Saturday, June 17, 2006

Speak Up Delta!

Okay, it has been over a week since I took the reins as blog-master of the Delta Scoop and no one has submitted any commentaries. I have had several congratulatory messages expressing gratitude for saving the "Scoop", but no real issues on which to expound. Surely, we can not have exhausted all topics of local interest.

Here is one of my concerns. In discussing with friends some of the previous issues addressed on the Scoop, it has been said to me, "I started to write something, but I don't write very well."; or "I wanted to respond, but I thought I would sound stupid."

Okay, let's address three basic points:

  1. This is not a writing contest. It is a blog dealing with local opinions, views and beliefs.
  2. The reason contributors are anonymous is to allow everyone to voice his/her thoughts without fear of being "labeled" or personally ridiculed.
  3. This should be fun! If you want national news or sports, check CNN, but for lively debate and discussion of local topics, the "Scoop" is your place!
As a long time reader, I truly enjoy the spirited "verbal volleys" that often arise on the Scoop. Most of all, I enjoy knowing that there are still people in our community who care about local issues and want to see the Delta grow and prosper. The value of this forum is that it stimulates thought and discussion among us, which is always the first step toward change.

Now, I am off of my soapbox, so hopefully, you will get on yours! Let's hear from you. I am always open to suggestions and new ideas. Let's hear the good, the bad and even the bizarre... so just speak up Delta!



Anonymous said...

Is this thing working?

Local Reflector said...


You drive the blog. You're its leader and if a topical issue arises, by all means set the stage. We'll respond with due measure.

You're thinking something....just write about it. I'm checking the blog daily to see what you have to say.

bill said...

OK, here goes:
1. What is good or getting better about Greenville?
a. Public Education is actually improving at least in the lower grades. I don't know why. Maybe the salaries are drawing in greater qualifications and teaching ability?
b. The city leaders are actually improving in actually doing something rather than talking about what could be done?
2. On the other hand (here it goes) why is it that we pat ourselves on the back so much about our success with "race relations" when in reality there is just as much animosity from the black community, or vice versa depending on one's, ah, perspective. Why don't we just admit there are some differences we can't stand about each other and state those differences? OK now, let's start telling what we don't like about each others' culture or whatever you want to call it.
a. Boom Boom car radios. Why do I still hear it and why are there no tickets issued or fines paid?
b. Why is there a driver's insurance liability law and I haven't heard of one person ticketed or fined or paid a fine?
c. Why doesn't the DDT publish municipal court arrests, convictions and fines levied and/or paid; and why not publish bankruptcies; why not publish more DRMC letters (I know; it's the advertizing budget!)
Add yours here later!

BinxBolling said...

Assuming someone is actually visiting the blog, I will pose two questions for what it's worth. Why did LR drop only the link to Delta Medical Center when he punted? If a tree falls in an uninhabited forest does it still make a sound?

Local Reflector said...

1. The DRMC link was erased because the website hadn't been updated since January. I happened to check it out before cleaning up the website script and handing the reigns to "Forthright."

2. People are still visiting the Scoop, apparently. But, I understand it if they cease to drop by. "Forthright" may be collecting thoughts.

3. I think a tree still makes a noise when it falls. Then again, does sound exist when there's no ear present to interpret the sound waves. Are sound waves and a sound the same thing?

BinxBolling said...

Anonymous said:
Is this thing working?

BinxBolling sez: About as well as Geo Bush and his do-nothing congress! I think I hear a tree falling!