Sunday, July 01, 2007

Let Sleeping Dogs "Lie"

Anonymous writer offers this...

I was greatly relieved today when I picked up the DDT and read the headline, "Councilman Turner: Debate Not About Race". Charles Turner stated that the city council should support local businesses and that his vote against hiring IMS, the Jackson based, minority-owned engineering firm had nothing to do with race!

I for one believe Mr. Turner about his vote. The mayor and council members should have more respect for this three-term incumbent, than to wake him from his sound sleep just before the vote and expect him to be able to discriminate "black" from "white".

Mr. Turner's voting record has always proved that this is a man who clearly knows the difference between black and white. Given the uncharacteristic nature of his dissenting vote, the only fair thing for the council to have done would be to offer him black coffee and stimulants in an attempt to keep him conscious during a re-vote.

I am ashamed to be represented by a mayor and city council who would stoop to "waking a dozing councilman, just in time to vote... not knowing what he was voting for." I am sure that had Mr. Turner been awake during the discussion preceding the vote, that there would have been no reason for Mayor Hudson to have to break the tie. Councilman Turner would have upheld his long-standing tradition of voting right down racial lines.

A little "tongue-in-cheek", but it gets the point across. It appears that Mr. Turner was reported to have been "dozing" just prior to the IMS vote. The writer is correct about Mr. Turner's voting record following racial lines, and I think everyone, including black citizens, were a bit surprised by his vote.

At the end of the day, we should all learn a lesson from this. If we expect our civic leaders to be able to discriminate the subtle "hues and tones" of an issue, we must make every effort to keep them awake throughout the vote. Our cry should become unified as one... "Free Coffee for Councilmen!"



Anonymous said...

There was a great story about the Bobby Henry Memorial pool this week. If the citizens don't wake up and start using it to its best potential, it will go the way of most of Greenville and be lost forever. Speaking of race card, did anyone else notice the race of the kids and the race of the Staff in the photos?? Apparently, race was not an issue to any of them.

Soon after integration began, the whites flew from the pool attendance. Some were justified, it was chaos, bitterness and scarey back then.

Today, on a good day, attendance is anywhere from 10-20 using the pool. In a pool that size, that few is hardly a ripple.

With upgrades, improved maintenance, an attractive appearance and promotion, I agree this pool could be something to be proud of now and for the future of generations of Greenvillians. One question is will anyone hear this warning or will the citizens of Greenville lose this historical landmark as well??

The next question is why has the Mayor, who swims there twice a week, not taken action already? Did she not see the trees for the forest? Or like many, never cared or paid attention? Why did someone else have to bring it out to the public in the first place? The Mayor should have taken actions long ago to improve her own "swimming hole" to benefit the entire city, especially the children, and not just using it for her own personal enjoyment. With a few words from her, this pool and the building could have already been in shape for this summer. Now at best hope, it will begin soon and be better for all next hope! If not, shame on Greenvillians and its leaders for allowing this to happen and once again wasting something that many communties would be thrilled to have.

Anonymous said...

This Just In!!
Mayor Heather Mac Hudson wins the Watermelon eating contest today at the 4th of July shindig.
You go girl!