Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ray...Back in the Saddle

Whats going on at DRMC? I was there two weeks ago and it looked like they were making a movie. There were lights and wires all over the place. I had to be careful not to trip over the cords running up and down the hall. I asked a nurse what was going on and she said they were making a new comercial. When I was leaving, I saw two huge 18 wheelers in the parking lot with the name of some production company on the side.

I use to work at a TV station and it didn't take all of that to make a 30 second TV spot. My niece works at DRMC and she said they are going to lay off over 60 jobs in January. Why are we spending money on TV ads when people are losing jobs! Why don't the supervisor and board look into this. Jobs are the most important thing Greenville needs.


Anonymous said...

It is painfully apparent that the current DRMC administration is more focused on high dollar marketing spots rather than providing quality care. I hardly believe that our local hospital is truly in need of such extravagant (and just plain stupid) advertising. Couldn't we just skip the hype and glamour and do what's right? The layoffs have already begun - my friend is an RN and a nurse practitioner and she got axed. A nursing shortage and they are laying off nurses with master's degrees and experience??? Go figure. Ray at his best!

It seems that her colleagues are all anxiously awaiting their D-Day. I visited the facility a few weeks ago and you can't pass an employee in the hall without noting "director", "team leader" or "manager" on a badge. Multiple layers of non productive "administrators" are quickly assisting in the crumbling of this delusional empire. And, as far as Ray worrying about keeping jobs in Greenville; don't think for a minute that is any priority for the hospital, the board or administration.

They are out to save their own tails.

I would venture to guess that the staged production at DRMC is all a part of Ray's 4 million dollar ad campaign previously discussed. I have received several reports of this extravagant production from both physicians and patients who happened to be "on the set" during filming.

It boggles my mind why we continue to allow this megalomaniac to waste millions of our tax payers' dollars to protect HIS job and a failing hospital. Sure there have been layoffs at DRMC and they will continue as long as Ray and the "horsemen" are allowed to reign supreme.

Now that the mayoral election is over, we need to turn our attention to the real problems that plague our city. If we are serious about improving Greenville's image, we have to start with the basics... jobs, education and health care.

Here's a challenge to Mayor Hudson in her second term... if you really want to make a difference, start by exposing the corruption, graft and dishonesty in our county board of supervisors... those who keep Ray and his cronies in power. Then, rid Greenville of Ray Humphreys and his entire lot of administrative buffoons and you will forever be recorded in history as a harbinger of salvation and hope for Greenville.



Anonymous said...

For the record, just check the public books if you don't believe me, DRMC gets $0 funding from the county. Zilgh, nada.

Anonymous said...

How ironic that Greenville citizens awoke to news spots featuring Ray Humphreys as part of the economic development board this morning. He was deceitfully making some lame comments about jobs for Greenville and Washington county. What a joke!! He has destroyed enough jobs at the hospital, PLEASE, we don't need his input for our city or county.

And who knows if the county helps to fund DRMC or not. Why does it matter? Has anyone looked at Ray's salary? How about his "dream team" of cronies? They are breaking the place. And even with Medicaid/Medicare issues, it still does not excuse the board and DRMC administration from accountability of gross mismanagement of hospital funds. This entire 43 million dollar crisis is a result of long term abuse of power, terrible judgement calls, and a horrific disregard for the quality of healthcare. Instead of laying hometown folks off who are here forever, get rid of him!

Somebody better wake up quick. The ship is sinking...FAST. Ray, you are done for - and take all of your hand picked cronies with you to the next unfortunate community you infest.

ten cent said...

I think we should at least give thanks that the tax collector issue is being given the attention it deserves. I doubt the county and state will ever recover the lost revenue because of Patricia Lee and her cronies. And I hope the courts will keep all of them out of public service offices.

I wonder how all the people who re-elected Lee feel now? Or, maybe they were the ones getting the reduced taxes.

ten cent

Anonymous said...

Give it up folks. Nothing is going to change. But at least this blog helps expose the truth.
The same elected officials will continue to be re-elected, and they know that, so why would anyone think they care about anything except attending events and playing the big shot role.

Hey just a thought. If Benny wins Trent's vacated seat, how fast do you think Heather will announce she is going to run for it? I can hear it now, "Sorry I won't be here for my full term but a better gig has opened up."