Thursday, November 29, 2007

We Are Not Amused!

Thank you "Big Mama" for reminding us all that ignorance is not limited to the uneducated! Your pathetic attempt at dialectical humor is surpassed only by your total disrespect for all people both black and white. You are the perfect example of why Mississippians are still regarded as racist imbeciles by the rest of modern civilization.

I hope that promoting your infantile blog-site is your primary motivation for your participation in "Delta Scoop". If not, I pray that you refrain from sharing your sick humor on a blog that solicits intelligent debates on local issues. I offer your blog-site address below solely in hopes that you and your kind can "bond" in your common bigotry and insensitivity and will refrain from conversing with intelligent readers. I urge everyone to visit "Big Mama's" blog-site. It is the most convincing evidence ever presented that evolution is an unfinished process!

My apology to Jennifer Jones for having to endure the racist diatribe inflicted by "Big Mama".



Big Mama said...

Why Thak Yo Ver much! I thak. Your words brings me great pride. Even tho I cant read dos words. Yo Ebonics are a lillil off. Jus a lillil Humma fo a slo site. I do enjo yo site do.. Forthright Keps up da goo work. I oh yo a big Kiss. Thnk you fo yo site also! is a plesher to read.. yall is al ver ver smart. bu Fothrite, you must admit the coments did increase! Lovs yo site.. Pepls Ples come to my site. we can share a chikin bon and a wata melln.

Lovs Ya
Big Mama

Taking the HIgher Road said...

Does anyone else feel violated? Uber-offended? Can you BELIEVE that there is still an idiot on the face of the earth that is still spouting this garbage? I am white. A native Greenvillian. A proud product of the Delta, but I know that anonomously babbling this brand of foolishness is the equivalent of the Klan's idiocy of the earlier part of the 20th century.

Rise above it. PLEASE!

Anonymous said...

Agree. That is the most pathetic thing I have ever seen online. Please, do not comment on that blogsite and let it die!!!

Fedupwithprejudice said...

Perhaps, Forthright can post the e-mail address for complaints of terms of service through Google and we can shut it down?? I vote yes!

Heywood Jablome said...

To Big Mama,
Read my name nice and slow, I really mean it.
Heywood Jablome

Anonymous said...

Big Mama,
I think that site is insulting to everyone.
Several generations on welfare, poor public education, shrinking medical community, bilateral racism, lack of cultural/recreational outlets for younger people, apathy, etc, etc, etc... is bringing G'ville to its demise and it is not funny.
By the way, I don't think you are black or even a woman!!!

ten cent said...


Am I the only one that sees this BIGMAMA as nothing but some teenager, college kid or grown sociopath that has nothing more to do than be a bothersome nuisance? The person posts to feel important.
The best way to deal with this person is to simply.... ignore him/her/it. Your replies are just feeding the sick ego. Take away the food source and the pest will go away.

ten cent

Mirror, mirror on the wall... said...

Paste from Big Mamas comment section.

Oh I know it probably won't stay...

Big Mama,
It is unfortunate that you are an educator. Clearly you don't know enough to sucessfully run your own life, much less advise or teach someone else how to handle theirs.

My intent here is not to tear you down, but to supply you with the mirroring perspective that you obviously need to see.

Just by your previous postings I can see that you are uneducated, bitter, and full of bad decisions.
Starting with putting your picture on this web site.

You are free to say and do as you like, but your ideas are exactly why so few people want to come to this town. There is a reason why this state is dead last in most areas like education and the spillover healthcare, and the attitude you present is a big part of that.

As an educated african american male I spoke to several school's 9th grade children about staying in school, bettering themselves through hard work, and expanding their horizions with a program called Mississippi Scholars. Many of the things that your ill-concieved website appears to hate and strike down. With comments full of apathy and loathing, how do you expect Greenville to improve the local economy, respect, and racial tensions?

No, that would be too much thought for you...too much work.

You'd rather talk big game from the comfort of your your couch and do nothing, and even endorsing the government check option. It is easier to point to someone else and say it's their fault.

No, rather than do anything significant, even in your own life, you'd rather write incorrect english, wannabe clever quips, and try to be cute in some sort of street slang way. Impressive indeed. You're apprently not smart enough to realize that you are describing and proving yourself as every stereotype that some people think us to be. Never forget many people fought and died to get us the rights and the little respect that we have now.

It's not as though I'm saying that you are insignificant, on the contrary, judging by the name of this blog and picture enclosed, I believe that you posesses quite an imposing is just that you simply don't matter.

Anonymous said...

email sent to the GPS administration........

The administration needs to be aware of this site. The derogatory content will speak for itself. My concern is that the author claims to be a teacher in Greenville. Her photo is on the site and under her profile she states that she is in fact a teacher. The Greenville Public School administration should take this very seriously. Our citizens should be concerned about building a brighter future for the next generation, and our educators are a large part of shaping tomorrow. How can one of the architects of our children's minds spout such damaging nonsense? If this person is in fact a part of your faculty, something must be done.

fedupwithprejudice said...

Oh my, look what I found, worth going to the offending web site and clicking the flag at the top of the site to notify Google! Hit the flag folks, send this person into cyber oblivian!

What is the "Flag" button?
This feature is called "Flag As Objectionable" and it's accessible via the Blogger Navbar. The "Flag?" button allows the blogging community to easily note questionable content, which in turn helps us take action when needed. So we're relying on you, the users, to be our eyes on the web, and to let us know of potential issues that are important to you.

Here's How It Works
When a person visiting a blog clicks the "Flag?" button in the Blogger Navbar, it means they believe the content of the blog may be potentially offensive or illegal. We track the number of times a blog has been flagged as objectionable and use this information to determine what action is needed. This feature allows the blogging community as a whole to identify content they deem objectionable. Have you read The Wisdom of Crowds? It's sort of like that.

Special Case for Hate Speech
When the community has voted and hate speech is identified on Blog*Spot, Google may exercise its right to place a Content Warning page in front of the blog and set it to "unlisted."

Note: users may click the "Unflag" button if they change their mind.

Anonymous said...


What the heck is everyone so worried about the pool for? Plenty of potholes almost as big as the pool they can swim in.Less chance of gang activity in the potholes.

Washington AVE another waste The street needed repaving and the landscape needed some pruning and upkeep beer bottles liter removed etc.Parking uproar No ones there plenty of room to park.We could do all of our shopping there but not a lot to buy.

Hey but what the heck we can Proudly say we got the most and the best bodyguards $250,000 can buy.Need to impeach and hire less of a celebrity.Use the money for your pool and potholes.

Anonymous said...


Ms Jones said call the cops about loud music.Hmm lets see a child run over on his bike,bike dragged down the street before he stops to remove it.Cops called cops issue no tickets ,seen laughing and joking with the hit and runners.Witnesses complain to chief about this.All he does is pull out his race card.What the hell do you expect there gonna do to teenage punks with a radio?

Anonymous said...

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