Monday, November 05, 2007

"We" Hold the Keys... Please VOTE!

"Fly" hopes for change:

Thanks for clearing up the Medicaid situation. I had no idea it was affecting hospitals state-wide. It sounds like a feeble and crooked attempt to bail bureaucrats out of a financial crisis. Hopefully, healthcare will win this one. I, too, believe you are correct that the final blow will not be too far in the distant future for the administration at DRMC. We can only hope that change will come quickly and positive outcomes will prevail.

As far as the LSD, I hope it will also see a change in leadership. No one should be allowed the power these so called leaders have abused (and dysfunctionally enjoyed).

For the anonymous blogger who suggests the manifesto and call for putting our money where our mouth is ...I am all for standing up for what is right. However, until you have worked in the facility and been a part of the "leadership team", you have no idea at all the consequences of such actions. We have families to support and most of us put our families and their well-being first. Many employees hope that soon our Board of Trustees and Supervisors will wake up and notice the wrong-doings.

For most health care professionals, speaking out openly would mean being forced to move out of Greenville to seek employment. Many of us love our community and believe that we will outlast this dark era. So, I for one, choose to go to work and take good care of my patients and attempt to offer much needed support to my co-workers.

I did want to say, Forthright, that I am most impressed by your knowledge, fairness, and concern for the community. Thanks to you for giving all of us a forum to express our opinions without being punished. I realize that this is a time consuming and sometimes a painful chore to keep up this website.

"Just a Fly on the Wall"

You are one among many victims of the DRMC and LSD "hostage" situations. It is difficult to believe that in 2007, we are still subject to this gross form of "indentured servitude", where voicing your opinion could cost you your job and a great deal more. This is exactly why these "power-mongers" need to go.

Thank you for your support. I inherited this blog from the former blog-master, "Local Reflector", who did an excellent job in developing this forum and attracting a loyal following. When I heard that LR was about to permanently retire the "Scoop", I decided to give it a try and took the reins. I have truly enjoyed hosting this blog and seeing how its readership has grown and expanded.

While "only a blog", I feel this forum has the potential to bring us together to make needed changes in our communities. To make these changes, we must have all of the facts; not just those which are deemed "suitable for the press" by editors and advertisers. I hope to continue the "Scoop" as long as readers and contributors enjoy it.


P.S. Please get out and vote on Tuesday, November 6th!


Anonymous said...

Fly is incorrect on the amount. Try 4.2 million for Medicaid. Even if it is a state wide hospital problem, this is one that this particular hospital can't afford. And Forthright IS right - coupled with the ludicrous spending habits of the administrative team, it might just be the nail in the coffin for the big boys (and girls) wearing suits all day and sipping diet coke in between meetings. I left after a long employment with drmc. Best move I EVER made. Other facilities actually appreciate hard work, loyalty and good care! Once again, my career is very rewarding and satisfying. Get out while you can.

Anonymous said...

I have heard today from That Mr Ray also had a good time at the hospital he ran before he came to DRMC. The source told me Ray was run off from the from the Hattiesburg hospital for the same reason. And almost caused the hospital to fold.
Did DRMC not do there homework before hiring this guy??

Anonymous said...

Bingo~~~ I went to a job interview in Hattiesburg about 8 months ago. Although I don't work in healthcare; you speak Ray Humphreys name around the businness community in that area and they will tell you quickly what he did to their hospital. His name is MUD there. I guess who ever did background checks before hiring this CEO did NOT do their homework. Was it the Board of Trustees? Did they just assume he was "ok" and on the "up and up"? Why did no one find out about Hattiesburg until after the fact? Another thing. I found out he has worked in the past with most of his administrative team; handpicked by the master of the plantation himself. When will it end?

Anonymous said...

Just happened to catch Good Morning Mississippi on tv this morning and was amazed that they were at DRMC. I became suddenly ill watching the bald-faced lies that were being spouted by the employees that were interviewed about how good things were at this facility. Too bad that these comments could not be beeped out.
Sick in the Delta

Anonymous said...

The Good Morning MS/DRMC show this morning made me sick also. Does DRMC really need a DIRECTOR of Marketing or whatever Ms. Pieralisi's title is? Do they need a DIRECTOR of credentialing? A one person deparment? Please. Learned a long time ago, director on your badge there means higher pay and no 'hands on' patient care. Like they have money to waste? Lots of lies were told and my wife and I quickly changed the tv to WXVT. How do those folks telling all the lies to the public sleep at night?

Anonymous said...

I too saw the so called show this morning. It literally made me feel sick. My spouse is just one of the victims of this administration.It does not make a person feel good when you know you have done your all, been a team player done what was asked of you and then rewarded by your job falling victim to "workforce reduction".That whole thing this moning was fake.