Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Good Race!

Pathetic numbers said...

Population (year 2000): 41,633.

Estimated population in July 2006: 37,801 (-9.2% change) -3,832 less from 2000-2006 average of 638.66 lost population per year

Males: 19,177, Females: 22,456----Black (69.6%) White, Non-Hispanic (28.7%), Hispanic (0.7%)

7,066 out of 37,801 voted (counted so far, not allowing for misplaced or lost votes) today.

5.34 per cent of population voted.

So does that mean we have 30,735 population under the age of 18 to be a registered voter????? I doubt that! Just a large amount of non-registered or non voting individuals holding the rest of the city back. No wonder we are in the state of condition in our city.

Apathy is rampant! I was told by a friend that she went to three different polls trying to determine where to vote. Finally, her and her husband were found listed at Ward Center. She said she saw many leave in disgust of the long lines and few voting machines. We sure needed those votes! Why are so many people willing to walk away?? What are they thinking? How lazy is that? Terrible! Our freedom is being fought for as we speak and these people can not stand in line for a few more minutes than normal?? Pathetic! Again, I repeat, no wonder indeed of why we, the city of Greenville, are where we are today!

Copied from today's elections results in the DDT: " Lurann Thomas, a city election commissioner, said the 2007 city elections went well despite some concerns about the voter rolls.“The turnout was good,” Thomas said. “We are thankful that 7,000 plus people came out to vote. However, we encourage all 21,388 registered voters to exercise their right to vote.”

So there it is, my question is answered. Greenville has 21,388 registered voters, yet only 7,000 plus voted. That says it all!!!!!

Congratulation to Mayor Hudson! I hope that the next four years afford you the opportunity to prove that we can take a united stand against poverty, ignorance and racism. Greenville is at a very ominous cross-road in history and it is time for us to let go of the past.

Kim Dowdy was indeed a formidable opponent! I doubt that any other candidate could have mustered more support and backing in running against our incumbent mayor. The good news is that Kim will still be a very active and visible supporter of Greenville... and for that, we are all winners.

As "pathetic" as the overall voting totals were in this election, it was actually a "good" turnout for the Delta. A 60%-40% split at least proves that no one can go unchallenged and that we still have a voice through our vote. The "losers" in this election are the 14,000+ registered voters who believed that "their" vote wouldn't make a difference.

Let's move into 2008 with renewed hope for Greenville, our children and our future.



Pathetic numbers said...

"As "pathetic" as the overall voting totals were in this election, it was actually a "good" turnout for the Delta"...
That is my point, how sad that FOR THE DELTA that number is a good number. One third of the voters, in my opinion, is far from good. Better than the usual 2,000 voters, but in no way good.

It is just so frustrating to know that many people did not vote or care and yet those are most likely the loudest in complainers of the condition/state of the city.

Apparently, these people took the time to register, that in itself is something, but what good is it, if they don't vote????? Oh well, some things apparently will never change.

Christmas Dreamer said...

Now that THE election is behind us, we can do the best for our city to move forward. Get involved, make a change happen, be heard, if you see something worth making a point about or bringing to the attention of our City Council and our Mayor. Don't let yourself be ignored or placated, stir up the dust to make sure something is done! If we don't how will they know what is important to the Citizens????

Meanwhile, here's to all having Happy and Safe Holidays and a brighter New Year ahead for the Citizens and for Greenville.

Merry Christmas!

posted in DDT said...

My family and myself moved to Greenville in the late 1940s. I was born and raised in and around Greenville and Washington County. I loved Greenville, but a lot of water has run under the bridge since then. When we came to Greenville, to me, it was a beautiful city. There was Chicago Mill, U.S. Gypsum Co., U.S. Air Force Base, and places of businesses on both sides of Washington Avenue.

But just look at it now. You can't drive down the streets unless you have your front end of your car or truck realigned every six months. You can't walk down the street for fear of getting robbed or shot down by a drive-by shooter. To me, the best mayor of Greenville ever had was Mayor William Burnley, and the best sheriff was Harvey Tackett.

How many grants does street repair? Why is it so important to spend all that money on Washington Avenue when it's less traveled than Bowman and Reed Road? And the stupid smoking ban that the city has is just that: “stupid.”

Well, I've said my piece now, and I know it don't amount to a hill of beans. I think we need to clean out City Hall all together. Start all over again.

Jerry Clark

posted in DDT said...

Leland is like the leak in the dike, when you think that you have one hole plugged, several more pop up and they are all centered on the Leland City Hall, and the city clerk's office.

After reading in Thursday's Leland Progress dated Dec. 6, 2007, I was appalled at the disrespect given to the individual who was the victim, by the mayor and Board of Alderman, including the Police Department.

This individual requested to be heard nearly a month in advance only to be told at the meeting that she could not speak to the board. What are they hiding? First, the missing funds, then the extremely high unfair utility bills, and now the alleged altered check.

According to the Leland Police Department, the district attorney's office said that no statute was violated. I am no Einstein by any means, but I think that if I had altered anyone's check without their knowledge, I would be behind bars.

I really can't see how one can alter a document without it being intentional. Like I said, I am no Einstein, but it seems a little strange to me. What's more frightening is that we have an individual like this in control of all city funds.

Anonymous said...

Whats going on at DRMC? I was there two weeks ago and it looked like they were making a movie. There were lights and wires all over the place. I had to be careful not to trip over the cords running up and down the hall. I asked a nurse what was going on and she said they were making a new comercial. When I was leaving, I saw two huge 18 wheelers in the parking lot with the name of some production company on the side.

I use to work at a TV station and it didn't take all of that to make a 30 second TV spot. My niece works at DRMC and she said they are going to lay off over 60 jobs in January.

Why are we spending money on TV ads when people are losing jobs! Why don't the supervisor and board look into this. Jobs are the most important thing Greenville needs.


Anonymous said...

It is painfully apparent that the current DRMC administration is more focused on high dollar marketing spots rather than providing quality care. I hardly believe that our local hospital is truly in need of such extravagant (and just plain stupid) advertising. Couldn't we just skip the hype and glamour and do what's right? The layoffs have already begun - my friend is an RN and a nurse practitioner and she got axed. A nursing shortage and they are laying off nurses with master's degrees and experience??? Go figure. Ray at his best! It seems that her colleagues are all anxiously awaiting their D-Day. I visited the facility a few weeks ago and you can't pass an employee in the hall without noting "director", "team leader" or "manager" on a badge. Multiple layers of non productive "administrators" are quickly assisting in the crumbling of this delusional empire. And, as far as Ray worrying about keeping jobs in Greenville; don't think for a minute that is any priority for the hospital, the board or administration. They are out to save their own tails.