Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Headless "Horsemen"

Anonymous witnessed...

I was one of those outsiders who attended the extravaganza at Harlows. Wow, what a spread! Alcohol was flowing and the tables were filled with massive amounts of shrimp and prime rib. Yum.

For some reason, they invited spouses...how odd for a coding seminar? And yes, Ray Ray was there; wining and dining his providers. Funny thing is, halfway thru the speaker's presentation, he confidentially rose from his seat with his wife at his side and left. I guess he made it for cocktail hour and ate a good meal and he was done. Just like he is gonna do the folks at DRMC.

He will be gone in a flash after he has feasted on DRMC. And, yes, he had his little blackberry companion there with him, Alphe. Mazie was present too smiling like there was no tomorrow ready for a "yes sir, Mr. Humphreys" on command.

And, let's not forget Allyson, large and in charge in her stiletos. There is no telling how much that deal cost and just today I was in the hospital listening to nurses being sent home for "low census" as their nurse manager assured them, "we gotta be productive, they are watching us closely". What a JOKE!

How productive is that brand spanking new NICU? It is a lonely unit with no docs or nurses. Ray is such a brilliant visionary, isn't he? This board should be ASHAMED of themselves. They know full well exactly what is going on and they allow it to continue.

We can only surmise that the board is IN on it all or else surely someone would do their job and put a stop to this irresponsible team of liars who identify them as the DRMC administration! When will it end??

A "coding seminar"... indeed? I wonder how Ray instructed the accounting department to "code" this little extravaganza on the books? Is there no end to this man's blatant disregard for public trust?

Ray is a "con-man" pure and simple. Literally run out of Hattiesburg, Ray stumbled into the Delta where he found a political system so steeped in corruption, ignorance and apathy, that even his malicious deeds would pale by comparison. He quickly "purchased" a few prominent Docs by offering them ultimate control and power over the DRMC dynasty in return for their support... a sweet deal for all!

Like a puppeteer, Ray could stay in the shadows, pulling the strings, while the "Docs" called the shots. Ray is the perfect front-man with his Bible-thumping humility and phony smile. Who would not trust this deacon of the church... surely he would not lie to us?

So who controls DRMC today you ask? Is it the board of trustees or supervisors? No, they are simply "pawns" who were hand-selected by Ray for their complicity and "silence". The power behind DRMC is a select group of physicians, formally known as the "horsemen". They tell Ray when to dance and when to "sit out".

The "horsemen" revel in Ray's stupidity, for at the end of the day, their jobs are secure. When Ray falls, they will be the first group to indict his character and they shall all rally to challenge his motives. At this point, Ray shall simply move on and we can only hope that we have derived some lesson from fallen empires.



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White Out! said...

Good point! He can't fire everyone since he barely has any staff left. It will take the employees making their voices heard to the board members. We can talk all we want but they are the ones that are suffering by this dictator.

Since they are sending you home anyway, just get together and call in sick on the same days. Let Ray figure out how to run a hospital without any nurses. Do this a couple of times and maybe the board will ge the message that no one is happy with the current adminnistration.

Your individual voices will never be heard. Get together and your message will be clear as a bell. Administrators are a dime a dozen, but you cant run a hospital without nurses.

Anonymous said...

I'm not familiar with Hospital Administration, but am a Greenville native and taxpayer and educated citizen. I read the DeltaScoop to stay informed on the issues that may be below the average radar.

I don't know anything personally about Mr. Hunphreys. It doesn't sound good for him, based on what I've read here over these last few years. I do wish, though, that the people who support his agenda would speak up and say something,

Anonymous said...

Its going to have to be an all out strike!.. Even the towns people need to speak up.. Picket signs and marching in front of the hospital is the only thing that will have your word heard!

Anonymous said...

That will do no good. They will only hire travel nurses at extremely high rates to fill the void. And the care will go down further.

The other departments are not cared about anyway, and that can also be hired out.

Anonymous said...

To the Anonymous poster three comments up: You won't hear from Mr. Humphreys' supporters because only the dissidents speak in this forum. But if they DID choose to speak here, they would be set apart by their proper grammar, correct spelling, and sound reasoning. I'm not saying that Mr. Humphreys is right, but an uneducated lynch mob mentality is a very dangerous one.

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Squeak up! said...

The easier direction would be pressure on the DRMC Board and the Washington County Supervisors for accountability for our patient dollars and our tax dollars! Call you Supervisors! Call the Board! Raise cain, write letters in the paper, be bold! The squeaky wheel gets greased, make some noise!

Anonymous said...

any comments on benjy nelken's article on the cvb. it was very interesting.

Anonymous said...

To the conceited, smug, and asinine "anonymous" contributor (and obviously a Ray Ray fan) who took a cheap shot at other's grammatical errors...you OBVIOUSLY have never heard Ray's own Mazie Whalen speak or read one of her emails! It is quite entertaining to the staff at DRMC! I was in that leadership team for a long time and I can ASSURE you that those who support Ray are definitely not set apart by higher education or intelligence. In fact, he only selects those who always say, "yes sir, Mr. Humphreys". He is intimidated by anyone with a brain capable of forming their own opinion and courageous enough to express their views. Yes, a few of the poor "dissidents" whom you claim are ill spoken and uneducated might surprise you. I, for one, will match wits with you ANY day of the week. I'm sure I can toss out just as many big words as you can. So, your ploy to have readers believe that this blog is only fed by stupid and uneducated folks won't work. If someone hits a wrong key when submitting an entry, who cares? I find it odd that you feel the need to degrade others as they share their opinions and experiences. Just because you label all non-Ray supporters as incompetent, assume they have terrible grammar, and claim their reasoning is "unsound", doesn't make it so.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Anonymous,

I am not a "Ray Ray fan" or supporter. I don't utilize the DRMC facility. My point was that poor communication skills---whether written or spoken---make one's argument less effective.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with the statement that doctors' salaries at DRMC are too high or that it is at all part of the financial problem of the hospital.
In contrast with an administrator or another kind of hospital employee, doctors actually bring revenues. They do it not only from their direct clinical activities, but also from admiting patients to the hospital, ordering expensive tests, etc.
The benefit of having doctors goes beyond the hospital walls. Local durable medical equipment companies, home health and hospice agencies, pharmacies, pharmaceutical representatives, etc, depend on doctors to keep their doors open or their jobs. Also, doctors buy houses, shop locally, put their kids in schools, hire people, eat in our restaurants, join our clubs, etc...
Needless to say, they provide a priceless service to the community.
Yes, Greenville doctors are well paid, but how else are you going to be able to recruit them to this area? What other incentives can we offer them to establish their practices in Greenville?

Anonymous said...

You don't recruit un-necessary specialties to an area that cannot support them because of the high uninsured and indigent care population that Greenville and Washington county has. You don't build un-necessary hospitals or wings that this area does not and can not support. If you don't do that, then you don't have to send your employees home all of the time.

Anonymous said...

The issue is to provide services to the community and the surrounding areas, so sick people don't have to travel hours for these.
I would like to know what are those "un-necessary" specialties?

Anonymous said...

Ummm, NICU comes to mind. Jackson is not that far away. DRMC's market share cannot support this, and it is doomed to fail before it even opens, because there are no specialized nurses and doctors to staff it.

Heart hospital. Nothing wrong with the "heart hospital program" that is being used now. With only doing about 6 patients a month, that is not enough volume to support building an entire wing for this. That money could have been better saved for something more needed for the community. Or not spent and pay your employees their full time salary and not send them home. How can anyone pay their bills being sent home all of the time??? And then you do not pay them for all of their earned leave time because you deduct the hours that they did not "work", even though you sent them home in the first place?????

ER was needed, but until the community appreciates it and stops tearing it up, physically, before it is even opened fully, the image will stay the same. The community does not care. They do not take care of things, and before long the new facility will be as run down as the old one was.

Anonymous said...

The county officals must not know what is going on at drmc. I have been reading this blog for a long time and there is always someone talking down RAY RAY. Can it really be as bad as people say and our elected officals do not know what is going on.

Anonymous said...

I don't think a Coronary Unit or a Heart Program at DRMC is a bad idea or a waste of money.
The Delta leads the country in terms of cardiovascular disease. Nationwide, Cardiologists are among the top 3 specialties bringing revenue to hospitals.
Even if the Cardiovascular Surgeon is not operating much (which I doubt it), without his presence, Cardiologists cannot perform any kind of invasive procedures to treat blocked coronary arteries acutely. Jackson could be a loooong way with a ruptured artery around your heart, specially if it is your mama.
Lets give Mr.Humphreys the benefit of the doubt and at least wait until these additions start functioning before criticizing them.

Anonymous said...


A Former Nurse said...

There is nothing wrong with a Heart Center program, a NICU or an LTACH. The problem is DRMC DOESN'T HAVE THE STAFF! They don't have the doctors or the nursing staff for these speciality units.

Why mislead the public in to false security. DRMC's one heart surgeon loses about 5 out of every 6 patients.

I would rather spend my last 2 hours of life being driven toward a competent surgeon in a clean hospital! Even if you survive a surgery at DRMC, you will probably die from the MRSA... a deadly infection acquired from substandard post-op care.

Ray just wants to boast about HIS specialty programs, but when you look at these programs closely... they are either nonexistent, or even worse, dangerous.

If you sleep well based on the presence of DRMC's heart center, I bid you peace. Rest in Peace!

Anonymous said...

All too often there are a few people in the world who would rather complain, than actually act for the betterment of a problem. Untill you can actually give a clear definition of what needs to be done to fix a situation, you are simply part of it. quit complaining, get off your butt, and act. As a side note if you really want action, you actually have to do something, acting high and mighty, might not be the best way to ganer support to a cause. especially whn it is clear that since you feel wronged you would rather tear everything down than lift it up.

Anonymous said...

Former Nurse...you speak the truth! I couldn't agree with you more.

Anonymous said...

Former nurse is absolutely correct.
I agree that there needs to be an independent audit. Someone needs to look at the real set of books.
The physician practice portion really needs to be looked at very carefully. Ray Ray has got to go.
He has ruined DRMC. There would not be any employees in the building if there were other jobs to be had. The community has got to come together and rid Greenville of this man and his band of theives.

Rainman said...

After viewing deltascoop for sometime now and reading the many comments that have been posted, I find it necessary to comment on many of the "facts" that a variety of contributors have presented.
First in relation to the event held at Harlows:
1. Harlows was the only facility large enough and available at the time for the number of people that were coming.
2. This was a continuing medical education event (CME)open to a wide variety of medical professionals in the region served by Delta Regional Medical Center.
3. There wasn't any executive suite. In fact the event was held in the foyer of the auditorium at Harlows.
4. The speaker was paid for by an educational grant; not paid for by Delta Regional Medical Center.
5. The food and refreshments were all paid for by pharmaceutical companies that had display tables at the event.
6. Ray Humphreys as I recall had one glass of wine, red to be specific.
7. Mr Humphreys left the event early because he had to be on the road by 4am the next morning to go to Jackson for a series of meetings regarding Medicaid and the negative impact cutbacks would have on Delta Regional Medical Center and many other facilities in the State.
8. I have never observed Allyson Williams wearing stileto heals.
9.A comment made by an anonymous contributor about another writers "cheap shot" at other contributors grammer engaged in the same tactics by attacking Mazie Whalen.
10. A former nurse wrote that Delta Regional Medical Center's one heart surgeon loses 5 out of 6 of his patients. Totally untrue.
11. The NICU isn't productive at this time because it hasn't opened as yet. It is scheduled to open the end of August. As to the need for such a unit, I can only imagine what a new mother would say if she had given bith to a child needing a NICU and was told that her new baby would have to be transported to Jackson or Memphis, as is the case now.
12. As for the need for a heart program; given the area we live and the prevelence of heart disease there should be little question.
13. Curious wrote that Mr Humphreys had made the comment that Delta Regional Medical Center had lost money for three since purchasing Kings Daughters Hospital. The fact is that only 3 months have had a loss since then. Quite a feat in healthcare these days given the area Delta Regional Medical center serves. By the way, Delta Regional Medical Center is audited every year.
13. With regard to the LTACH; this program will be funded and operated by an outside company, and will not drain any resourses from Delta Regional Medical Center.In fact, Delta Regional Medical Center will gain from this operation through fees and expenses paid to DRMC from this outside company.
Finally I would like to make an observation based upon many years in business. When people lack facts , information, and or substance when making negative comments about almost anything, they resort to personal attacks on individuals to carry their argument. Does this ring a bell? To the person who went to the CME event at Harlows then posted all those untrue negative comments; why did you even bother to attend?
Enough said for now.....

Anonymous said...

Rainman, you obviously have not been around long enough to have suffered ray's wrath. Do you really think that all of these folks posting here have just gotten together to conspire a series of lies against ray? Get real! And, as for ray leaving early to get to Jackson, what an embarrasment! His reputation is unfortunately well known around our state and its not one he should be proud of! He was appointed to that committee because he is friends with a local supporter and close confidante of Gov. Barbour. That is his only qualification! Face it, he has destroyed DRMC.