Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Summertime Fun

Anonymous writer offers...

"There was a great story about the Bobby Henry Memorial pool this week. If the citizens don't wake up and start using it to its best potential, it will go the way of most of Greenville and be lost forever.

Speaking of race card, did anyone else notice the race of the kids and the race of the Staff in the photos?? Apparently, race was not an issue to any of them. Soon after integration began, the whites flew from the pool attendance. Some were justified, it was chaos, bitterness and scary back then.

Today, on a good day, attendance is anywhere from 10-20 using the pool. In a pool that size, that few is hardly a ripple. With upgrades, improved maintenance, an attractive appearance and promotion, I agree this pool could be something to be proud of now and for the future of generations of Greenvillians. One question is will anyone hear this warning or will the citizens of Greenville lose this historical landmark as well??

The next question is why has the Mayor, who swims there twice a week, not taken action already? Did she not see the trees for the forest? Or like many, never cared or paid attention? Why did someone else have to bring it out to the public in the first place? The Mayor should have taken actions long ago to improve her own "swimming hole" to benefit the entire city, especially the children, and not just using it for her own personal enjoyment.

With a few words from her, this pool and the building could have already been in shape for this summer. Now at best hope, it will begin soon and be better for all next hope! If not, shame on Greenvillians and its leaders for allowing this to happen and once again wasting something that many communities would be thrilled to have. "

It is difficult to keep something "alive" in Greenville these days, let alone trying to resurrect it. True, forced integration didn't work any better for recreation than it did education and the city pools usage, by all races, has continued to dwindle over the years.

We are no longer in the simple times of the 1960's, when a dip in the pool was probably the highlight of a hot summer's day. Today's kids are all addicted to computers, electronic games and cell phones. I doubt that a "Blue Tooth" would fare very well in chlorinated water, and God forbid they should ever remove it from their ear.

Get out and celebrate the 4th this evening. At least we haven't invented digital laser fireworks.... yet.


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Anonymous said...

"Our lives improve only when we take chances - and the first and most difficult risk we can take is to be honest with ourselves." Walter Anderson

No comment on the Greenville-bashing or Supreme Court news...other than an observation that the Highest Court in the land is a few decades too late with their decision. (Duh.) But it IS interesting to note that Mr. Forthright is an advocate of the arts. Now, THAT's where Greenville is bitchin'! (In a really good and positive way.)