Sunday, June 11, 2006

LR writes:

I'm a statistics person and if the Feds say violent crimes are down over 50%, then I'll take it and congratulate the area for the crackdown! For the longest time, it seemed nothing worked in the effort to slice into the violent trends, but federal intervention seems to be working. It worked in Clarksdale as well during its gang heyday of earlier this decade. Even if they're fudging the stats somewhat, which is equally believable, I'll take the crime data as proof of a better city security situation.

I would like to know which crimes are being listed in compiling a 50% decrease in violent crime. It appears obvious but selective choices can make statistics go up and down. Murders - one in the past year - is wonderful news; it's so wonderful it's nearly unbelievable. My theory is that the violence of recent years was mostly the work of the underworld - victims were targeted over random violence where simple robberies turn deadly, for example. Once a purge is completed, violence would drop, maybe not completely, but it would be reduced.

Sunday's DDT is correct in its editorial. The numbers don't lie and if these statistics continue as they're going (though going 11 months without murder cannot be improved), then perceptions will change.

Maybe the city will release data on the less-than-high-profile crimes like burglary, vandalism and robbery. Maybe I should say that I hope the city will release honest data in those fields. Even if it isn't as good as the murder rate dropping, it could outline challenge for the next local frontier in making Greenville feel safe and be safe for the 90% of its citizens who play by the rules.


Progress is being made on a transfer of the Scoop to someone who, I think, will act in a noble fashion and continue a fine little tradition here. I know I'll be contributing through guest comments, but you'll have someone on the ground to be relevant.

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