Monday, June 09, 2008

Letters... From all Sides

Hi Forthright,

The latest news from DRMC? Well, the rumor around campus is that one of the high powered physicians employed by DRMC has a nephew who works for Microsoft. Supposedly he is busy cracking your identity as well as the identity of all contributors to the Delta Scoop with his high tech computer skills. Apparently, those who are "exposed" will be swiftly and severely punished. Just thought you might want to know Ray's latest scare tactic. Surely the Microsoft employee would be in trouble if he did such a thing?

Ray is such a coward that he won't respond to valid questions about the serious trouble the hospital is in. Yet, he sits in his office all day barking orders to destroy the one forum anyone feels they can safely voice their concerns. This blog definitely gets his goat because he knows the truth is told and he doesn't like it one bit.

Keep up your good work,

Hoping for Ray's Exit Soon!

If Ray intends to prosecute all of the contributors to the "Scoop" who have expressed disfavor with his administration, we had better get started on that new jail!

Indeed, it is quite sad that Ray Humphreys is more focused on revealing the identities of bloggers than he is about the hospital that is crumbling around him.

Tune in tomorrow, when I publish a letter that I received from Ray's attorney. It seems that Ray is not pleased with tide of public opinion.



Anonymous said...

OOOOHHHH, I am sooooo afraid!!! Does Ray Ray really think we are that ignorant!!! Yes, he can monitor the computers within the hospital. Yes, if one is caught accessing Delta Scoop while on duty at the hospital, one can be terminated. BUT…, does he really think he can violate our constitutional right of freedom of speech when we are within our own homes??? He must be getting desperate! I think his little kingdom is beginning to crumble. Even if my IP address could be traced, I can always claim that my cat used my computer while I was at work. The burden of proof is on Ray Ray and then all he can prove is that we accessed the Delta Scoop website.

Maybe we should let Bill Gates know what is going on here in the Delta. He is liable for his employees' illegal actions especially when they are utilizing the Microsoft company's computers to do this illegal work. Gosh, a class action suit against Bill Gates (the richest man in the world), the DRMC CEO, the hospital board members, and the Washington County Supervisors. Cha Ching!!! I know several lawyers that would probably love to get in on this one. Ray Ray, you and your lawyers can bring it on, baby!

Just sign me: Bill Gates, get ye behind us – we are in the lead!!!

Anonymous said...

It is amazing to read the letters written about Ray Humphreys over and over and think if Ilene Richards name was substiuted you could be talking about the very same person. Just like DRMC is ruled by a self centered tyrant with fear as the controller, so is Leland School District ruled by a dictator who is vindictive to the core. The spies are the same, the spineless board is the same, the threats, etc. It is a parallel world apparently. Those who haven't quit, and that is close to half the employees for this school year, are just waiting for God to tell her to leave. That's how she says she'll know it's time to go. Could all of Washington County say a daily prayer that God will tell her to go to the house? They say there is strength in numbers. Prayerful

Anonymous said...

It is becoming a popular management style in the Delta. May work for a while but then the masses start to revolt. There is strength in numbers. Gather sound and legitimate evidence and go to the state level as an organized and rational group.

Ilene, this is God calling! Hmmm, I will have to talk with Ray again!

Average White Guy said...

You just aint right Forethright!! Funny , very funny but not right!!
Keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

Okay Forthright,

Where is that letter from Ray Ray's attorney?? We have been waiting all day. Don't keep us in suspense any longer. This site has had over 100 hits since 0700. Seventy-five are probably from Ray Ray.
Your loyal fans,

"The Deltan Dissidents"

Pant Load said...

You just scared me so bad I had to change my shorts!!!! I will never use my computer again. I'm soooooo sorry, please don't hurt me.....