Saturday, December 08, 2007

Hudson or Dowdy...Please Vote!

"Be counted! Vote Monday!" said...

From what I have seen and know, the main complaints about Mayor Hudson are: she is spoiled and demanding (rich kid), can be very intimidating, if allowed, her employees do not respect her but; fear her wrath and temper tantrums. The biggest complaint from the departments is: she is a micro-manager. She so desperately wants to take credit for EVERYTHING good that happens in Greenville, that she holds back her staff and Department heads in their decision process, until she gives the final say so. No matter how small or "not her call" matter, that it might be, she makes it her call or sure tries. Thereby, holding up progress or usurping the proper management authority. Which might explain the high turnover, especially in the police department.

Also, I agree and have seen, there is a special priviledged few in her ranks, who seem to have no boundaries. I guess that is the case in most political arenas, in any office of power. I do know it causes resentments and ill will from the other co-workers, especially when it is so apparent in the partiality. She is not a team player or leader, she is a bully and totally inflexible!

How convenient was it that she had a recent threat, here right before election, while the last time any was heard of, was after she came into office. Twice in four years requires SEVEN bodyguards on the city payroll paid better than the average cop?? Someone ask how many bodyguards Paul Artman ever had?? ZERO!! Frank Self?? ZERO!! Burnley?? Zero!!...what is she doing or saying that is motivating the calls? Even if they had received a threat, and who knows, maybe they did. Apparently it was never known about, if there were and at most, any guarding would have been on a temporary "til the dust settled basis" or an all out campaign would have taken place to apprehend the culprit(s).

From what I have seen and know of Mayor Hudson, she is not a frail, fragile, vulnerable or helpless woman! I doubt that she is afraid of much. Take a self defense class if needed, be cautious like the rest of us and aware of our surroundings; but no Delta City Mayor should require that much protection for four years, every day, every where she goes, even out of town! Good grief what that must cost!

Reading her publicity, she takes full credit for all that is right with Greenville. She says she has us out of debt now...funny, all that data about bonds received by Greenville??? Correct me if I am wrong, but as far as I know, BOND means LOAN!!!! She basically postponed the debts or borrowed from Peter to pay Paul. There will be a day of reckoning for the bonds one day in the future, if not sooner....then what? More bonds????

We need industry, better education, better training facilities, more police power, crime prevention actions, enforcemnt of the laws, city ordinances and better streets all over, not just downtown! Ride just about any neighborhood in the city and you will see the neglect throughout the entire city, auto alignment mechanics must love this city!

We need City and County (black and white)leaders to work together as a team for common goals of the betterment of Greenville and Washington county. Leaders who can plan for the future, not just bandaid issues with a temporary solution! Grants are great and we should go after all that we can and that we can afford. Some grants have to be met dollar for dollar in investments by both parties. Without industry and commercial businesses to restore Greenville, we will sink into oblivion of debt, negativity, higher crime rates, unemployment, even more citizen apathy and flight.

The grapevine says, she at first did not plan to run again, she planned to move on to Jackson and Daddy's firm. Daddy turned her down (due to her financial problems of personal bankruptcy, her husband's business shut down by IRS for neglect of not taking out SS/WH taxes on employees and some personal issues) and told her to stay now she wants to keep her job! Aren't we lucky?

I have heard it said, she is preparing for a higher office in the future, she hopes to move on to a State position, based on her infamy as the "first everything" Mayor. Can we help and motivate her to try sooner, by relieving her of her office Monday??? :>)..that action should prevent any further political actions on her part. Having her in a State position would not be good for Mississippi either!

I think the body-guard issue is a bit over the top. If we hired body guards for every public official that was ever threatened, we would be a military state. I suppose we should just chalk this up as another "first" on Mayor Hudson's growing list.

One would hope that Mayor Hudson has greater aspirations than being a "foot-note" in history as Greenville's youngest, black, female mayor who required body guards. Now that she has a political foot in the door, she will most likely move on to seek greater notoriety. She is an intelligent woman who will most likely prosper in her legal and/or political career.

As I review all of the postings on this mayoral debate, I see one consistent theme about Kim Dowdy... that she will give 110% to the job of being mayor if elected. Is she an attorney or seasoned politician? No, but if you have ever had a conversation with this self-proclaimed "Yankee", you know of her total dedication and drive to make Greenville a better place for everyone. That has to be worth something.

Yes, we all need to get out and vote on Monday... and on Tuesday, we all need to rally our support behind whomever WE elect on Monday. Neither Hudson nor Dowdy will have an easy job as mayor and neither will be successful unless we put racial and partisan beliefs aside and work together to rebuild Greenville.



Jae said...

The only thing Mayor Hudson has done that I can see is spending all the money repairing downtown roads. Quite frankly I would prefer she attempt to get more large corps to open up shop here like Jackson recently did with Comcast. Bottom line Kim Dowdy has my vote and while we're talking about votes google Ron Paul

ten cent said...

The bodyguard thing is indeed a leading issue. It tells me where Hudson's priorities lie. Plus, it has made her and Greenville the laughing stock in several arenas. Kim Dowdy has come out to say she will not have any guards around her. She is focused on the issues around the community and not around herself.

ten cent

Anonymous said...

No Mayor will be able to do anything positive for Greenville unless the new generations are exposed to very basic judeo-christian principles, taught self-respect and understand that welfare should not be their ultimate life goal.
To start, I propose allocated time for collective praying at schools and one year of forced physical labor for every man that gets a woman pregnant and is unable to mantain that child!!!

Jae said...

umm well I was with you until you got to your proposals. wow let me guess you voted for George W. and waterboarding isn't torture.

Anonymous said...

Wow... let's just go straight for a dictatorship and call it a day!!!

Heywood Jablome said...

Ms.Hedda Mae Hudson has had her day in the Sun. Nothing has changed, Greenville is dying and race relations have gotten far worse. Just for the Hell of it, let's give someone else a shot and see what happens. For sure it can't get worse. As far as the threats to Ms. Hedda Mae, I have always thought they were made up and never really happened, but that is just my sixth scence telling a con job is being played on us. She can't keep her own finances in order, and we expect her to manage the City's????????

Heywood said...

From the DDT on the vote count:

Hudson's father, attorney Victor McTeer, represented the Hudson campaign.

Well here we go again, Big Daddy will be running things for another four years!

Peace be with you all, I'm outa here!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Kim, Paul, etc. don't need bodyguards...hmmmm. I guess Kim for sure, since she is not and will not be mayor. As for the rest, history hasn't show MS particularly adverse to whites.

Heywood's depiction of Mayor Hudson is a prime example. Racism is usually underscored by "Free Speech" as guns are underscored by "The Right to Bear Arms". We protect current and past presidents, foreign dignitaries, etc. to the tune of hundreds of millions annually; so what's the pay for a Greenville officer? Hell, Britney Spears has bodyguards and she can't find her way to rehab and back.

Kim ran on reducing crime, but the mayor that will direct that assault on crime, should pretend that assualt won't prompt reaction.

Let's be real. MS illustrious heritage has been broken and there are some that are mad about it. Even worse the line of weak white candidates that has formed to the left has been sad and disappointing.

Find the threat; I think that is a marvelous idea and starting with this site and subpoenas for IP address might be a good start. Because long as there are Heywoods of the world, she will remain well protected. That I promise you.

ten cent said...

The last anonymous said:
Find the threat; I think that is a marvelous idea and starting with this site and subpoenas for IP address might be a good start. Because long as there are Heywoods of the world, she will remain well protected. That I promise you.

I'd like to know what threat, implied or real, has been made to any candidate or official in this blog.

FYI. A user's IP address cannot be traced unless the user stays connected to the domain server. The address changes with the next login. At best, the provider can be traced. Mine's AT&T. What's your's?