Saturday, December 22, 2007

Cronies, Crooks and Criminals...

Anonymous writes...

Forthright, someone had inquired in a former blog about just who are DRMC's CEO's cronies. Here is a quick rundown if you could be so gracious to post so that our community is aware of the ridiculous state of affairs of our hospital.

Ray's cronies, .. there is an army of them. You have the top layer of administration:

1) Cheif Executive Officer
2) Chief Financial Officer
3) Chief Operating Officer
4) Chief Nursing Officer
5) Chief Human Resource officer
6) Chief Medical Officer
7) Chief Clinical Officer.

I would hate to see what their salaries totaled. If you check out that website, you'll see that the three folks just under Ray in the photo have all worked with him in the past. He hand picked them to "assist" him in the demise of DRMC which mirrors the horror story at Hattiesburg. And, might I add, Ray successfully rid the organization of decent, qualified folks with years of experience so that he could replace them with his "picks". He is intimated by people who aren't "yes, Mr. Humphreys" kinda folks.

Then, after the top layer of high dollar cronies, you have a middle management team:

I believe there are THREE assistant nursing directors at present, an assistant HR director, a barrage of clinical directors (some of which don't have any clinical experience at all), assistant clinical directors, education directors, asst. education directors, team leaders, an entire department to "market" the place which leaves not too many Indians to do the real hands on patient care that the folks walking around sipping diet coke in street clothes are too cool to do.

Additional cronies include those one person departments who also hold the title of DIRECTOR on their badge. Does a one person department really warrant a director?

Ask any physician and they will tell you the priorities are all wrong there. There will be lots of celebration when Mr. Ray Humphreys is gone. Let's just hope that his right hand men/women, and the board will go too. I hear HUD is less than pleased with all of them!

It looks as if the tax collector and her cronies are finally being held accountable for mismanagement. Let's see more good prevail in 2008 and get our community on a better road by showing Ray the highway. His way has proven to be a catastrophe.

Yes, DRMC has far too many "chiefs" and all in the 6-figure salary range. It pays to be in the Ray's club. Every one of them needs to go! I truly believe that we will witness the end of Ray's empire in 2008. He has few supporters left, others than those on the payroll, and they will turn on him like vultures at the first sight of blood.

There is no loyalty among thieves!



Anonymous said...

Surely you need some form of directorship for individual departments that actually have employees in them. However, the upper management does seem to be very large in numbers.

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