Wednesday, December 05, 2007

If You Don't Vote, They Can't Win

I am greatly disturbed by some attitudes when it comes to choosing a mayoral candidate. I keep hearing, "I like Kim Dowdy, but I'm not voting for her because she can't win."

If our founding fathers had this same mentality, on June 7, 1776, when Richard Henry Lee's resolution was received by Congress urging them to declare independence from the British Empire, it would have been voted down "because we can't win". Never before, in the known history of the world, had this radical idea been successful. If it weren't for those brave men who adopted the idea and acted upon this no-win idea, we would not be the country we are today.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that some are so concerned about being with the winner that they will put aside their basic beliefs to simply be on the winning side. After all, back in 1776 they had a term for the people who were determined to be on the winning side: they were called turncoats.

All elections are important, especially this mayoral election. To sacrifice what you think is right simply to cast your vote for the candidate that others say will win, regardless of your beliefs, is a complete waste of your vote. When you enter that voting booth next week, vote for the candidate of your choosing because if you don't vote for her, she can't win.

A Black Republican

"BR" makes a valid point. Voting for a candidate just to be on the winning side is a total waste of time and a great injustice to the candidate that you "assume" can not win. There is a great deal more to the act of voting than simply choosing a "winner".

Candidates invest a lot of time and money in a campaign. Even in defeat, a close vote may encourage candidates to try again in the next election or for another position. Political upsets are fairly common in our history so don't be to quick to prejudge the outcome of this election. Get out and vote for YOUR candidate and urge everyone you know to do the same.

If you don't vote, don't complain if your candidate doesn't win!



Clueless! said...

I want to ask a sensitive question.

But let me ask, why not vote for Hudson? What has she not done for the city?
I ask this because I really don't know. I am not involved in the city actions. Tell me the facts!


Anonymous said...

From what I have heard, Hudson is nothing but one of the good ole boys in female attire. Every position of the city was given to other good ole boys, whether they were qualified or not for the jobs. COLOR has been driving her actions.

I can see NOTHING that she HAS done for the city.

Heywood Jablome said...

The Mayor sez:
She said she wants to get the message across that crime in Greenville is not as bad as it used to be.

The residents say:
Are you Sh**ing me!

That and a dollar will get you a cup of coffee! said...

I guess she is trying to take claim to that as something that she did to prevent crime? I never saw here working the streets in a police uniform.

It sure seams to me that crime is way up, compared to what it used to be. In my neighbor hood there used to never be any break-ins, it's not that way now.
I agree with what the residents say!

ten cent said...


Thank you, thank you, thank you!

You have hit the nail on the head. Apathy is as deadly to a community or society as any weapon or disease.

ten cent

I.B.4 Change said...

It's always good to shack things up. Vote for change this time, I'm not saying the current Mayor has not tried. She has done a couple of good things. But by change at the top it would help break up the good old boy network and hold them more accountable. No more will it be the Mayors father that calls the shots and comes up with the "heres how we can control the City" stuff. Anyone that has half a brain knows that her Daddy calls the shots, along with his 100 B.M of the Delta club.

Vote Change, then in 4 years vote change again!

It would be for the best for all Black and White.

I.B.4 Change

I. B. 4 Change said...

I meant to say SHAKE Not SHACK, who in their right mind would want to shack up with the current power elite??????

Be counted! Vote Monday! said...

From what I have seen and know, the main complaints about Mayor Hudson are: she is spoiled and demanding (rich kid), can be very intimidating, if allowed, her employees do not respect her but; fear her wrath and temper tantrums. The biggest complaint from the departments is: she is a micro-manager. She so desperately wants to take credit for EVERYTHING good that happens in Greenville, that she holds back her staff and Department heads in their decision process, until she gives the final say so. No matter how small or "not her call" matter, that it might be, she makes it her call or sure tries. Thereby, holding up progress or usurping the proper management authority. Which might explain the high turnover, especially in the police department.

Also, I agree and have seen, there is a special priviledged few in her ranks, who seem to have no boundaries. I guess that is the case in most political arenas, in any office of power. I do know it causes resentments and ill will from the other co-workers, especially when it is so apparent in the partiality. She is not a team player or leader, she is a bully and totally inflexible!

How convenient was it that she had a recent threat, here right before election, while the last time any was heard of, was after she came into office. Twice in four years requires SEVEN bodyguards on the city payroll paid better than the average cop?? Someone ask how many bodyguards Paul Artman ever had?? ZERO!! Frank Self?? ZERO!! Burnley?? Zero!!...what is she doing or saying that is motivating the calls? Even if they had received a threat, and who knows, maybe they did. Apparently it was never known about, if there were and at most, any guarding would have been on a temporary "til the dust settled basis" or an all out campaign would have taken place to apprehend the culprit(s). From what I have seen and know of Mayor Hudson, she is not a frail, fragile, vulnerable or helpless woman! I doubt that she is afraid of much. Take a self defense class if needed, be cautious like the rest of us and aware of our surroundings; but no Delta City Mayor should require that much protection for four years, every day, every where she goes, even out of town! Good grief what that must cost!

Reading her publicity, she takes full credit for all that is right with Greenville. She says she has us out of debt now...funny, all that data about bonds received by Greenville??? Correct me if I am wrong, but as far as I know, BOND means LOAN!!!! She basically postponed the debts or borrowed from Peter to pay Paul. There will be a day of reckoning for the bonds one day in the future, if not sooner....then what? More bonds????

We need industry, better education, better training facilities, more police power, crime prevention actions, enforcemnt of the laws, city ordinances and better streets all over, not just downtown! Ride just about any neighborhood in the city and you will see the neglect throughout the entire city, auto alignment mechanics must love this city!

We need City and County (black and white)leaders to work together as a team for common goals of the betterment of Greenville and Washington county. Leaders who can plan for the future, not just bandaid issues with a temporary solution! Grants are great and we should go after all that we can and that we can afford. Some grants have to be met dollar for dollar in investments by both parties. Without industry and commercial businesses to restore Greenville, we will sink into oblivion of debt, negativity, higher crime rates, unemployment, even more citizen apathy and flight.

The grapevine says, she at first did not plan to run again, she planned to move on to Jackson and Daddy's firm. Daddy turned her down (due to her financial problems of personal bankruptcy, her husband's business shut down by IRS for neglect of not taking out SS/WH taxes on employees and some personal issues)and told her to stay now she wants to keep her job! Aren't we lucky?

I have heard it said, she is preparing for a higher office in the future, she hopes to move on to a State position, based on her infamy as the "first everything" Mayor. Can we help and motivate her to try sooner, by relieving her of her office Monday??? :>)..that action should prevent any further political actions on her part. Having her in a State position would not be good for Mississippi either!

PUT UP OR SHUT UP! said...

Here's hoping that we have a major population turn out to vote this Monday. If we do, then we will at least know that the candidate who wins is truly a winner and not winner by default...default of the apathetic non-voting citizens!

Jae said...

I got another flyer from Mayor Hudson on my door today, that makes 3 in one week. Wow, if she worked this hard when its not re-election time I'd vote for her.

Anonymous said...

Major population turned out. Verdict: Mayor Hudson.
God Bless You. Good Night.