Tuesday, June 27, 2006

"Scales" Weighs the Options

I have to assume the plan to build a new federal building would be at the taxpayers expense. Agreeing with Forthright WHY!!!.

It has always been apparent to myself that the Feds have always maintained a high level of maintenance for any of their facilities. I wonder now if this becomes a reality where will the new convention center be built? What economy affect will this produce along Walnut St.? What effect it will have on any plans to build a Blues Quarters? What effect it would have on the lingering question of the city to claim Eminent Domain in this area? Could it be that plans to build a convention center or Blues Quarters could possibly be that all these future plans, which we the citizens have no knowledge of, will be moved to the land site of the old Chicago mill area?

Understanding that the possibility that this new building may be in completion with the city of Cleveland in Bolivar County. Just thinking along here, would the new building better serve the people since the new interstate would be coming through Bolivar County with a new bridge at Rosedale. Have we compared the growth rate of Greenville to Cleveland? Do the feds view Greenville as a dying town? Does the Federal Government want Federal business mixed in with week end street parties along Walnut St.? All that property would then become federal property which would include a large parking area possibility consuming the entire block?

If I were a betting man, my money would be on Cleveland where a lot of the federal dollars are being spent for the bridge and interstate. As far as the revitalization contribution stated by the Chamber, I applaud their thoughts and comments, but that's what dreams are made of. Where it stands now has had no impact on the revitalization effort so how would one block down contribute? The new imprinted streets made no significant contributions, Walnut St. has made no outstanding contributions, I would hesitate to even suggest that four lanes of Washington Ave. will be [no] benefit. In my opinion relocating to Cleveland would be more beneficial to Greenville. We then would have lease space in the vacant offices for a variety of local business, Attorney's etc.

Like I said I was just thinking.


Scales poses some excellent questions regarding the impact that a new federal building might have on other proposed downtown revitalization projects. If the Blues Quarter proposal does become a reality, it would seem that a large federal building in the middle of an entertainment district might seem a bit out of place. A modern convention center would certainly attract more people to the downtown area than a new federal building.

As for Cleveland being the Feds' new home, it is certainly a possibility. Cleveland is a thriving community that is extremely involved in recruiting new industry and commerce. If the I-69 route stays as proposed, Cleveland will certainly gain the lion's share of economic benefits.

I have to agree with Scales that linking downtown revitalization with a new federal building seems a bit of a stretch. I will admit that a trip to Lowe's will kill the better part of a boring afternoon, but I just can't see myself calling a friend and saying, "Let's go down to that new federal building and get us a couple of new social security cards".... well, not for a few more years anyway.



Anonymous said...

Since there has been no ground breaking as was plan by the casinos. There may one may think perhaps this spot has been thought over by the federal Government. Surely Mayor Hudson has the answer as to the delay of the ground breaking .Perhaps she has known this for some time she has made no comments as to why we have delayed this ground breaking.

Anonymous said...

Dear fellow MiniTruckers,
It is with great regret to inform you that ASSORTED has decide to cancel SHOWFEST for an indefinite period––possibly forever.

We want to thank everyone who helped us build a club run show from the ground up. We were honored over the years and awed by your enthusiasm and support. Thank you so much for the friendships, the sponsorships, and the volunteers who worked so hard to pull off what seemed like impossible odds at times. We hope we’ve given you some great memories and good times.

Among some of our reasons for this decision are (but not limited to) escalating costs, loss of the Burn Center, safety concerns, lack of dialog with some city officials, negative media, lack of sponsorships, decreasing attendance, and the logistics of trying to move the show to a new location. All of which would have to be overcome by just eight members. And quite honestly...we need a break. It was not an easy decision and we hope that you will understand.

Again, THANK YOU for 11 great years!

Peace out,
“Chunks” Burnley

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