Tuesday, June 13, 2006

"MuchIsUnjust" writes:

Welcome Forthright. I look forward to reading the Scoop under new leadership. Perhaps you should have chosen "Forthwright", meaning that you will be a workman straightforward and direct in your leadership of Delta Scoop.

Thanks, "Much"! There are many meanings to the moniker that I have chosen, yours being one that I certainly hope to live up to. The Delta Scoop already has some excellent contributors, all of whom I hope will stay with me. I also want to reach out to those who remain silent on topics of local interest. Everyone has ideas, beliefs and opinions... so bring 'em on Delta. I will always be Forthright!

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Red Dog said...

Let me congratulate you Forthright, or can I just call you "FR"?, for taking over the Delta Scoop. I personally believe you will enjoy it once you get into the swing of things.

Sometimes LR would use me as his alter ego and ask my thoughts. I offer the same service to you and the new DeltaScoop. Whatever I can do to help you, just ask. I even offer unsolicited advice sometimes, for free!

LR and I have a lot in common on the local politics scene and practically nothing in common nationally. So, whether or not you agree with Red Dog's opinion, you are certainly free to comment on anything on my blog while I'll keep my comments on DeltaScoop confined to the local scene.

Since I too am an ex-patriot, there are many fights that I don't have a dog in and I may send you a friendly e-mail with a suggestion or two.

Most of the readers of this blog don't read RedDog, and that's o.k. because my philosophy is that I use my blog to voice my own opinions and I really don't care if anyone agrees with me or not. I believe I have only censored one comment, because it didn't make sense, was poorly written and named names that were purely speculation on the writer's part.

Now LR is 10 times more principled than me when it comes to that, but somethings you just can't tolerate. Besides, it is your blog now and what you say goes. If anyone doesn't like it......like LR says, blogs are free, get their own.

Anyhow, FR, welcome to the blogosphere and if you need anything, don't hesitate to call on me. You can reach me through e-mail on my blog by clicking on "contact me."

Good Luck and Peace