Thursday, November 22, 2007

Get a "Handle"

I wish that I could tell one 'anonymous' reader from another. So, I will respond to ALL. Folks that have left Greenville; best of luck in your new communities. And I wish that someone would explain 'old money' to me. I see families that have 'earned' money over many generations. Why should they be belittled for the work done by the present or past generations? The 'old money' debtors sound like they are still in the old plantation ideology.

Current Greenville residents; I still urge you to get out and vote. You have a voice. Let it be heard regardless of what the nay-sayers shout. Whatever the outcome, you will have had your day at the polling booth. It is your right and responsibility.


"Tencent" brings up a good point about the Identity of those who submit comments on the Delta Scoop. Aside from Mr. Lowe, who willingly offered his identity, it is often hard to respond to a specific comment when they are all signed "Anonymous". My suggestion? Choose a blogger name such as "tencent" or "Delta Watcher". You are still completely anonymous to me and all other viewers, but you allow others to address your comments specifically. It allows for a more meaningful "give and take" for both authors and readers.

As for being "trapped" in Greenville, there is an element of truth to that comment. Many are trapped by simply having a job here. The days of choosing the place you want to live and simply moving there and finding another job are pretty much over. The other limiting factor is real estate. If you have tried to sell your home in the last 5 years, you have probably been unsuccessful, or have taken a large loss. Neither of these problems is specific to Greenville, but both are extremely limiting factors to our modern mobility.

What Greenville needs is industry and jobs... real jobs that produce rather than just sustain. I am somewhat amused by the buzz over Harlow's Casino and the jobs that it will create. Did anyone notice that as soon as Harlow's began hiring, the other two casinos started advertising for every single position? They also revived a feeble attempt at "live" entertainment and even reopened their pathetic "eateries".

If Harlow's is successful, that will be great, but in terms of net jobs produced, here's my prediction. In early 2008, one or both of our existing casinos will close and Greenville's new entertainment district will have simply shifted 12 miles to the west. The New York owners of our current casinos will write them off as a huge tax loss, Greenville will lose the local tax revenue they generate (which currently seems invisible to most of us) and our lakefront will be regained by local anglers.



Anonymous said...

Wow! You Nailed it again!!!!! We just had this conversation, about the casinos, at work last week. The two casinos downtown have been to stagnant for two long. I remember the days wen they first came to town they were booming! Different famous bands weekly. But I haven't heard of any entertainment at either Casinos for many years. Now the competition will be on! Ark folks will not be driving all the way to town for run down stag casinos. The new casino has really put forth a huge effort right off the bat! (or put out some big bucks anyway) But I might have to say I think Greenville Has robbed the casinos(not that the casinos haven't been doing a little robbing them selves) over taxes and I believe if I was them I wouldn't show as much care about Greenville nieher.. Anyway ... Doomed I tell you Doomed!!! Once the new bypass comes through. Ouch where did Greenville go??

tencent said...

Damn. I have a couple of beers and no sleep for 24 hours and I get stuck on the front page. Maybe I should start writing to the New York Times or sumpfin. Won't baby sister be happy to see me when she gets home? The treptipan from Turkey Day has worn off so maybe I can add more.
Edit to lead post: It was not 'old money' debtors, it was 'old money' debators. Maybe the Yahoo HTML acts funny. Copy/paste is not always our friend.

Folks, when you choose to Comment on a post, you have the option of OTHER for an identity. Just stick a name in there that you and your close associates know. Call yourself GUMMY. I don't care.

Forthright is correct about industry and jobs. I've never thought that the casinos would be a saving factor for Greenville from the git-go. Most of those jobs are minimum wage and I can't see anyone making a career from tossing chips at a few paying customers or cleaning up after a poor loser. As far as I am concerned, the lake front casinos are just a vacuum to pull in wages or SS and welfare checks from people that should not be wasting time there. Best of luck to Harlow's. But they will not see any of my money unless they offer something other than a one-armed bandit.

Industry. Does anyone know just how much the industry around here is hurting for technical jobs? The wages are not here. I can call across the river to Crossett and find people that are getting paid almost 50% higher wages. But the local industries want to base wages on local economy. I just can't see a standard electrician working for a company that has computer-controlled processing. It's two different worlds! Why can't the local colleges offer REAL WORLD training? Word and Excel ain't gonna get the line running again.
And as long as Greenville and Washington Country are trying to pull in industry, they had best figure out how to train locals in the some of the most simple tasks. Like adding, subtracting, writing... thinking. Say NO to drugs. Cars are for transportation and not drive-by harassment. Welfare is for those who really need it and not a way of life.

OK. I've had my say for tonight. I'm rolling my tree stump back into the closet and hitting the fridge for leftovers.


Jennifer Jones said...

After reading the comments, I have information I would like to share, as well.

First, no doubt the power of the vote is enormous. Hopefully, everyone will push those who are not registered to vote, to get registered, if it is not too late for the upcoming city election. Then, push to get registered voters to get off their butts and VOTE! The last number counts for the recent past elections was pathetic. I believe the total number of votes for the last State election was something like 4,000 voters. Though our population has dropped, that is still less than 1/8 of the total population voting. Given the portion to children under age to vote, it is still a pretty pathetic percentage of total voters!

That said, let me say, it does not stop there. The next step to changing Greenville is to get involved in whatever cause you choose fits, there are so many!

This summer, I chose a cause, much to many citizens dismay. I chose to save the City Pool. Many told me I was wasting my time, nothing would ever change. The pool was to be lost just as the other four were lost over the years. Others told me, "the whites won't come!", I don't believe that either. If that were true, then the pool at the Lake Chicot, Arkansas State park would have had no white children or adults in it this summer, but there were and there were blacks. Guess what, no one cared or gave it a thought! We all enjoyed the pool together! If that were true, the waterparks in the South would fail financially, but they don't because all races of all colors pay to play there. I believe the reason that whites do not participate is old myths of the present middle aged generations. At one time those myths were in fact true, the pool was not the best place to be. There was no control of the pool patrons. Kids were not supervised. The entire enviroment was not inviting. None of that is true today, on any given day this past summer, at most, a head count might come up from 15-20 kids. Certainly not enough of a number to say that it was taken over! The pool is an OUR pool. Those who have chosen to NOT use it, have no one to blame but themselves. The present staff and pool director are doing an excellent job with the pool. They are friendly, well trained, courteous and conscientious to the safety of the pool patrons.

Another reason that the pool has been ignored by the general public is the state of condition of the bath house and the pool. Few tax dollars available and pure neglect have detracted, this one time long ago, gem to our city.

This pool will be saved. With my pool campaign this summer in pushing the city leaders, we now have a City Grant writer seeking funds for many of the city needs, including this pool. There is no shame in seeking grant money! We unfortunately qualify for most any Grant program these days, until we regain jobs and industry or should I say, if ever we regain these crucial components then we can use more tax dollars. Grants keep from over taxing, an already depleted tax budget.

Believe me, until things change, if we do not take advantage of grants available to salvage what we can, improve what we can and bring more in than we have, we will never get ahead.

In order to attract industry to Greenville, not only do we need improved training and education (Principal Charles Brady is turning GHS around!!), we need to improve the entire infrastructure to Greenville, which includes this pool, the city parks, the streets and the overall appearance of our city. Anyone considering moving to Greenville will definitely be researching what recreational facilities or programs we can offer and our own city pride.

This summer at my request to the Park Commission Board members, I became the official Bobby Henry Memorial Pool Restoration Chairman. The day of this meeting, I could tell that these people doubted that I would get very far in my goals to update, restore and enhance this pool. Now less than four months later, with myself and my committees' work, the Grant writer's work and the promotion by MS Representative for our district, Linda Whittington, we have been chosen by MSU-Carl Small Town Center as their "studio project" for their 4th year architecture students to do what we requested: restoration plans for the Buster Brown Community Center, redesign, add enhancements and outline steps for these improvements needed to bring this pool into the millenium for today's and the future generations of Greenville.

Our plans are to bring the pool and bath house up to speed in restorations, bring in water slides and a toddler wading pool with fountains. We intend to have programs for the young and old. Swimming lessons, lifeguard training, lap lanes, water aerobics, etc. and pool event days, for the kids and all, to bring attention to the pool.

Our long term goal is to dome the pool for year round use and enjoyment by the citizens and student swim team members. Now they have to drive all winter long to DSU to practice. How great would it be for them to save that time, gas money and to keep them safe, at home, off the long dark winter highway to Cleveland?

Amazing how one person can make such a big difference, to the dismay of so many nay sayers. Think what could happen, if many chose one cause and made the efforts to make a difference in Greenville! The way I look at it, since I am not going anywhere, I might as well make the best of it and try to do something constructive to make my hometown a better place.

For all who live Greenville and "complain" here, I challenge you to do the same. To those who have already moved on to greener pastures, good luck and Godspeed, but be careful saying you will NEVER return...many have said the same and are back home, today.

When all is said and done, Greenville still has a lot to offer, we have good people, a long standing rich history and deep roots that will pull you to come back home too.

This Spring, the MSU students will be introduced to our city. I am going to do all I can do to make sure the red carpet is rolled out for their arrival. I hope those who can help this cause, will do the same. It will be an exciting time for the City, spread the news!!

We will need the support of the community in all ways, but most importantly in positive ways. Whether it be volunteering to help work on the pool, bath house, landscape needs or just in positive support to this or any other positive events around the City.

I hope I can count on everyone to help make this new, improved Pool a reality and find their own causes to make a difference too.

Ten Cent!!! Come to the pool this upcoming summer and I promise, you will be glad you did! BYOB of sun tan lotion!:>)

Meanwhile, stay tuned, stay strong and stay positive Greenvillians!!!!
We are all still here, let's make it a better place to be!!!