Monday, June 19, 2006

"Bill" Booms Out!

1. What is good or getting better about Greenville?

  • Public Education is actually improving at least in the lower grades. I don't know why. Maybe the salaries are drawing in greater qualifications and teaching ability?
  • The city leaders are actually improving in actually doing something rather than talking about what could be done?

2. On the other hand (here it goes) why is it that we pat ourselves on the back so much about our success with "race relations" when in reality there is just as much animosity from the black community, or vice versa depending on one's, ah, perspective. Why don't we just admit there are some differences we can't stand about each other and state those differences? OK now, let's start telling what we don't like about each others' culture or whatever you want to call it.

  • Boom Boom car radios. Why do I still hear it and why are there no tickets issued or fines paid?
  • Why is there a driver's insurance liability law and I haven't heard of one person ticketed or fined or paid a fine?
  • Why doesn't the DDT publish municipal court arrests, convictions and fines levied and/or paid; and why not publish bankruptcies; why not publish more DRMC letters (I know; it's the advertising budget!)

Add yours here later!

"Bill" raises two very important issues here. First, there are aspects of our community which are improving, like elementary education and a reportedly lower crime rate. And for all the heat that Mayor Hudson has endured, we have seen more action of late from our public officials. Perhaps the tide is turning and we are uniting to attack the actual issues that plague Greenville, rather than blaming the "other" group for their existence.

As to Bill's Boom Box issue, it begs the question "why have laws on the books that we don't enforce?" Well, first of all, I would bet that fines have been levied for all of these offences (on occasion). Secondly, laws have a two-fold purpose. One is to punish those who violate them and the other is to serve as a deterrent to those who may consider such actions. Laws reflect a society's values; their enforcement reflects its culture.

While a headline in the DDT proclaiming, "Ten Boom Boxers Busted" might bring joy to the hearts of many, it would spark just as much criticism from those who feel that the police could better utilize their time tracking guns and drugs. Bill's points are well taken.

By the way, since 1912, it has been illegal for a motor vehicle operator to back a moving vehicle from a private driveway onto a public thoroughfare. (But let's just keep that one to ourselves...)



Anonymous said...

red white&blue

Anonymous said...

If the city of Greenville was listed on the stock market how much would the purchase price be and how many shares would you be willing to buy?

I was born and raised here. I have lived here most of my life. You really get a different picture of Greenville if you move away and come back. I have done that on several occasions with my job. I remember the Greenville of old and to see her as it is today makes me want to cry. To see KDH closed, to see General hospital (DRMC as you know it today) and to see Washinton Ave. with its closed business it is so sad, To see crime like it is. I don't personally belive we have had 54% drop in violent crime. There is a lot of crime that the general public is not aware of.