Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Progress or Promotion?

Anonymous said...

To the conceited, smug, and asinine "anonymous" contributor (and obviously a Ray Ray fan) who took a cheap shot at other's grammatical errors...you OBVIOUSLY have never heard Ray's own Mazie Whalen speak or read one of her emails! It is quite entertaining to the staff at DRMC!

I was in that leadership team for a long time and I can ASSURE you that those who support Ray are definitely not set apart by higher education or intelligence. In fact, he only selects those who always say, "yes sir, Mr. Humphreys".

He is intimidated by anyone with a brain capable of forming their own opinion and courageous enough to express their views. Yes, a few of the poor "dissidents" whom you claim are ill spoken and uneducated might surprise you. I, for one, will match wits with you ANY day of the week. I'm sure I can toss out just as many big words as you can.

So, your ploy to have readers believe that this blog is only fed by stupid and uneducated folks won't work. If someone hits a wrong key when submitting an entry, who cares? I find it odd that you feel the need to degrade others as they share their opinions and experiences. Just because you label all non-Ray supporters as incompetent, assume they have terrible grammar, and claim their reasoning is "unsound", doesn't make it so.

Another reader suggests....

I don't think a Coronary Unit or a Heart Program at DRMC is a bad idea or a waste of money.The Delta leads the country in terms of cardiovascular disease. Nationwide, Cardiologists are among the top 3 specialties bringing revenue to hospitals.

Even if the Cardiovascular Surgeon is not operating much (which I doubt it), without his presence, Cardiologists cannot perform any kind of invasive procedures to treat blocked coronary arteries acutely.

Jackson could be a loooong way with a ruptured artery around your heart, specially if it is your mama. Lets give Mr.Humphreys the benefit of the doubt and at least wait until these additions start functioning before criticizing them.

A Former Nurse said...

There is nothing wrong with a Heart Center program, a NICU or an LTACH. The problem is DRMC DOESN'T HAVE THE STAFF! They don't have the doctors or the nursing staff for these speciality units.

Why mislead the public in to false security. DRMC's one heart surgeon loses about 5 out of every 6 patients. I would rather spend my last 2 hours of life being driven toward a competent surgeon in a clean hospital! Even if you survive a surgery at DRMC, you will probably die from the MRSA... a deadly infection acquired from substandard post-op care.

Ray just wants to boast about HIS specialty programs, but when you look at these programs closely... they are either nonexistent, or even worse, dangerous. If you sleep well based on the presence of DRMC's heart center, I bid you peace.

Rest in Peace!

The only thing that readers seem to agree upon is that DRMC needs a major overhaul in leadership. It frightens me that so many employees can be intimidated into silence by this dictator. DRMC is a public, county owned and operated, tax supported facility that is accountable to every tax payer in the Delta.

If you think Ray Humphreys is doing a good job, sit back and wait for your loved one to become the next victim of this medical mortuary. When you personally witness and/or experience the horrors of this death chamber, perhaps you will be moved to demand change.

Unfortunately for your loved one, it may be too late!



Anonymous said...

Somewhere along the line everyone seems to forget that although DRMC is owned by Washington County it is regulated by the MS Department of Health. Anyone who has a valid complaint about the care they or a loved one have received need to file a complaint with the state. Ray Ray and Allyson don't control the state regulators! The state does not play around when it comes to issuing license to and certifying a hospital to operate. Since our local hospital board and board of supervisors are dragging their feet about putting an end to all crap going on at DRMC our only hope to ending the Ray Ray reign is by insisting the state investigate the substandard care.

Just sign me,
Ready to put this baby to bed

Anonymous said...

I agree with "Ready to put this baby to bed". Also, a financial audit by an outside independent CPA firm might shed some light on the true financial status of DRMC. It would also expose any inappropriate expenditures.

Concerned taxpayer

Anonymous said...

Oh my, if you feel Ray would not be astute-enough to hide behind an audit, why do you think Woody resigned? He is clever with his creative mathematics. Poor Courtney is relegated to the function of insuring it’s validity.

If you wish...put it to bed... always remember if you lie down with dogs you might get fleas.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous at 5:25pm

Apparently you underestimate the intelligence and skills of investigative CPAs, especially those who have experience with hospital audits and "astute" hospital administrators and accountants.

I think you have missed the point of the above comments which, by the way, were attempts to help resolve the problem. Anonymous rabble-rousing is much less effective than a proactive approach where one takes logical and sometimes drastic measures to expose and eliminate a problem.

If substandard care is an issue, then notify the MS Department of Health. They will investigate. If misappropriation of funds is an issue, then by all means, an audit should be done. Nip it in the bud!

The dog and flea statement indicates a hostility toward those who actually are your allies but refuse to participate in unsubstantiated information and non-stop whining. Enough is enough. There comes a time to quit belly-aching and take action.

Concerned taxpayer

Anonymous said...

Dear Forthright,

You surprise me. History has shown that millions of unsuspecting people and nations experienced and were victimized by totalitarianism. The whole concept is based on instilling fear into the masses. Do you think the DRMC administrative (governmental) style is original? I bet coercive dominance has been studied thoroughly and the techniques applied (on a smaller scale) to DRMC. "Big Brother is watching". Does that bring back memories? Maybe you are too young to remember.

Totalitarian regimes systematically destroy trust between individuals by rendering every citizen (DRMC staff members) a potential informer for the state (DRMC administration). Spontaneous collective defense actions by dissidents (free-thinking and difficult to fool DRMC staff) are suppressed (fired, driven off, or moved to a less influential position). Of course, people are afraid to speak out because it will get back to administration! The informants (usually those in supervisory / middle-management roles) are so anxious to win the favor of the administrator (dictator) and keep their jobs; they will betray their own co-workers, friends, and staff. Totalitarian regimes undermine honorable and acceptable ethical and moral codes, thereby "normalizing" moral transgressions and wrongdoings. This will eventually lead to the eradication of altruistic behavior towards others. Very sad situation. History keeps repeating itself. Will we ever learn?

Due to deficient communication or censored communication (propaganda), the people are trapped in an outlandish world (hospital) where nothing is known for certain. Any explanation, however ridiculous and far-fetched, seems plausible to the people (employees) that have been brain-washed by the psychological ploys of a dictatorship.

One of the most common explanations given for complicity in a totalitarian system is the fear of harm (in DRMC's case:loss of employment and income) to themselves (staff) and their families. I highly suspect that this is the fear tactic used by the current DRMC totalitarian regime. Maybe for some employees, finding another job is feasible, but for the majority it is probably not an option.

"Ready to put this baby to bed" and "Concerned taxpayer" are right. It is time for the "masses" at DRMC to put an end to this mess. You have the power, inside knowledge, and evidence – use it! The DRMC administration, hospital board, and county supervisors need to understand that the people of Washington County are listening and watching.

History and Psychology Buff