Sunday, June 25, 2006

Boon or Boon-doggle?

I read with great interest, the article in today's DDT regarding the building of a new federal building. One proposed site is the old Stein Mart location, literally one block away from the federal building's current location. The only thing I did not understand from the article is why we need a new federal building. If I am not mistaken, the current structure was build in the 1960's and designed for the then perceived "growth" of Greenville.

The last time I was in the federal building, it did not seem dilapidated or in severe disrepair. Sure, it is a bit dated, but does that warrant the expenditure of countless tax dollars for a new building?

Since the main post office will remain in its current location, what is the plan for the rest of the current federal building? If there is no plan, my guess would be that the net result of this project will yield two things: first, increased tax liability for all residents and second, more empty space in downtown Greenville.

Sure, it would be great to see a new facility being built in downtown Greenville, but it would also be great to drive down Main extended and not have to dodge pot holes or "hazard markers", (the city's latest low cost solution).

I am not opposed to any project which will help Greenville regain its once vital downtown; however, I do not understand how moving an existing service building one block away is going to enhance the downtown. Will it provide new or better services and create jobs? Will its new location be more convenient... one block away? Maybe I am behind the 8 ball on this one, but I would love for someone to reveal the logic and inherent value behind this building proposal.


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