Monday, June 30, 2008

Rascals and "Road-Kill"

Anonymous said...

To former employee...I, too, am a former employee and while I don't think all of DRMC's problems are to be blamed on administration; I do believe the current administration has made numerous terrible decisions which has resulted in the lowest morale I have ever seen. I'm not sure how long you were around, but count me in for 20+ years. I still am abreast on the happenings I have many friends who are employed there still.

Now, I can tell you that I LOVED my job. I loved the hospital and my co-workers. However, over the last 7 years since Ray Humphreys took over, the place has become "a whole new world". (Were you around for his let's have fun at work campaign a few years ago when we all had to watch videos of folks throwing fish and he posted signs all around that said its a whole new world?? ).

Well, i can tell you former golly, it IS a whole new world. However, 99% of staff, both clinical and non -clinical will tell you that his new world is no happy place. Yes, hospitals including DRMC have always and will continue to suffer thru nursing shortages and other problems inherent to healthcare. However, there is no damn way you can ever convince me and most of the other staff that your idyllic opinion of the Camelot administration you describe is the truth. Dream on, former. I have seen this evil administration treat people who have dedicated their entire careers to healthcare in Greenville like trash.

Ray and his "team" have no concern for anything except power and money. They could care less about indigent healthcare, services the Delta need (the Burn Center comes to mind), or even personal lives who are destroyed by their actions. Ray can't have it both ways. He has been bragging about how DRMC is in the black and now he announces to our state that the medicaid tax bill will drive DRMC further in the red? I remember that Ray Humphreys made a comment that our former director of nurses had been there so long that she may have lost her "effectiveness".

Well, I say Ray has lost his. Get him the hell outta here. It is time to re-build our healthcare system and hope its not too late.So, Former, I do appreciate your opinion, but trust me, the majority of us do not feel the same way. And, based on past postings, I do believe that Forthright is a very smart person who has an incredible knowledge of healthcare and the dynamics of the Delta (something tells me this ain't Forthright's first rodeo) ; )Keep telling the truth, Forthright.

There are many of us who applaud you everyday. Give em hell!!

Anonymous said...

Why in the world would Ray Humphreys be the Representative on such a matter ? This totally confuses me.

He is the laughing stock among so many in the medical field as it is and i am not talking just about in Greenville and DRMC. I had to recently go to Jackson to see a Ear Nose Throat specialist because we do not have one in Greenville and during a conversation about Gville and our medical community i am convinced that without new administration we will not recruit qualified physicians to Greenville. I do not care to elaborate but Ray Humphreys was not well thought of.

Makes me wonder what in the world is our Hospital Board waiting on because this goes a lot farther beyond a few disgruntled employees.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I too, went out of town for a surgical opinion. I was surprised to hear the comments made about Ray Humphreys and the mess he has DRMC in these days. It seems that we are well known throughout our state for our medical community, but not for anything we should be proud of!

Also, is anyone else sick of seeing "We're growing too" in crop fields?? If we are so concerned about finances at the hospital, what genius decided we needed to post signs in our fields?

Brilliant, I say, just brilliant!!!!!

Well, Mr. Munford, what say you? It seems that Ray's reputation has spread throughout the state! I suppose that the "Delta Scoop" is to be blamed for this as well...

The truth is that Ray is politically dead. No slight of hand or magical wizardry can revive this man's shattered career or rejuvenate his lost trust by the public... and he has no one to blame, but himself. The Medicaid debacle provides a convenient door through which Ray can exit quitely, blaming the state for his downfall.

As he waivers on the fence between health care and big tobacco, he has the audacity to serve as the self-appointed "spokesperson" for our medical community. What a joke!

Ray is political "road-kill" and those who support his tyranny are destined to be the same. As was once said of Richard Nixon by a White House press-team member, "Dick Nixon knew that he was a crook, but he also knew that his survival depended on convincing the public that he was not." "His ultimate downfall was going before the public and telling that one last lie."



Anonymous said...

i am hearing there may be a resignation in the works. hmmm?

Anonymous said...

A resignation indeed! Allyson Williams will be leaving.

Anonymous said...

Are the rats now leaving the sinking ship? Blaming it on the blog and what the children hear?

Anonymous said...

I would love to know what is really going on--anyone know?

Anonymous said...

She is jumping ship, and has a new job. That would explain her "emergency" vacation days a few weeks ago. No brainer.

Anonymous said...

please tell us more! where is the new job? in state or out? what happened with her kids? or is that just an excuse? who will be next?

Anonymous said...

Allyson is going to Glenwood in Monroe, La. Can't say that anyone I know will miss her!

Anonymous said...

I think her leaving has more to do with the 50 million dollar debt Ray Ray has rapidly bestowed upon DRMC. A small community hospital can't handle this kind of debt. She has assisted Ray Ray in doing this and clearly sees the end coming swiftly. Isn't it strange that she quickly found a job at Glenwood Regional, which by the way is owned by IASIS Healthcare. IASIS owns 15 hospitals across the USA, none of which are in Mississippi. I'm sure they would love to get into the Mississippi region. I wonder if Ray Ray is associated with IASIS? I bet once DRMC is purchased by some healthcare corporation at a reduced foreclosure price, Ray Ray will get one big bonus check just in time for his retirement. I can just see him sitting in his retirement lake house (not in Glen Allan) tinkering with all the expensive high tech gadgets / computers DRMC has purchased for him over these last few years. I'm sure Allyson will get a bonus too. Don't let these people pull your heart-strings. They know exactly what they are doing! They will leave DRMC high and dry, with no remorse. Rumor has it Ray Ray's lake property in Glen Allan is up for sale.

More from the DDT said...

Legislature fails to act on Medicaid
Thursday, July 3, 2008 3:00 PM CDT

JACKSON - Gov. Haley Barbour defended his Medicaid plan on Wednesday morning, but state legislators left the Capitol at the end of the day still deadlocked on how to fund the program's $90 million deficit.

Barbour said his plan, which would levy a $167.25 per day tax on hospital patients, does not place “an overwhelming new financial burden on hospitals,” as critics have asserted.

Instead, the plan would increase the amount hospitals already pay by just six-tenths of one percent, Barbour said in a press statement.

Barbour also said that while Mississippi hospitals would pay $200 million collectively under the new plan, they would get back $1.25 billion in reimbursements - approximately six dollars in return for every dollar they pay.

Delta Regional Medical Center CEO Ray Humphreys has said that the higher tax would cause the hospital to lose $1.7 million a year, on top of a $3 million annual deficit it already faces. The further financial losses would force Humphreys to cut staff and essential programs at the Detla's only full-service hospital.

Barbour closed his statement with an exhortation that “we quit talking and start doing.”

But both houses of the legislature adjourned on Wednesday afternoon without addressing the Medicaid crisis.

The House remains opposed to the hospital tax plan even though the governor supports it and the Senate passed it, House Medicaid Chairman Dirk Dedeaux, D-Perkinston, said on Wednesday afternoon.

The House leadership wanted to fill the Medicaid deficit by raising the cigarette tax, but they are willing to compromise by funding the program with a combination of tobacco and hospital taxes, according to Dedeaux.

But Lt. Governor Phil Bryant blocked a tobacco tax bill in the Senate last week, effectively killing hope for a similar bill in the House.

Sen. Eugene “Buck” Clarke, R-Hollandale, said on Tuesday that the Senate would compromise with the House by providing extra funding to the safety net hospitals that would be hurt by the hospital tax.

“(Those funds) would be available to supplement DRMC,” Clarke said.

Dedeaux, however, said this plan was “not an acceptable solution” because it favors too heavily the Senate's side of the Medicaid debate.

“They're saying, ‘Give us everything we want and we'll promise we'll give you something you want,' ” Dedeaux said.

Barbour has said repeatedly that he would slash Medicaid by more than $300 million if the House did not approve his hospital tax plan. Though the new fiscal year began on Tuesday, Barbour has not yet made any cuts to the program, which covers approximately one in four Mississippi residents

Anonymous said...

The beginning of the end!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what is going on in Bolivar county with their ambulance service. I have been told that the service there now is being investigated for noncompliance of state ems laws, and that they are seeking bids on a new service. Thank god from what i know we have a excellent ambulance service in washington county.

Anonymous said...

Where is the update???

Anonymous said...

No one believe's the made up story of AW's son fighting because of the Scoop! All that story did was create more interest for employees to read the blog!

Anonymous said...

It's time to load the lifeboats... Damn the crew... CEOs and other criminals first!

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous at 2:49 pm,

I agree. That story was just another manipulative attempt to stop people from posting entries on the Scoop. Similar to the letter from the hospital lawyer! If scare tactics don't work they will try the pity route.

Now it is Ray Ray's time to resign and he can take DRMC's worthless Board of Trustees with him. If the Washington County Board of Supervisors can giveth, why can't they also taketh away? Surely, the citizens of Washington County don't have to tolerate ineffective "appointed" hospital board members that have participated in running our community hospital into the ground financially. Let's get rid of them!!!

Anonymous said...

GCS had a meeting with the new headmaster last night. any updates on that? i hear they are having to combine classes due to the small # of students. how can they survive like this?

Anonymous said...

I heard that a well-heeled parent of one senior was keeping it afloat long enough for his child to graduate. After that, the future of GCS depends on a miracle. Our economy is tanking, but that particular private school was in trouble way before the economic picture turned sour.

Anonymous said...

Any truth to Lake Washington Baptist Church taking over Emmanual's role at GCS? I heard that Emmanual spent $60,000 on the school. Don't know if that is true or not. Sometimes you just have to cut your losses.

Anonymous said...

Haven't heard that, but saw an ad in tonight's paper about a K-12 Christian academy opening at the church across from Gino's. That church has been fading away for years. I wasn't sure they were even still operating. What is it about some religious folks that make them think that they have the answer to education? Do they not see that our economy cannot support a dual-school private/parochial education? We can't even get our public school's act together. Kudos to the person or persons who figured out what was going on in Bolivar County as far as the misappropriated grant funds were concerned. Our public "educators" are lining their own pockets with funds that are meant to help our children. I've heard this for years. I know of one private-industry CEO whose company donated a dozen or more PCs to a particular public school in Greenville via the Adopt-a-School program. He returned within the year to check on the school. NO COMPUTERS. They had all walked out of the building. No thefts were reported. Those computers went home with teachers or were sold.

My friend curtailed his support of the GPS immediately.

Anonymous said...

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