Tuesday, July 17, 2007

"Poof" goes the Puff...

Anonymous commends Greenwood's City Council...

Congratulations Greenwood! Finally people will be able to go out to restaurants and bars and not be poisoned by the nasty addictions of others. For the last 30 years, I have had to put up with second-hand smoke in my place of work, bars and restaurants everywhere in the Delta.

Smoking is an addiction and smokers have no more rights than anyone else. It is hard to believe that until recently, they allowed smoking at our hospitals. These employees see the death and disease that smoking causes every day and I don't know how they can continue to smoke.

I hope that Greenville will following the lead of Greenwood and ban smoking in all public places, especially those nasty casinos. I cant even walk in the Lighthouse without getting sick. My eyes and lungs start to burn in five minutes. Get with the program Greenville and we will all live longer.

It will be interesting to see how Greenville goes on this one. If not mistaken, I think this issue has been proposed before and defeated by Greenville's leaders.

Banning smoking will no doubt change the clientele of local establishments, but that may be a positive thing. There are just as many or more non-smoking customers who may choose to patronise our local establishments once free of second-hand smoke. It is a great deterrent for many.

Let's fact it, the "glamorous" days of smoking are dead... as are many of the glamorous.


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