Monday, June 12, 2006

A Bold New Adventure

Never let a good thing go... and the Delta Scoop is a good thing! As an avid reader of the "Scoop", I could not sit idly by and see the Local Reflector's diligent efforts to solicit our ideas, views and beliefs, simply become a historical footnote.

Therefore, with great trepidation, I have agreed to take the reins as the Delta Scoop's new "Blog-master". Having no experience on this side of a blog, I ask that you all be patient with my technical skills. Local Reflector has agreed to remain active throughout this transition for which I am truly grateful.

No, I do not know the identity of the "Local Reflector". I accepted his invitation to continue the Delta Scoop as blindly as he offered it. I only hope that I can live up to the tradition of lively conversation that sparks new ideas. I am very appreciative of LR's trust in me to continue his "brain-child" in the true spirit of debate. I also want to thank all of those who have shared their ideas on the Delta Scoop and hope you will continue. This is a forum about ideas, opinions, and beliefs. It's goal is to stimulate thought and conversation. It has certainly done that for me.

Since LR wishes to retain his well deserved moniker, I shall assume the name "Forthright".

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Local Reflector said...

That fact that you stepped forward "Forthright" is a giant step in my book. This is a small but dedicated crowd that gathered on basis of the word-of-mouth. Your advertising budget is $0, so it will require local intellects to spread the word.

The fact is that the Delta's smartest people are too scared to speak their mind, even through anonymity. That means you endorse all of what's happening around us and in many cases violate their inner compass. This crowd likes to read but not contribute. They save their philosophical ammunition for the mundane topics -getting personal when "getting personal" makes no sense.

I took a risk launching the Scoop in 2004. Paychecks and reputations were on the line. They aren't any longer. Now, it's memories and friends I rarely hear from and wonder when I'll see again.

Thank you, "Forthright." The local world is your oyster. Now offer some philosophical pearls!