Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Clowns, Clubs and Coalitions...

Anonymous said...

Forget DRMC for a while, let's talk about the rip-off artists that have gotten themselves elected, and control the minds of the hapless majority in your dying town.

What a joke Greenville has become! The United Democratic Coalition that the elected officials have formed. I guess they think by giving it a name the poor slobs that have and will continue to vote for them won’t realize that their elected officials don’t have to answer to anyone as long as they tell their folks to vote for them because you must vote for “your people”.

And guess what?, they will all be re-elected! There are not enough educated people left in Greenville to turn that sinking ship around.

Second writer offers...

If such a political alliance can work with the electorate, it's a rather clever maneuver. Come on, admit it! That's not saying you must agree with it. The truth is the incumbent Democrats could easily participate in the debates and it wouldn't hurt them politically. That's where they reveal a certain over-estimation of the local Chamber's clout.

Let's face it - the notion of a good "quality of life" is different in the Delta from ANYWHERE else! Living a peaceful life and having a good quality of life are different. If the majority of voters believe current political leadership is performing admirably, then no debate will matter. In fact, Delta debates have proven to be relatively pointless because the only issue is race.

Going back for years, you'll find the policies of candidates running for office are secondary to their race - the worst "qualification" for office. In fact, the new political leadership hasn't had time to run the area into the ground. It's only been 3 1/2 years. The "forefathers" ran the city into the ground through political turf protection - a truly failed municipal political policy.

My definition of a "debate" is when two or more knowledgeable and informed parties contest each other with respect to varying view points on a common agenda.

The only common agenda witnessed in our "debates" is race, but the tables have now turned a bit. In the sixties, I can recall several white candidates actively going after the very small "black" vote in order to sway a close election. Now all of the candidates are black and they have no interest in swaying the handful of white votes that remain. They don't need them.

Politics has always been a dirty, corrupt business at every level! Whether we use race, religion, wealth or popularity, we are simply using "red herrings" to distract the voters from the real issues that plague our community.

Politics is about power, greed and money. The recent scandal in our tax collector's office should prove that. When these "public servants" were cheating the county out of thousands of tax dollars, do you think that they offered this "deal" to everyone, or were they perhaps...selective?

Face it Greenville! The political arena of the Delta is basically a large club... you are either a member with full privileges, or... you are not!



Anonymous said...

I just got my car tag bill today for $837.00. Who do I need to ask for in the tax collectors office to get the club discount?

Anonymous said...

Phil Short, a candidate seeking a seat on the Washington County Board of Supervisors, said, "Mr. Humphreys does a great job."

What!!!! Are you S***ing me? Has this guy been asleep for the last 5 years????? There is no turning back from the decline of Greenville. Welcome to Hell.

Anonymous said...

Could someone rougly describe exactly how the "Club Discount" worked in the tax collector's office - or "allegedly" worked?

I'm also curious as to who was selected for discounts - no names, but were these politicians or something?