Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lessons We Should Learn

RHS Parent Responds:

To: high school fights are not abnormal said....

Ok, first let me correct you. This was no typical high school fight. There were three adult outsiders arrested on Riverside campus who were involved in a fight inside our school with students. Why were they there? Who was not doing there job for morning duty? We instituted uniforms for this very reason. Now, suppose those outsiders had decided it would be a good idea to bring a weapon to campus. It sounds as if no one would have noticed until it was too late.

Also, this fight was not just a hormonal spur of the moment outburst -- this was a pre-meditated and well discussed plan which had been brought to the attention of our fine Milton Gaston, Sheriff of Washington county as well as RHS officials. Now, both dropped the ball. They all better be thanking their lucky stars that weapons were not involved. Otherwise, CNN and FOX news would be asking why did county and school officials allow this to happen. Those who are trying to downplay this need to wake up. It is serious.

There is no room for violence in our schools and it certainly sounds as if some are trying to make it all ok. ITS NOT. The students involved should be expelled PERMANENTLY. If you choose violence and endanger others you lose your right to a public education. Parents who raise their children to not participate in such are sick of this and want something positive to come from this.

Sign me -- A RHS PARENT

The Riverside "fight" has many disturbing elements, but the breach of security is probably the most alarming. As the RHS parent notes, if weapons had been involved, we would probably be the latest of school tragedies reported on FOX news. We need to learn from this incident and take actions to prevent similar events from occurring.

It is very disturbing that AFTER someone is killed, the cost of increased security is no longer a cost that "we can not afford". What a shame that we can not be more proactive in the Delta!

The Glen Allan busing issue is generally to blame for most all problems at RHS. The truth is that these kids deserve the same quality education as those who live in the RHS district; however, their numbers no longer warrant a separate facility that is fiscally responsible.

When the Glen Allan high school was open, teachers at Riverside and O'Bannon would gripe about Glen Allen teachers making the same salary to teach 8 kids in a class, as opposed to 30. There is no simple solution to the waining numbers of students who inhabit our rural communities, but public education is still a privilege that should be afforded to all.

Lets all get beyond the "blame game" and work together for solutions... to keep us off of FOX News!


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Desperate People

Ex-cop said...

Most of the police are on the take as well. You can bet that money changes hands to keep certain club members out of jail. Sure the police know about the crack houses and prostitution, but with a salary of $30K, you have to supplement your income somewhere.

When they seize all of those drugs and money on the TV raids, how much of it goes right into their pockets before an "official" count is made? Drug money is supposed to go back to the public, so they are just making sure they get theirs right off the top!

Everyone in our city and county government is on the take. How do you think Ray Humphreys and the county supervisors have stayed in power for so long?

It is sad that our police force is only one step away from the thugs and criminals that they "choose" to arrest, but it is true.

Park in any convenience store parking lot along 82 after 7 pm. If you don't see a drug deal openly go down within 15 minutes, you must have blinders on. They don't even try to hide it, because they know that the Greenville mafia will protect (and support) them.

It is sad, but the reality is that they now own and run Greenville! The only escape is to get out of the Delta... quickly!

Although"Ex-cop" provides some disturbing information, I must say that much of it is true. In the past year, I have personally witnessed more than 10 different drug deals "go down" at various convenience stores and on the streets of Greenville. Some were so brazen that I had to honk my horn for them to move. It was obvious what was going on AND that they were oblivious to anyone around them... drugs and money passed hands and they were off to the next deal.

Of course the cops know this is going on... and I must agree with much of what "Ex-cop" alleges. The issue goes back to an earlier post which exposes parents as teachers of crime. Sure, put the 15 year old on the front line. If caught, he will be back on the streets in three days, if killed, he will be martyred for eternity!

The truth is that "desperate people" will take desperate measures to overcome their situation... whether it be drug addiction, unemployment or poverty. We can not apply our common "reason" to their deeds... these are acts of desperation... nothing to lose, because they have nothing!

We have met the enemy... and he is us!


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Halloween... We Should All be Scared!

Anonymous said...

This happened in Greenwood Walmart: Sunday afternoon I thought I would check out the Halloween outfits for the grand kids. I was deciding between two shirts when two black boys came beside me. One stayed behind and the other walked past talking about not knowing what size shoes his baby wore and having to call and find out. When he came back by, he grabbed my wallet from the crook of my arm and took off running. I took off after them hollering to the top of my lungs. I knew they were probably headed to the exit, but I did lose them when I got to the front entrance.

I was on the pay phone outside talking to the police when the one who actually took my wallet came out looking for his car. I told the dispatcher 'He just came out, and I going after him!'someone heard me hollering again in the parking lot and spotted the boy getting into a car. He stood by the car until I got there. There were 3 boys, the boy's mother and some other girl in the car. Of course, they denied taking the wallet, but I knew it was the one in the orange shirt. That same boy threatened to shoot the person if he didn't move. They all got out of the car and by then Walmart's management was there. They told them to just stay put because the police were on their way.

They began to walk back to the store, and we heard one of them say 'It's gone, just get in the car.' They jumped back into the car and sped off about the time the police came up.In the meantime, another associate found my wallet among some clothes. The little over $40 I had in cash was all that was missing.

When the police brought the carload of thugs back, the mother kept wanting to just give me the missing money and let her baby go, that he was sorry. I told her to forget it.

At the police station I found out he is a 15 year old Indianola resident, father of one, and an alternative school student. Sounds like he's on the road to being a model citizen.

He will have to face Kevin Adams, the new Youth Court Judge who I understand doesn't play.

Anonymous said...

They will slap him on the hand and send him on his way. Let us know what happens to him. Criminal parents should be first arrested!

Him?? How about Mom and the others involved? Sounds like the pack was traveling together on their crime spree and Mom was driving the get-a-way car. I call that aiding, abetting and contributing to the delinquency of a minor, as well as accessory! She most of all should have been arrested!With the cops giving her chase, seems like that alone should have gotten her some time in the jail!!!So where did this ball get dropped? The police or the laws? Either way, sounds like the kid and others may have to wait to do a bigger job, get caught and learn the hard lesson that crime does not pay....till then...it does.

Oh, but crime does pay! It pays big in the Mississippi Delta, because we allow "youth offenders" to go free. Criminals have wised up as to how to avoid jail... just get some 15 year old to do the actual crime because if they get caught, we rationalize that "they" are only "children"! They are back on the streets the next week pulling the same scams and stealing from all of our "remaining" merchants.

Ask our Chamber why retail merchants leave Greenville. Most will tell you because of theft... employee theft to be exact. Sears has spent millions of dollars in store surveillance equipment and Greenville continues to be among the highest ranking stores for employee theft. Some are so bold that they are stealing appliances right off the delivery trucks, so they never make it to the store.

How do they get away with this you ask? Because "they" are in charge! They are members of the "entitlement club" which is a pseudonym for the Delta Mafia. As long as you don't blow the whistle on club members, you are allowed to share in the bounty.

Example: What happened to the missing $7 million dollars from the County Tax Collector's office? Anyone been prosecuted or answered for the missing funds? No, because they are club members and have protection from prosecution... as "silent" members in good standing.

The crime in Greenville is completely out of control. Cops are being arrested for domestic violence and DUI, violent crime is on the increase and our local "government" has decided to go "part-time". Wow, it just makes my head spin!

So, what's the answer? The answer is to get rid of all of the "club members" who view stealing and violence as acts of reparation from 100 years ago; to rid our community of those who who'd teach their children to steal to avoid prosecution themselves; to empower our community to stand up for what is right, rather than merely accept what Greenville has become!

The election is upon us, but regardless of whom we elect as President, we will still face the same local challenges and problems for the next 4 years. Neither McCain nor Obama can save the Delta... it is up to us!