Tuesday, July 24, 2007

"Allyson" in Blunderland

"Stunned" sees the light...

Well, I must say you are very well informed. I just learned that 4 ER doctors are leaving. My understanding is they did not want to refuse to see patients who could not pay. It seems when they banded together to continue to see patients, the administration placed someone with no medical background down in the ER to supervise the doctors. No wonder they are leaving.

From what I am being told, Allyson Williams is the one running the hospital not Ray Humphreys. Is that correct?

I can not believe that so many doctors are leaving and no one from the board is asking why. I also heard that one of the OB doctors is also leaving. How many have we lost now?

If you have chest pain and go to the "heart" hospital, remember only 15 days of the month are covered by a cardiologist who can open your heart vessel. Also, only 10 days of the month will you have a cardiac surgeon if you need one. I feel sure this is correct since I got it from the cath lab personnel. If you find any of my information to be incorrect, I would love to know.

By the way if you don't know this, administration is looking for you. They are running all computer records to see who has done what. Nurses are getting suspended for any reason they can find. I think the reason very few have come to the defense of this administration is because there is no defense for running this hospital into the ground.

At this point, I will travel to Jackson for my health care. It is doubtful the correct specialty will be available even if I was to go to DRMC.


You seem to be quite well informed yourself; although it is not that difficult a task. All you have to do is talk to anyone who works at DRMC and they will gladly confirm every "rumor" ever circulated and expose a few more horrendous details in the process.

True ,it is widely believed that Ms. Williams IS the "woman behind the man". She is certainly an aggressive personality who no doubt has her eye on Ray's job. Unfortunately, she has so tightly aligned herself with Ray and his tribe, that I am afraid she may... "wake up with fleas" at the end of the day.

As corrupt and incompetent as Ray is, he certainly hasn't acted alone. He hand selected his group of "yes-men/women" to support his ego-driven empire. It will take a clean sweep of Ray's administrative team to start the healing process of the ill-fated DRMC. One should only hope that this "sweep" begins soon before the last physician exits Greenville.

Yes, yes, the docs are leaving with many more to follow quite soon. As the writer suggests, it would be a good idea to make a reservation at the "heart hospital" if you foresee a cardiac episode in your future. The staff is part time at best and rarely on call.

I am flattered that my identity is such an enigma to Ray and his lot. Truth has a way of outing itself in the midst of fools and sinners. As for those who (have yet) to come to Ray's and his administration's defense, "Stunned" puts it most succinctly... "there IS no defense for running this hospital into the ground."

When will we stop the insanity?



Anonymous said...

Forget DRMC for a while, let's talk about the rip-off artists that have gotten themselves elected, and control the minds of the hapless majority in your dying town.

What a joke Greenville has become! The United Democratic Coalition that the elected officials have formed. I guess they think by giving it a name the poor slobs that have and will continue to vote for them won’t realize that their elected officials don’t have to answer to anyone as long as they tell their folks to vote for them because you must vote for “your people”. And guess what?, they will all be re-elected! There are not enough educated people left in Greenville to turn that sinking ship around.

Anonymous said...

If such a political alliance can work with the electorate, it's a rather clever maneuver. Come on, admit it! That's not saying you must agree with it.

The truth is the incumbent Democrats could easily participate in the debates and it wouldn't hurt them politically. That's where they reveal a certain over-estimation of the local Chamber's clout.

Let's face it - the notion of a good "quality of life" is different in the Delta from ANYWHERE else! Living a peaceful life and having a good quality of life are different.

If the majority of voters believe current political leadership is performing admirably, then no debate will matter. In fact, Delta debates have proven to be relatively pointless because the only issue is race. Going back for years, you'll find the policies of candidates running for office are secondary to their race - the worst "qualification" for office.

In fact, the new political leadership hasn't had time to run the area into the ground. It's only been 3 1/2 years. The "forefathers" ran the city into the ground through political turf protection - a truly failed municipal political policy.

Anonymous said...

You maybe "stunned" but I am actually scared and shocked. If the issues you brought forward do not convince the community of Greenville to take their healthcare elsewhere, maybe this information will.
It was brought to the attention of the ER "adminstration" that there is an employee working as a registered nurse without a valid RN MS license. This is a total disregard to the professional standards set forth by the state for patient safety. The potential risks involved in this sort of behavior is inconceivable.
So who is actually to blame for placing patients in harm's way; the person in charge of hiring or the "nurse"? My belief is that fault lies equally between them. If you think about it, anyone can say they are licensed to perform a job, but it is the responsibility of their employer to be diligent in confirming this information.
DRMC has demonstrated a lackadaisical attitude towards patient care and safety. First with the ER physicians leaving and now with the impersonating of RNs, when will the madness stop?
I too will be travelling farther distances for healthcare, especially next month when the only physicians left in the ER are not certified for the emergency department.

Shocked and scared