Sunday, June 08, 2008

Lessons from History

Dear Forthright,

You surprise me. History has shown that millions of unsuspecting people and nations experienced and were victimized by totalitarianism. The whole concept is based on instilling fear into the masses. Do you think the DRMC administrative (governmental) style is original? I bet coercive dominance has been studied thoroughly and the techniques applied (on a smaller scale) to DRMC. "Big Brother is watching". Does that bring back memories? Maybe you are too young to remember.

Totalitarian regimes systematically destroy trust between individuals by rendering every citizen (DRMC staff members) a potential informer for the state (DRMC administration). Spontaneous collective defense actions by dissidents (free-thinking and difficult to fool DRMC staff) are suppressed (fired, driven off, or moved to a less influential position). Of course, people are afraid to speak out because it will get back to administration!

The informants (usually those in supervisory / middle-management roles) are so anxious to win the favor of the administrator (dictator) and keep their jobs; they will betray their own co-workers, friends, and staff. Totalitarian regimes undermine honorable and acceptable ethical and moral codes, thereby "normalizing" moral transgressions and wrongdoings. This will eventually lead to the eradication of altruistic behavior towards others. Very sad situation. History keeps repeating itself. Will we ever learn?

Due to deficient communication or censored communication (propaganda), the people are trapped in an outlandish world (hospital) where nothing is known for certain. Any explanation, however ridiculous and far-fetched, seems plausible to the people (employees) that have been brain-washed by the psychological ploys of a dictatorship.

One of the most common explanations given for complicity in a totalitarian system is the fear of harm (in DRMC's case: loss of employment and income) to themselves (staff) and their families. I highly suspect that this is the fear tactic used by the current DRMC totalitarian regime.

Maybe for some employees, finding another job is feasible, but for the majority it is probably not an option. "Ready to put this baby to bed" and "Concerned taxpayer" are right. It is time for the "masses" at DRMC to put an end to this mess. You have the power, inside knowledge, and evidence – use it! The DRMC administration, hospital board, and county supervisors need to understand that the people of Washington County are listening and watching.

History and Psychology Buff

Dear Buff,

You have obviously done your homework...and, no, I am not too young to remember. Threat, intimidation and fear are the threads that bind Ray's evil empire. Ray has two ways he "silences" those who dare to expose the truth about DRMC. He either "buys" their silence with a promotion and huge salary; or he lays you off and silences you with a severance agreement containing a "gag" order.

To those whom Ray considers "insignificant voices", he simply orders their "termination". His high paid stooges then do the dirty work, which further echos Ray's resounding message to the little people, "I am Ray, the all-powerful". "Buff" is also correct about who has the power to stop these atrocities... YOU!

Nine million Jews died in Germany because one man kept telling us there were no concentration camps, no genocide, no "hidden agendas". Thousands of followers believed in this dictator, for fear that dissension would be sure death. The support of "silence" swept the continent; although the people knew in their hearts that the rumored atrocities were real. Self-preservation became the only thing that mattered.

So it is today at DRMC. This maniacal leader will not stop, until we, like the nations of the world, can tolerate no more and come together to oust this dangerous and corrupt administration. I am convinced that history shall be repeated and Ray's empire will eventually tumble.

The question that remains is no longer "if", but, "when"?


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