Monday, June 09, 2008

Mr. Munford Objects:

Dear "Delta Scoop" and "Forthright":

As the attorney for the Delta Regional Medical Center and its employees, including Ray Humphreys, Allyson Williams and Alphe Wells, I am writing to ask you to stop publishing false statements about Mr. Humphreys, Ms. Williams, Alphe Wells, and other DRMC employees. You know these statements are not true. You have written and published them with an express intent to injure their professional reputations. That is something the law does not permit.

By way of example only, contrary to what you have said, Mr. Humphreys has not been charged with any crime and not, as you put it, "the biggest criminal in Washington county." The board of the hospital has not been "easily bought." They found nothing in their Christmas "stockings" from Mr. Humphreys. Mr. Humphreys is not guilty of either "bribery" or "corruption." He is not Ms. Williams "bedfellow." There is no basis for a conclusion that the race of an African American, including Mr. Wells, is a badge of professional incompetence.

Each of these statements you have made is demonstrably false. You seem to believe you can say anything you want to say under the cover of anonymity on the ground that you are just expressing your "opinion." But an "opinion" that implies the existence of false facts to support it is an actionable statement of fact. Not only do you recklessly disregard the truth, but your writing on its face displays spite, ill will, and an intent to do harm which is a ground for punitive damages.

Please publish this letter on your blog, apologize for these statements, and bring your future criticism within lawful bounds.

Luther Munford
Phelps Dunbar LLP
Jackson, Mississippi

Dear Mr. Munford:

While I do not doubt that you represent the interests of Mr. Humphreys, Ms Williams and Mr. Wells, I have serious reservations that you "speak" for all employees of DRMC. Scores of contributors to the "Delta Scoop" are current or former DRMC employees, who view this forum as the only venue in which to express their dissatisfaction with the current administration.

The current climate of threat, fear and intimidation created by this administration is very frustrating to DRMC's employees. Many have dedicated their entire professional careers to this medical center which now turns a deaf ear to their concerns for job security, fairness and overall patient safety.

Unfortunately Mr. Munford, I do not "know" that each of the above statements is false, nor is it my "express intent" to injury anyone's professional reputation. I host a local blog that deals with local issues and concerns submitted by its readers. I post all views of an issue, both pro and con, and have often solicited comments from those readers who may support Mr. Humphrys and his administration.

The "tide" of this blog is not controlled by me, but by its readers who voice their concerns in hopes of improving the quality of health care, education as well as many other public services in the Delta. However, "Where there is smoke, there is fire", and I find it hard to believe that even Mr. Humphreys can continue to ignore the cry for a full and public accounting of DRMC's fiscal condition.

As to your rather legalistic assertion that I "recklessly disregard the truth" and that "my writing on its face displays spite, ill will and an intent to do harm", I beg to differ. I seek the truth; however painful it may be to those who choose to deceive the public. I hold spite and ill will only toward those who deem themselves unaccountable to the taxpayers they serve.

As for my "apology" for my opinions... that will have to wait. Only time will prove one of us right...

And I am betting on me.



Anonymous said...

A law firm from Jackson?? What happened to support our hometown businesses? Another example of Ray's disregard for the wellbeing of our local community. If you check, you will find that he also canned the local accounting firm a few years back. Seems he didn't want anyone "local" knowing the inside details of the facility's bookkeeping. Guess he doesn't trust any local attorneys, or atleast, he doesn't want them to be in the know of DRMC's legal mumbo jumbo.

And, if this is such a silly, disreputable site...then why is Ray Humphreys paying high dollar attorneys our taxpayer's money to beg the blogmaster to stop? Surely this site can't be that important to administration. Maybe DRMC administration is beginning to feel the heat of the community as more and more become aware of the state of affairs at our only local hospital.
Sign me......A Greenville Business Owner

Average White Guy said...

Thats funny!! More intimidation tactics!!
You told them right Forth!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Mr. Ray Humphreys is worried about the Delta Scoop. If he has nothing to hide and is not guilty of the claims, then why worry?????

Anonymous said...

I stand by all statements made. I lived the truth.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Who is this Munford moron and how much did this little letter cost the taxpayers? This is just another prime example of tax payer dollars being pissed away to defend this man. Why can't Ray respond to these allegations himself? Everyone knows that for $300, you can get a lawyer to write a letter to God denying the existence of gravity! I doubt Mr. Munford could pick Ray Humphreys out of a line up, let alone attest to validity of these allegations. Nice try Ray, but that dog won't hunt!

Anonymous said...

No one ever implied nor stated that Mr. Wells earned his badge of incompetence by the color of his skin. I can tell you that he earned that badge of incompetence by his poor judgment calls and his obvious lack of qualifications for the position. My opinion, he was not selected based on his qualifications, but rather he happened to fit the recipe needed at that time to diversify the dream team.

I'm with the others who commented; paying a law firm to write letters to an internet blog is a huge waste of our taxpayer's dollars. Ray Humphreys has some nerve. I don't know who made him believe he is so powerful.

Also, I find it really disturbing that an administration who should be busy with the numerous concerns of running a hospital that is in serious trouble has the audacity to spend their time and energy trying to bribe others into cracking the identity of anonymous contributors to an internet blog. Have you all forgotten that we live in America???

One Taxpayer Who Is Teed!!

Cremation sounds better said...

I noticed in the new Greenville shopper several ads from individuals selling gravesites in Greenlawn Cemetery.

Reading the complete ad, nearly each one stated "moving" as the reason for selling.

It occurs to me that these type ads show what is happening in a community. If you see more than one, pay attention, these folks don't want to be buried there, much less LIVE there. That is not a good sign.

My spouse asked me about buying some plots, I stated the same mantra, "No, I don't want to even think about being buried in this city, I can hardly stand living here anymore!I am with those folks, moving is the only answer."

Greenville is going to hell in a hand basket.

Anonymous said...

What if anything are you doing to make it better? We all need to work together to make it better and try to have a positive attitude. If you aren't willing do that maybe it would be best if you left. Negativity will get us no where.

typical white person said...


Captain said...

Positive attitude? The orchestra on the Titanic had a positive attitude... they continued playing soothing music until the last life-boat was loaded. They provided a simple comfort to their fellow men in perilous times, but they are no less dead for their heroism.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Forthright.

I just thought i would sound in on some things about DRMC (Mississippi's Next Great Shithole i Mean Hospital), while everyone is on the subject. I agree with just about everything said in this blog. Employees are scared. You cannot do right at the Mississippi's Next Great Hospital because they will not allow anyone to do there job properly. They use scare tatics and intimidation daily. The patient care is at a alltime LOW. What few nurses they have left either are travel nurses with no true nursing skills or have such bad attitudes that if they did have good nursing skills they do not show. But if you look at the newspaper ads, tv ads and the wonderful new exterior ( especially that new Emergency Room) everything looks peachy keen. I am here to tell you it is most certainly a HELL HOLE. That new Emergency Room looks nice on the outside and inside but it is in complete disarray. The Nursing staff is working frantically short. You add new beds to an Emergency Room but no nurses, it isnt rocket science but tell me how they are suppose to keep up. Lets get back to the nurses for a minute. You have a Emergency Room director that sits in his office and plays on the computer or something because from what i hear they work short continueoulsy and he never comes out to help. Im told that there are a few competent nurses in there but not very many, and the others nurses have such a bad attitude that it gets in the way of proper patient care. Im told the Emergency Room has a Nurse thats does nothing but train nurses, What is that nurse doing, nothing it seems like. This person is probably just in another high paid Created position. (Probably another of Ray Ray's Croonies). And back to that Emergency Room director if you look into this person i think they were fired, let go, quit from the state department of health for some shady things, not sure what but its shady from what im told. I have talked to many people that work in Mississippi's Next Great Hospital and i rarely here anything positive from them. Its a crying shame, People should be able to go to work happy and enjoy it, if not why be there. I was told a report was put out to the legislature by Mississippi's Next Great Hospital outlining what cuts Mississippi's Next Great Hospital would have to make if medicare and medicaid were cut. Guess what i was told,the new Nicu (Which is not up and running yet) along with the new Heart Hospital would have to be cut. The fiscal state of the place is a complete joke. Rumors have been told to me that ray ray was bragging about a $60,000 profit last month. HEll thats one nurses salary for a year at the place. IM told very few departments in the place bring in money except The Solutions unit and The Ambulance service. You know i see all the ads on television about all the services at Mississippi's Next Great Hospital but you never hear anything about there ambulance Service. From what inside sources tell me its a good service. (Unlike the neighboring Ambulace service you see on tv here recently). IM also told that if it was not for some competent Ambulance Personell that alot of patients entering Mississippi's Next Great Hospital Er would not fair well. My sources tell me that it has a few bad apples but it is a very finely tuned,well oiled machine with competent personell with the exception of a few overpaid Supervisors and a Work dodging director,but besides that they are ok. And now to the what i think the employees call the floor. If you go into Mississippi's Next Great Hospital and have surgery you are sure to return with staff infection. I think when you go into a hospital you expect to get better nor worse, and now how about that Neuro Doctor ( Oh they do not have one at Mississippi's Next Great Level II Hospital) but just down the road at a level III they have a Neuro Doctor. Whats up with that. It's also fact that Mississippi's Next Great Hospital does not have a Thoracic Doctor, Pulmonologist, and most of the time no Orthopedic Doctor and they also have no Emergency certified Doctors for the Emergency Room. This is all at Mississippi's Next Great Hospital. Shame! Shame! If you just do a little research you can find all of this information out, its not very hard to find. No wonder everyone works ther and can is running for the hills. DRMC was once a great hospital and has the potential to be Mississippi's Next Great Hospital but under this regime it seems to be becoming Mississippi's Next Great SHITHOLE!!!! If only the people, Taxpayers would stand up. We the people put people like the supervisors in office and they are suppose to represent us, but it seems that they are not with this situation. I am a taxpayer and i do not agree with this behavior of the Regime at Mississippi's Next Great Hospital. I assure you if change is not made i will make it my mission to see to it that no one on the board is re-elected. I will campaign against everyone of them for allowing this to happen. And to Mr. Munford, sue me. LOL Ill go get perry mason, Matlock, or Richard Schwartz. I have the god given right to express my opinion, and opinion is what it is. Like they say opinion's are like Assholes everbody has one. Mr Forthright i commend you for this blog, it is a place of PUBLIC OPINION, where everybody from the little person to the Big Dog can express there opinion and thats a great thing. Keep up the good work.

Gomer Pyle

Anonymous said...

With all due respect Mr. Pyle,

DRMC has 2 Thoracic & Vascular surgeons, 1 Pulmonologist, and 2 Orthopedic surgeons.

Anonymous said...

And Mr. Pyle, "I heard," I think," and "I was told" are not statements of fact. Hearsay doesn't hold up. If you have facts to post, then post them.

Anonymous said...

As a completely outside observer, the state of negativity in Greenville is shocking. If laws are being broken, regulations ignored, money misappropriated, etc., at DRMC, then by all means, notify, the Attorney General, the U.S. Attorney for the Northern District, the local District Attorney, and finally the media. If people are concerned about there jobs for reporting, there are federal whistleblower and other statutes in place to protect them.

Anonymous said...

Was it Ray-Ray's assisted living facility that caught fire?


Anonymous said...

To Anonymous at 4:49,

Does he own an assisted living facility? Fill us in.


Anonymous said...

If I need a neuro guy, how far will I have to travel?

Anonymous said...

You know, Gomer, if your rational is correct,and is "your opinion",and not SLANDER. Then you have nothing to worry about. Then again going by your rationalization of how this works, one could say sources told me you were a simpleton, pedophyle,and you are a bitter self serving egotistic child who has sex with farm animals. See I will show no proof of these statements, but, it is just my opinion.Oh, and just for good measure a few people who post on this site are as my sorces say, diluted, completely lost, and basiclly bitter individuals, who for whatever reason they do this , My guess they were fired from DRMC for piss poor performance of Duties, or what shows the most here, terrible additude,are not out to help the people of this county. They are too busy pronouncing how they are saving it by makeing flase and liable statements about the largest employer in the area.
Hey if you are fed up with Greenville? MOVE! We do not need ass clowns like you few clowns, making any attempt to better this area harder, by the spread of uninformed gossip, and plain out lies. Either provide your proof of these so called alligations,OR SHUT UP!

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous at 7:04 AM,

I agree with your theory about unsubstantiated proof. However, I do not agree with your "sources" regarding the people who post on this site as being "diluted" (the correct term is (deluded), "completely lost", and "basically bitter individuals". This sounds like typical senior leadership propaganda to their coke-sipping robots. Perhaps you are one of them. Your guess regarding the ex-employees of DRMC who post on this site is wrong. The majority left voluntarily because they were tired of dealing with the lack of democracy, devious political atmosphere, and religious hypocrisy. Are you absolutely sure all statements made on this site are false and libelous? My "sources" tell me that state agencies have already been notified. Any surprise visits yet? You are in the gullible minority. I suggest YOU move out of Greenville and quit insulting our intelligence and capabilities. If you are trying to win the approval of "senior leadership", also known as "brown nosing", I suggest you leave the letter writing to the upper echelons. Take some friendly advice, please don't ever sign your name to one of your letters because it will result in your termination.

EX-DRMC Employee

Anonymous said...

It was a shoe fit wear it statement. However, I am not an employee of the hospital. When you Dilute something, you add to it till it has less strength. That is exactly what happens when people continue to make up wild stories, and spread misinformation about a topic they have not the first clue about.If there are misdeeds being performed at DRMC, then show the proof of these allegations. Other wise, while crude, the point I am making is while it is all well and fine to continue to drag down Greenville and the area for some, it is not ok with the few of us who actually like this place and contribute to its vitality. Instead of tearing it down.

Anonymous said...

Let me see if I have the facts straight.

You, an outsider, are not an employee of DRMC but question the authenticity of any reports from employees that worked at DRMC under the current administration. We don't have a clue? Hmmmm??? That makes a lot of sense!

And because our opinion of DRMC and the current administration does not agree with yours, we "drag down" Greenville and "do not contribute" to the "vitality" of Greenville. Hmmmm?

Are you aware that many of the ex-DRMC employees still reside in and love this community as much as you do? It is their home and they are very concerned about the health care in Greenville. They are very concerned about the possibility of losing DRMC due to the outrageous borrowing and wasteful spending of money. Many are just waiting to return to DRMC once a more tolerable administration is in place. Have you counted the layers of administrative personnel, some of whom have been friends of senior administration or relatives of hospital board members? Credentials and skill don't have a thing to do with it.

Yes, there are a few half-truths and down right lies that come across this blog site that we recognize, try to correct, and don't approve of either. But...there are many serious truths coming through too. Evidence will be provided to and through the appropriate channels.

Be afraid, my friend. Take off your blinders.

We are not "diluted" or "deluded".

Anonymous said...

Gomer, let’s break it down:

“Mississippi's Next Great Sh*thole i Mean Hospital”
Now, you’re not going to earn anyone’s respect by using that sort of language, not to mention the punctuation and capitalization issues.

“...they will not allow anyone to do there job properly...”
The correct word is “their,” not “there.”

“The patient care is at a alltime LOW.”
Let’s address only the issue of the article “a” that should be “an.”

“i rarely here anything positive from them...”
Aside from the lack of a capitalized “I” there is the issue of the use of “here” for “hear.”

This respondent’s message is so full of mistakes, poor grammar, lack of punctuation, and hearsay, that it can’t be helpful to his intended cause.

Here’s a free tip to those of you who want to be taken seriously, whether on the Scoop, in a court of law, on the courthouse steps, or in Jim’s CafĂ©: educate yourselves. Your current issue is healthcare. Don’t cloud the issue by making it about the Delta’s education deficit. More and more, as I read the Scoop, I’m alarmed by the lack of basic grammar and writing skills from the contributors. I’m not saying this to spook anyone or to inhibit a potential contributor. But just be aware that if you want the backing of the people who might be in a position to help you reach your goals, you might think about polishing your act a bit---particularly when approaching the state’s Attorney General.

Excuse me said...

Unfortunately, there is no spell check feature or typo alert on this site. Although, it sure would be nice.

Grammar is always nice, when used properly; but then, so are manners. In the South, manners, courtesy, respect and kindness, far exceed the value of good grammar. Good manners are that a person should not be so rude, as to point out others shortcomings, in the attempt to make themselves feel superior.

I would rather be known for courtesy and good manners, than for perfect grammar and spelling.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous at 9:33 pm,

I highly suspect Gomer's letter is a ruse. It probably was written by a very intelligent person who wants to give the impression that the writer is educationally deficient. Some of the higher vocabulary, which is properly spelled by the way, is what gives it away. This person is trying to cover their identity (probably a DRMC employee, possibly administrative). They definitely are undermining the efforts to improve DRMC and healthcare in Washington County. Let's invite Gomer to respond.

EX-DRMC Employee

Anonymous said...

EX DRMC Enployee:

By administrative, as in Senior Administration? Since they have all been talked about, badly, and a lot on this blog, I really doubt that.

Anonymous said...

No, not Senior Administration, but someone that receives / or has access to a person that is receiving a higher level of info that regular staff usually do not get, such as departmental financial reports. I personally find it hard to believe that "Solutions and the ambulance service" are the only departments making a profit. If you read between the lines, the writer is really revealing staff dissatisfaction with the new ER director and concern for patient welfare due to the shortage of nurses in the ER. There is also favorable partiality to the ambulance department. It also could be an employee family member writing it. Who knows! It is very suspicious to me.

YOUR EXCUSED!! said...

EXCUSE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!



Patti said...

Well...It has been quite a while since I have posted on this blog, and I have no dog in this fight. We moved several years ago, but still have connections and business interests in Greenville, so we go there often.

Unfortunately, one of the times we were there, my husband suffered a severe cardiac episode. We were one of the lucky ones, and things turned out well. The issue was that the cardiologist who was the attending physician had difficulty with the English language and when we looked at the records, there was so much misinformation that it was not valid for our physician. The other major issue was the lack of cooperation in sending our records.

The most important test requested was "lost" never to be recovered, even though we made the trip to Greenville to get it. Our physician tried again and again, and there was no response to his requests. As a result those tests had to be redone.

One dear friend of ours died as a result of poor medical care, and another (attended by the same physician we had) was nearly killed due to the physician's incompetence.

There is no doubt that the quality of care suffers at DRMC, and when that sort of thing happens,is almost always the fault of the CEO. Mr. Humphries is well known in Jackson because of the "horror stories" coming out of that hospital.

No matter what kind of legal advice he has obtained, that is not going to remedy his leadership skills.


Anonymous said...

Its not hard to figure out whats going on at the shithole, just observe for yourself. As an employee, I agree with Gomer. Its really obvious he/she is an employee also. Its true there is not a neurologist or pulmanologist at the Shithole. Ray Ray has the good ones exicuted. GO Gomer, Go like Hell, bring the Shithole to the light.

Anonymous said...

Hello people it me its me its Gomer P. I see anonymous wants me to respond to the improper grammatical errors, that i so precisely placed in my last response. Well here you are anonymous. I am not administration, nor is this a ruse. I am trying to bring the woes of DRMC ( Mississippi's Next Great Hospital) to the public. The place (DRMC) is suffering. Health care in the delta is at an all time low. To respond to the venue of doctors at DRMC (Mississippi's Next Great Hospital), just go to Drmc's website and click on the list of Physicians. I think you will find there is not the first Neurologist, nor Pulmonoligist listed. As Far as the Orthopedic Physicians, like i said before if you are of blue blood or have good insurance they will operate on you, if not happy trails out of town. I did not misspell nor use improper grammar to trick people. Like real people i make mistakes. I probably did this time and im sure i will again. So MR. or Mrs or Ms. Or Miss ANONYMOUS i apologize for my mistakes, and will most certainly put my websters dictionary to use from now on out. Anonymous it seems to me by the way you are attacking me that you may be one of Ray Ray's henchmen or henchwomen. I am not trying to down DRMC ( Mississippi's Next Great Hospital)i am trying to bring the bad to light so maybe just maybe the good people that are left can make DRMC (Mississippi's Next Great Hospital) The Great Hospital it CAN BE.

Anonymous said...

Note to Gomer From Ex-DRMC employee,

Well Gomer, I see your grammar and vulgar language have definitely improved. The obscene language is what many object to. I think we are all working towards a common goal but when you write letters like the previous one it really discredits us with the public as reliable sources of information. I am a former DRMC employee and very concerned about the DRMC healthcare and the many suffering employees that continue to work there.

Anonymous said...

Note to Gomer from a non-DRMC-related taxpayer:

The misspelled words are secondary to the troubling lack of coherent communication skills. If you truly want to make a difference, secure the assistance of a like-minded but eloquent individual to speak to the state's Attorney General on your behalf. No one is taken seriously when his argument is presented in common and emotional language.

Anonymous said...

dear gomer,
your letter was fine. i got your point. grammar and punctuation are NOT the issue. the person who was offended should not have been. this is a blog--not an english assignment. and yes i know there are mistakes in this and i don't care. i did manage to graduate from college.

Anonymous said...

Having lived in Washington County for 25 yrs and being active in the community I have many concerns when it comes to health care in Washington County. For almost 3 weeks i have been told about this blog and how many facts and concerns were being discussed. After reading a lot of the material and asking a few questions i can assure you there is much truth with-in these pages. There are stories i have heard from very creditable people associated with the Medical Field that are frightening. The morale among the staff at DRMC is so low it can only be attributed to lack of leadership. My understanding is it has been brought to the attention of the County Supervisors and Hospital Board members
After many conversations concerning DRMC i am under the impression we will never recruit quality physicians under the present leadership. There are not many dinners or gatherings in Washington County that the DRMC downfall is not discussed.These conversations are not only at coffee shops but at Club meetings,weddings, churches, etc.
There is a problem and it is getting bigger the longer the people in power refuse to address it.

Wishing said...

Recruit?? Heck I would be happy to be able keep the best and better doctors!

Dr. Bordelon moving to Oxford, MS was our loss and their gain. Now we have no ear, nose and throat doctor at all. The closest one is in Greenwood!!! That is shameful for Greenville!

From what I understand, he just got tired of all it all and moved on to retirement.

I sure miss him, he was a doctor of mine for many years. Now if I have a problem, other than traveling, I can only hope to find a general PHD. who might be able to solve my sinus problems.

Anonymous said...

This is for Patti (expat)

The tests had to be re-done? I would send that bill to DRMC to pay! I bet DRMC billed your insurance for those tests that were lost too.

Direct some of those horror stories from Jackson to this blog site. Then direct those same people to the MS Health Board and State Attorney so they can file formal complaints.

Do you know anyone in Hattisburg? They may want to participate in the discussions on Delta Scoop.

Anonymous said...

Where are the 60 plus "well trained highly qualified nurses" from the Philippines
I heard this trip cost
several thousand dollars .What happened ???

Anonymous said...

I think that was one of Ms. Florence Jones' expensive ideas. It gave her and several others the opportunity to travel to another country at the hospital's expense. It fizzled. Much of the "Expecting Success" grant money allocated for cardiac patients' education was used by her and multiple directors to travel the United States, all expenses paid, of course! Did the patients benefit that much from it? I don't think so. Nobody bothered to ask the patients. Oh, but didn't the presentations and publicity looked mighty fine in the DRMC propaganda newsletter!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Mr. Wells went to the Phillipines with that lil DRMC excursion to find some nurses and he said it was awesome. Obviously it didn't work. But wait...why can't they get local nurses? I hear Ms. Williams say all the time that we have no nursing shortage at Delta Regional? 3 employees for 2 weeks to the Phillipines...mucho dollars!!! The trip of their lifetime...priceless!!! Your tax dollars at work!! Yeeeeehaw!

Anonymous said...

I do believe it was four DRMC employees traveling to the Phillipines. Mr. Wells, Florence Jones (CNO), Nurse recruiter, and a staff nurse. I do not know if spouses/family members were allowed to go.

As for Ms. Williams and the absence of a nursing shortage at DRMC, she is wrong. Although Ms. Williams is a registered nurse, she has chosen the administration pathway. Nursing is perceived in an entirely different light by hospital administrators. Nursing salaries are considered a financial drain on hospitals, although they can't keep the hospital doors open without them. Nursing staff is usually the first
to be decreased (and patient loads increased) when hospital finances are in trouble. There is usually an abundance of new nurses shortly after graduation, giving the appearance of being well staffed, then the majority go on to greener pastures.

Most important, all patients and families need to ask about the nurse-patient ratios on med-surg floors. Notice name tags and level of licensure. Staffing is usually based on numbers only. Patient acuity rarely seems to play an important role in hospital staffing anymore, nor does level of nursing staff licensure. Be aware of this. For example, a med-surg floor may actually require 3 RN's but only have 2 RN's and a LPN or nursing assistant. The hospital considers this adequate staffing because the number of working bodies are the same. The RN's are legally responsible for the LPN's patients, as well as their own, and the job performance of the nursing assistant.

If nurses say they are working short, they probably are. The ones working in the trenches would know more so than someone walking the halls in a lab jacket, unused stethoscope around their neck, and high-heels.
Enough said.

Patient Advocacy in Action

Anonymous said...

Does the attorney from Jackson know the labor law? Check it out, Mr. Attorney, how much will that cost our taxpayors when DRMC has to follow the law? Oh, but now I remember, Ms. Wms sent out an email that "flexing" applied to all equal, salary and non-salary. Guess DRMC received special treatment from the law that the rest of the US has to follow. When you get the answer Mr. Attorney write us back.

Anonymous said...

Anderson's in Meridian made a giant step forward by asking for his resignation....Under him they went from cash heroes to cash zero....I just hope they have the wisdom to get rid of his crooked cronies He brought with him.

Anonymous said...

Anderson's in Meridian made a giant step forward by asking for his resignation....Under him they went from cash heroes to cash zero....I just hope they have the wisdom to get rid of his crooked cronies He brought with him.