Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Part of the "Solution"

Anonymous said...

It seems as if everyone is willing to jump on the "Bash DRMC" bandwagon. Do these naysayers realize that DRMC is the LARGEST employer in washington county? Not counting nurses, there are hundreds more DRMC employees that make a difference everyday. We do our work with pride, and try to make a difference.

We are taking care of your mother, your child, and we need YOUR support. This means that your friends or relatives depend on DRMC for livlyhood. What happens if DRMC went under, as some that post here and other places wish to happen it seems? UNEMPLOYMENT. LACK OF HEALTHCARE. DEATH. No one should want that.

You cannot expect something to grow and be successful without support. As the old saying goes, if you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem. Make a difference.

I don't know if "bashing" DRMC is the underlying motive of most of the Scoop's authors. Most of the complaints seem to be directed at the hospital's current administration and their inability to bring about positive change. Quality health care seems to be the common concern.

Sure, DRMC is one of the county's largest employers and there are many excellent, dedicated employees throughout the hospital. Obviously, no one wishes DRMC to "go under"; however, there are some very significant opportunities for improvement.

Basically, it is an issue of accountability and therein lies the problem. No one seems to be willing to accept the fact that the current leadership of the hospital has failed in its mission. County supervisors and the hospital board of trustees seem blind to the fiscal and quality nightmares that currently exist at DRMC.

Under previous administration, DRMC was a growing, thriving and respected health care facility, recognized throughout the state. It could be again with competent leadership. To use the medical model, we continue to treat the symptoms rather than the disease. It's like treating a cancer aggressively... at some point, the benefits far outweigh the risks.

A change of leadership is what is needed and yes, we should all be a part of the solution!


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Anonymous said...

Holy Moley!!! Look at tonight's quote in the DDT from our public schools' superintendent: "I feel like Mr. Brady and myself can be used to show young boys and girls who participate in gangs that there comes a time when you can put down your weapons and you can be on the same team and do the right thing."

Nice sentiments, but---this is Greenville, Mississippi, not New York or Los Angeles. WHY is our school administration having to acknowledge gangs? Can you picture either Rodney Brown or Paul Artman (administrators at the private and parochial schools) saying anything remotely similar?

This is so far removed from my everyday life---it's no wonder that I don't connect with the current woes of the City Fathers. (City Fathers....right. They're rolling in their graves.)