo-natal unit (they have dropped the NICU label as a result of no qualified staff). Although, the new units are impressive, where is the staff... nurses and physicians?

Same old same old said...

I have to admit, as I said, it was faster to get out of there than my past experiences. The prior time that I was there with my poor Alzheimer's diseased relative, who had to wait on a hard gurney for 8 hours before finally being admitted to a room for a severe UTI, trapped in a cubicle with another dementia patient....I thought I would have to admit myself at the end of that day. Now that was bad!

This time, even last time, the staff were doing the best that they could do. I am not knocking the staff, I am knocking the fact of their limitations. One clerk??? Yes, that was my main point.As for the others, yes, I do believe we were taken first due to the severity of my family member's injury. Thank goodness there is a protocol for urgency.

My second point is that there is now a free clinic and these potential patients without insurance should be made aware of this alternative, rather than creating bills that they will not be able to pay and becoming a financial burden on the DRMC. I am not saying that DRMC should turn anyone away without insurance, not at all, I am just saying the free clinic should be more publicized, to prevent the ER becoming a health clinic for those who have no other choices, the free clinic gives them a choice and most likely a shorter waiting period to endure.

And 3 hours is a long time to be sitting and waiting in a 5 X 6 cubicle/room for attention or test results, in comparison to my last 8 though, it was an improvement. There just were not enough physicians on staff to be able to get it covered any faster. At one point, we actually had been forgotten. I suspected so and went to investigate. The nurse was startled to see that we were still there and finally went to get the physician with the results! I hate sitting in those rooms with the door closed just for that reason, out of sight and out of mind is very true.

Even in an efficiently run ER, wait times do frequently seem excessive... from the patients' perspective anyway.

DRMC's inefficiency has to do with staffing. On any given day, even if everyone who is scheduled shows up for work (no call-ins), all units are grossly understaffed. There are both fiscal and political reasons for this lack of staff; all of which have been frequently addressed on the Scoop.

"Same old" does however, touch upon a problem that plagues every hospital in the Delta, which is that hospital ERs are being used as free clinics! This is a problem created by our current system of health care.

While no one can legally be denied services based on their ability to pay, the majority of patients seen in Delta ERs are Medicaid or "self-pay", meaning they have no insurance and the hospital will most likely collect nothing for their services.

Sure, these under-insured patients could go to a free clinic... but why?

Their ER visit will cost them only $3.00 (Medicaid) or nothing if they have no insurance at all. They will see an MD instead of a nurse practitioner and if they need lab, radiology, or additional tests, they get it all done in one stop... for one price.

The bottom line is that the only patients who are dissuaded from going to the ER are the insured. They face an immediate co-payment of from $75 to $150 dollars... and they get the exact same treatment and level of care as those who pay either $3.00... or nothing!

Yes, our health care system in this country is in serious trouble! Regardless of who checks in the White House in January, health care needs to be our number one concern.

As I have often stated, change will not happen until taxpaying citizens demand it.


Thursday, September 04, 2008

Palin... A Credit to McCain

Subject: An Assessment of Sarah Palin-from Alaskan-Chuck Bowman

I met and spoke with Sarah Palin about two years ago at our downtown Park Strip. It is a place for walking, carnivals, political outdoor things and such. She was cooking hotdogs at a fund raiser and introducing herself to the public as a Governor hopeful.

She came by and said the usual "Hi, I'm Sarah Palin and I am running for Governor"...and I expected her to keep on to the next person but she asked me who I was and what I did in Alaska and we ended up talking for 15 minutes about me, Air America (she was all agog!) and my career in the Army and AAM. She is a pilot (Super Cub) I'm told although all she told me about that was that she loved flying.

As I watched her over the next six months as she successfully ran for Governor I was really impressed. I was impressed greatly even before that after she resigned a good position (Alaska Gas and Oil Regulatory Commission) because a fellow Commission member (Chair of the Alaska Republican Party) misused their office and position. He was using the FAX, computers, printing room and all to promote the Republican endeavors while in a State job. That is a huge no-no in any government employment position.

She resigned and made her point and within weeks Randy Ruderich (the above bad guy) found his ass out on the street and a subsequent investigation found him guilty and he was fined $12,000. Small change actually but a giant point was made.Next she went after our most horrible Governor ever, Governor Murkowski, and damned if she didn't beat him! All of us here in Alaska , except the Democrats, are sick of our State's corruption. That fact was shouted to the heavens after she was elected with an overwhelming point spread.

After she got into office she started after corrupt legislators and with the FBI's help we've put four of them in prison, indicted six more and the "Corrupt Bastard's Club" as they arrogantly called themselves (even had hats made with CBC on the front!) suddenly found it no fun anymore. Club membership is now in the toilet!!

The current flap which has cost her a ten point loss of popularity (she's still 82%!) was over firing a popular Commissioner of Public Safety who is responsible for our Alaska State Troopers. She fired him for no STATED reason which was her prerogative as the Gov. He served entirely at her option. She and her whole family had a bad, bad experience with a rogue Trooper who was married to Sarah's sister. His name is Trooper Wooten. This dimwit Trooper had threatened Sarah's father (death threat!), threatened Sarah ("I'll get you too"), tasered his 12 year old stepson, drove drunk in his AST cruiser, got a pass by a fellow Trooper who stopped him for erratic driving a second time while in civvies and just a host of other things not yet released to the public. He got away with it and got another pass by the Commissioner's appointed AST Trooper Internal Affairs investigator with a tiny slap on the wrist. Five days off without pay to be exact!!This maverick Trooper is still on the payroll but only just. The Union intervening saved his malcontent ass. He'll yet get his I'm sure. Incredible heat is being heaped on the Troopers. Public heat, not the Governors office.

The Democrats had the audacity to appoint a obviously biased investigator, Rep. "Gunny" French (so called because he lied about being in the USMC while running for the Legislature) is a staunch liberal and under the orders of Senate President Lyda Green who hates Sarah. She hates Sarah because after being elected Governor Sarah told the whole Legislature in one of her first meetings with them that, quote; "All of you here need some Adult Supervision!!!". Sarah was seriously pissed and not afraid of anyone there. That played wonderfully well with Alaskan's after all of our corruption and after all of her successful battles against a seriously entrenched corrupt government here in Alaska . It pissed off the whole Legislature though! They have stayed pissed but also afraid of her because of her popularity.

She reminds me personally of our Alaska wolverine which will fight anything in it's path if it sees fit to do so. No respect at all for size or position. Wife Cindy is in this category too. Unfortunately.

In closing I must tell you that she is the best, most moral and most focused leader I've seen since President Reagan. I feel, really strongly, that like Alaska the rest of our country will love her within a few weeks. Put simply, she represents middle America like NO leader we've ever had. I think McCain made a totally brilliant move in choosing her. She's a maverick who is probably tougher and more focused than McCain himself....and she won't be a total "Yes Man" or more appropriately, woman. McCain will love her.

In 2012 she will be President.

Well, you have to admit that Sarah hit one out of the ball park on Wednesday! She is a fresh face among a long list of Bush "look-alikes", but behind the face, there is a brain! If Hillary had the oratory gifts of Sarah Palin, she would be her challenger in this election.

If you are looking for answers to our modern day plights, you should turn off your TV. None of the candidates have the answers, but ask us to support their "best efforts". Obama's theme is "change" but with little explanation of what the word means for most Americans. McCain's message is "experience", without any substantive resolutions to our current maladies.

Perhaps the brightest figures in this election are the VP candidates. I, like most, was unfamiliar with Sarah Palin prior to last week; however, she has become a formidable candidate with her speech, her voracity for speaking her convictions and for bringing no "Washington" baggage to the political arena.

Democrat or Republican, you have to admit that this woman publicly stated what we all wanted to hear! Maybe a breast-feeding, soccer mom is what the oval office needs. We have had much worse!